Babysitter Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
Babysitter resumes
Babysitter resumes should show passion for caring for babies.

This article provides tips to writing a good resume for the position of babysitter.

It particularly shows how to create compelling objective statements and other parts of a babysitter resume that makes the document irresistible to employers.

It also provides an example of a babysitter resume that can serve as a template when making your resume for the role.

A resume will be needed from you by most employers when applying for the job of a babysitter; therefore, it will be beneficially to learn how to write it, especially if you can’t afford to hire a professional resume writer, who can actually make it better.

A resume can be presented in various formats; however, we will be using the format with four sections here: objective statement, core competence, work history, and educational qualification.

In completing these sections, your goal will be to highlight your qualification, core competence, and experience acquired so far as a babysitter that will enable you to perform excellently on the job. This will certainly boost your chances of getting the job.

Now, let’s begin with the objective statement:

The Babysitter Resume Objective Section

The objective section of a babysitter resume is the best opportunity for a good first impression with your prospective employer.

This section is the perfect place to state in clear terms to the employer why you are interested in working as babysitter. You will need to communicate clearly the value you would be bringing to the organization or household if granted the job.

Remember that this section is your first contact with the employer, so don’t misuse it. Considering the sensitive nature of the job of babysitters, convincing the employer of your passion for the job should start right here. And come to think of it, who would relegate the care of their infant(s) to someone whose passion for kids they are unsure of?

Most employers connect or disconnect with an applicant right from the objective statement of their resumes. So, do well in communicating your objective for applying for the job of babysitter.

To make the most of the objective section, you must appeal to the employers’ major needs. And to achieve that, don’t make assumptions of what their major needs for a babysitter might be. Instead of relying on assumptions, by carefully observing the content of their advertisement for the job you will be able to determine it.

Employers in the babysitting industry are usually specific about the requirements and job descriptions for the babysitters they wish to employ. So they normally state it in the advertisements for the vacant position.

From such disclosures, you can easily deduce what their major needs are, and then go ahead to making a very effective objective statement, expressing why you want to be a babysitter in their residence or organization.

To further drive home the point; let’s beam some light on the major needs of those that employ babysitters:

In this industry, ability to prepare feeding bottles, change diapers, and monitor several activities, while maintaining a calm demeanor is never taken for granted. Tolerance, neatness, and ability to adhere to parents’/employers’ instructions are also very vital.

The importance of the objective section of your resume can’t be overemphasized because it aptly tells the prospective employer that you know what is truly important to them on the job. It also portrays to them that you have the experience and competence to deliver the needed value if given the opportunity to work for them.

Babysitter Objective Examples for Resume:

Perhaps you learn better with examples, here are some examples to serve as a guide in writing a fruitful objective section in your babysitter resume.

  • Seeking the position of a babysitter in XYZ Residence/organization where my outstanding ability to nurture kids, teach basic language and math, and supervise children’s activities with remarkable tolerance and adequate discipline as remarked by my past employers will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of babysitter in a growing daycare center where my many years of experience in nurturing kids in a daycare center and few homes, will be invaluable in achieving complete client satisfaction in regards to their wards.

Kindly take note that the first example is applicable only when making an objective statement that targets a specific and known organization where such a vacancy exists. The second is generic for the industry in need of babysitters.

Next is the core competence section where you highlight your skills and other qualities:

Core Competence Section

In the core competence section, you are expected to highlight what makes you exceptional as a babysitter; key talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience.

The sensitive nature of the babysitting industry naturally calls for only those with some certain criteria.

Children need proper care, and only persons with great tolerance, hygiene, nurturing skills, and abilities to stay calm in the event of medical emergencies are mostly considered for such positions.

If you are highly skilled in bottle-feeding, child bathing, diaper-changing, and First Aid, you must ensure to state them in this section. It strongly suggests you have the capacity to deliver on the job.

The following section highlights duties and responsibilities you have performed or are currently carrying out that are relevant to the work of babysitting:

Work Experience

The work experience section, which is also known as professional experience, or work history, is where your prospective employers tend to verify your claim of having the skills and other attributes to do the job.

As it is commonly said, “If talent is gold, experience is diamond”, employers seem to feel more secured with an experienced hand than someone with mere talent. So, use this section to state the duties and responsibilities that you have performed in the past or are currently engaged with that are relevant to the job of a babysitter.

This section shows verifiable proof of your abilities on the job. To prepare it, you can use a copy of the babysitter job description given on this website or the one published by the employer, provided the duties and responsibilities in it reflect your true experience.

And please ensure all the verbs used in describing your current work functions are in present tense while the position held before should be in past tense.

The next section is the last one in the format we are using, and should show your education and training that makes you suitable to work as a babysitter:

Professional Qualification

In this section, your educational qualifications and all completed training programs that qualify you as a babysitter should be stated.

Babysitter Resume Example/Sample/Template

From the tips we have shared above in completing the various sections of the resume for the job of a babysitter, we will now put all together to create a sample resume for the position. This sample can serve as a template in writing your own resume.


Nancy Cole
35 Moore Street. Princeton, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a babysitter in XYZ Residence/organization where my outstanding ability to nurture kids, teach basic English language and math, and supervise children’s activities with remarkable tolerance and adequate discipline as remarked by my past employers will be employed.


  • Highly skilled in bottle-feeding, child bathing, and diaper-changing
  • First aid and CPR certified
  • Ability to teach basic language and math effectively
  • Ability to do housekeeping chores, thereby creating a very hygienic environment for kids
  • Intense patience in dealing with kids
  • Ability to give necessary information/reports to parents/employers and to implement solutions prescribed
  • Natural ability in creating fun games that are both educational and recreational for kids
  • Great sense of humor and accommodating personality


McLean’s Daycare center, New Jersey

2010 – Present

  • Plan and create a hygienic environment for learning
  • Bath children and dress them up
  • Prepare feeding bottles and feed infants
  • Change diaper whenever necessary
  • Teach kids basic English language and math in a fun way
  • Give medicine to children that needs it
  • Give reports to the admin regarding any issue with any kid worth taking note of
  • Arrange games to make the kids happy


  • Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2006
  • William Patterson University, Wayne, New Jersey, ECE, 2009

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