Childcare Worker Resume Writing Tips and Example

Childcare worker resume

A good childcare worker resume must communicate love for children.

Childcare Worker Resume Writing Tips and Example

Employers are always very selective about the kind of persons they hire as childcare worker.

So, to be given a chance to prove your capability, you need an outstanding resume that clearly reflect how good you are as a childcare worker.

Unlike resumes for some other positions, those for the childcare worker should state not just the applicant’s skills and experiences, but also their nurturing and caring nature.

Writing a Good Resume for the Childcare worker Job

When drafting a resume for this position, you should bear in mind that the hirer is looking for a very careful and disciplined person.

So, you should take adequate care while preparing the resume as any error may lead to your been perceived as careless and inattentive.

You should also avoid long sentences. It is usually better to make short sentences using keywords, and do not forget to present each section in bullet points. The resume comes out great this way.

Again, each of the sub-headings of your resume should be written in bold letters to draw the attention of the reader to it.

Lastly, make sure that your resume is limited to only two pages to allow for easy skimming by the hirer.

Now, let us look at how to create the different sections of your childcare worker resume that makes it good enough for employers to note and act on it.

Objective section

Before you start this section, you must bear in mind that this may be the only section that the hirer gets to read from your resume.

Therefore, in this section you must be able to communicate your skills, experiences, and passion for the job in as few sentences as possible.

If you intend to win the heart of the hiring manager/employer, you must make your objective statement strong and compelling.

Hirers for this position are often not interested in only your expertise, but also your passion for the job, which you must reflect in your resume.

Let us look at two examples of objective statement for a childcare worker resume and get a better picture of what the objective section should look like.

Examples of Childcare worker Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain the position of a childcare worker with Leaders Child Care Home where my love for children, compassionate nature, and training/expertise in early childhood development will be well utilized.
  • Seeking the position of a childcare worker in a reputed child care agency where my vast experience as a nanny, extensive training in children development and good listening skills will be employed for the development of children.

The first example above is a specific objective statement. It is written to address the specific description of a childcare worker required by the employer.

The second is the on-size-fits-all type of resume objective statement, which is also referred to as the generic objective statement.

However, it is usually advisable to craft a specific kind of resume for a particular employer as hiring managers always prefer applicants that tailor their resume to reflect the description of the position they are hiring for.

Core Objective

This section of your childcare worker resume is where you list all the skills and qualities that you different have space for in the first section.

If the employer is still in doubt as to your capacity to deliver as a childcare worker, this is the section to highlight all skills you intend bringing to the job.

Job Experience Section

Hirers take a lot of factors into consideration when recruiting for new childcare workers, and expertise is one of the factors that are important to them.

So, if you’ve had some experience working as a childcare worker or in any similar capacity, listing them may actually give you an edge over other applicants that do not.

Make sure you include the responsibilities you carried out while on the job.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Not including this section in your resume may cost you the job since employers often prefer childcare workers with at least high school diploma and training in child related discipline.

So, include all relevant qualifications that you have in reverse-chronological order.

If you are ready to create your own child care resume, check out and use the template below as a guide in making a good resume:

Childcare worker Resume Example/Sample/Template

Joey Johnson
13 Johnson Street, Manhattan, New York
Home: (111) 555-999, Cell: (111) 555-9999

Objective: To obtain the position of a childcare worker with Leaders Child Care Home where my love for children, compassionate nature, and training/expertise in early childhood development will be well utilized.

Core competence

  • Highly skilled in communicating with toddlers and teenagers
  • Ability to direct children in social and academic activities
  • Ability to prepare infant formula and nutritious meals for children
  • Vast experience as a health care worker
  • Friendly, patient, and tolerant
  • Energetic and ability to multitask.

Job experience

Child Care Home, Manhattan, New York
Childcare worker
2008 – 2010

  • Ensured that the children’s play environment is safe and clean
  • Organized and guided children in social and academic activities
  • Maintained communication with children under my care
  • Reported any odd behavior noticed of any child to the parent
  • Assist parents in teaching the children moral behaviors and etiquette
  • Administered first aid to any injured child
  • Ensured that children are well fed.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City College, Manhattan, New York, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development, 2006
  • First aid and CPR training, 2007.


For the fact that you will be required to present a resume when applying for a childcare worker job, it makes sense to learn how to make one so that you can do it yourself if you cannot afford hiring a professional to do it for you.

The ideas you will learn from this post can help you in writing a good child care resume when you need to send one to an employer.

Have the resume writing tips in this post been useful to you in making a resume for the childcare worker job? Do let us know what you have gained from this guide.

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