Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

Accounts payable clerk resume writing tips

With a good resume, your chances of getting the desired accounts payable clerk job, is brighter.

Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

Whether you are seeking to change job or land a new one as an account payable clerk, having a good resume is a prerequisite.

Building a resume for account payable clerk position can be a complicated task. This is because the position often involves fusion of clerical and finance duties.

However, knowing the right way to go about this does not only simplify the task, but also get you close to landing that desired position.

Choosing a Resume Format

In preparing your account payable clerk resume, you need to choose a resume format that combines your skills, experience and qualifications.

This kind of resume format is suitable for entry-level and experienced position.

Also, bear in mind that most hirers spend less than a minute reviewing each resume irrespective of the position.
So, make sure that you create your accounts payable clerk resume in a simple, concise and easily readable format.

Make sure that you read and understand the job description for the particular accounts payable clerk position you seek to obtain.

Also, you can download a ready-made resume template for the position like the one given below, to simplify the task of creating one.

In addition, make sure you present each section in an attractive manner, using bullet point to highlight your skills as an account payable clerk, experience and academic qualifications related to the job.

The sections of the resume are discussed below, so follow the tips shared to create a good accounts payable clerk resume that matches your skills and qualifications.

Resume Objective Section

Some resume experts advocate replacing this section with the profile summary section.

However, the beauty of this section in your accounts payable clerk resume is that it sends a strong message to the employer about your suitability for the job.

See examples of resume objectives for the accounts payable clerk position below:

Examples of Accounts Payable Clerk Objective statements for Resume

  • Seeking a position as an account payable clerk with Dennix Inc. where outstanding knowledge of financial accounting and accounts payable procedures, along with computerized accounting experience, will be fully utilized in improving the efficiency of the accounting unit.
  • To obtain the position of an accounts payable clerk with KPG Firms, utilizing exceptional analytical, numerical, and accounting skills to foster effectiveness in the management of accounting procedures.

The two examples above are specifically targeted at two different firms. They were created to highlight the basic skills and competencies required of an accounts payable clerk by the two firms.

An alternative to this kind of resume objective is the generic type, which is often frowned at by hiring managers.

Core Competence Section

A good understanding of the job description will simplify the process of creating a great core competence section for your account payable clerk resume.

This is because, it is advisable to include only skills relevant to the account payable clerk position in your resume and an easier way to know the relevant skills is to read and understand the job description.

Job Experience Section

Even if you are seeking for your first employment after graduation, it is important not to exclude this section from your resume for the job of accounts payable clerk.

A good thing to do in such situation is to include any related experience like your internship experience as a finance assistant or as an accounts payable clerk assistant.

Education and Professional Qualification

Before applying for accounts payable clerk position, it is expected that you have acquired a certain level of education.

Usually, the level of academic qualification for the position of accounts payable clerk differs by organization and it is expected that the hirer would specify the educational requirement in the job description.

So, this is the section to tell the recruiter that you are academically qualified for the accounts payable clerk position which you seek.

After discussing the various sections of the resume, now see an example of accounts payable clerk resume below, which you can apply as a template in making a great resume for your job search:

Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

The template below will guide you in creating a good accounts payable clerk resume. Download and feel free to use it.

Patrick King
101 Kingston Street, Long Island, New York
Home: (+1) 995-995, Cell: (+1) 995-5599.

Objective: Seeking a position as an account payable clerk with Dennix Inc. where outstanding knowledge of financial accounting and accounts payable procedures, along with computerized accounting experience will be fully utilized in improving the efficiency of the accounting unit

Core Competence

  • Proficient in processing and monitoring of expenditure and payments
  • Proven ability to organize payroll system and ensure accurate and up to date financial records
  • Outstanding knowledge of accounts payable procedures
  • Solid background in financial accounting and book-keeping
  • Proficient in accounting computer applications and spreadsheet packages
  • Ability to detect discrepancies in financial records and make amends
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
  • Attentive and ability to multitask seamlessly
  • Proficient typing and data entry skills
  • Ability to perform complex math computation quickly.

Job Experience

Sales Forum Inc
Accounts Payable Clerk
2010 – 2015

  • Processed and monitored company’s payments and expenditures
  • Ensured that vendors are paid in an efficient manner after delivery
  • Organized payroll and ensured up to date record of financial transactions
  • Ensured that payable invoices are coded in accordance with ledger codes
  • Detected and corrected discrepancies in records, bills and invoices
  • Designed and monitored the implementation of accounts payable systems
  • Prepared checks and ensured they are signed by appropriate authorities and distributed accordingly.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Kings college, Manhattan, New York, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, 2009.


Having a good resume in your accounts payable clerk job search will certainly improve your chances of being invited to an interview where you will have the opportunity of convincing the employer to hire you.

The tips shared above will help to improve your resume writing skills and make it easier for you to land the desired accounts payable clerk job.

What did you find particularly useful in the post to be able to write a good accounts payable clerk resume? Please share what you have learnt in the comment box below.

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