Customer Service Executive Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Customer Service Executive job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Customer Service Executives resolve customer’s complaints and inquiries.

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a customer service executive, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Customer Service Executive Do?

Customer service executives are mostly responsible for attending to customer’s needs and complaints to the best of their ability.

The customer service executive job description usually entails answering customers’ phone calls to take orders, resolve complaints, and to answer to queries. It could also be to provide information to customers.

Customer service executives serve as the primary point of contact for clients coming to a company for inquires, requests, queries, and complaints.

Everybody at one time or the other has needed the help of a service executive, which is sometimes in the form of a call or a face to face meeting.

Any special request or grievance from customers that service executives are unable to resolve is referred to more specialized departments for further resolution.

There is almost no industry that does not require the service of a customer service executive. This is how important this role is in the corporate sector.

Since every business thrives on customers, how they are treated determines to a large extent the growth of the business.

As a customer service executive, your role will be to use your skills and experience to ensure that your company delivers the best and highest possible standards of service to its customers.

That is to say that your primary duty in any company is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In simple terms, you are to make sure, to your best ability, that every customer leaves your company happy and satisfied.

Customer service executives are also given the tasks of identifying trends, this they do by analyzing customer records of purchase, inquiries, and complaints.

They are also responsible for supervising a team of customer service representatives.

Customer Service Executive Job Description Example/Sample/Template

There are several duties, tasks, and responsibilities associated with the position of customer service executive, the major ones are shown in the job description example below:

  • Answer phone calls in a more professional manner and provide information about products and services as required by the callers
  • They are responsible for taking or cancelling orders, and obtaining details of customer complaints
  • Keep records of interactions and transactions of customer; keeping record of details of customer complaints, inquiries, and comments
  • Process orders, applications, and forms
  • Render administrative support to other customer care team members when the need arises, or as instructed
  • Follow up customers and their complaints; ensuring that customer’s requests are attended to accordingly
  • Manage a team of customer service representatives in dealing with complaints and inquiries. This will depend on the size of the company
  • Establish and monitor the standards for customer service in the company. This is achieved using a recognized and comprehensive benchmark
  • Identify tasks critical to keeping customer satisfaction levels in check
  • Select, hire, and train new team members
  • Network with various departments and groups that are involved in customer support, orders, and processing
  • Ensure maximized productivity and minimized costs
  • Encourage and motivate team members for continuance of quality service delivery

Customer Service Executive Job Description for Resume

The job description sample for the customer service executive role that is given above provides the functions for the position, which can be utilized in producing the work experience part of the resume.

Customer Service Executive Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

To be considered for the position of customer service executive, there are skills and other qualities one must possess, these include:

  • A first degree in Management Studies, Business, Marketing, or any other related discipline
  • Effective communication skills: A customer service executive must have the ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to effectively work with a team
  • Problem solving skills needed to be able to quickly resolve customer complaints and other issues that may arise from time to time
  • Possession of interpersonal skills to be able to relate cordially with different classes of people
  • Ability to handle stress well
  • Ability to listen and pay attention to details
  • Smart thinker: The service executive should be able to think quickly in providing solutions to the problems of customers
  • Possess a pleasant and clear speaking voice, coupled with a fluency in English
  • He/she must be highly motivated
  • He/she should be open minded and enthusiastic towards excellence
  • Possess a fair knowledge on how to use the computer system and its basic application
  • Ability to be thorough and extremely analytical
  • Possess flexibility and ability to effectively perform multiple functions at a time
  • Ability to work under pressure and still meet up with deadlines without making errors
  • Possess excellent telephone etiquette

Notice that the stated skills and other attributes needed to succeed as a customer service executive shown above can be applied in making the skills or core competence section of resumes for the position.