Apprentice Electrician Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

When seeking the apprentice electrician position, the quality of resume or CV that you presented to the recruiter/employer can significantly determine if you get an interview or not.

It is therefore very important to write and submit a powerful resume that shows to the recruiter/employer that you will be effective performing the role of an apprentice electrician in their company.

Using apprentice electrician resume samples like the one given below can be a good guide when preparing your resume for the apprentice electrician job.

Like most job positions, the apprentice electrician position is equally competitive to secure employment.

A good resume will be very helpful as it would increase your chances of getting the employer to grant you an interview.

When applying for the post of apprentice electrician, it is important to note that what you should try to achieve first is to get the employer to take notice of you and give you an interview appointment.

When that has been achieved, you would then be able to show the employer at the interview why you are the person they are looking for.

This is the reason you must take the writing of your resume very seriously. Without a strong resume, it may be difficult to get the job, even if you are the most qualified and experienced of all applicants.

The apprentice electrician resume sample below is an example of a good resume you can use in preparing a resume that can take you through the door.

You can use it as a template and study the various sections to understand how they were crafted. With the understanding, you will be able to easily and quickly create a resume whenever you need to send one to an employer.


Apprentice Electrician Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rhoda Jons
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of apprentice electrician in a firm where extensive knowledge, skills, and experience of electrical circuits, conduit systems, trouble shooting, equipment and installation of electric systems will be utilized in effectively assisting the journeyman or lead electrician.


Highly gifted apprentice electrician with 3 years of rich experience maintaining home and plant facilities.

Profoundly creative in operating electrical installations.

Possess comprehensive knowledge of national electric code; an intuitive ability to analyze and resolve all problems affecting different electrical control systems.

Strong ability to function with accuracy, in both residential and commercial environments.

Fully active in the team that handled the contract of the 2010 Federal electrical project in ABC County.


  • Skillful in utilizing trouble shooting tools in attending to problems relating to repairs, replacement and installation
  • Passionate about the need to learn the operational mode of new machines and technologies
  • Quick in applying mathematical initiative when working on appliances that contain installation component requirement
  • Very skillful in installing, maintaining and repairing of motors, generators, transformers, and circuit breakers
  • Accurate in applying computer base knowledge when attending to preventive maintenance and spare parts stores systems
  • Ability to apply safety measures when correcting faulty equipment
  • Strong trouble shooting skills, applied in resolving and repairing defects of both mechanical and electrical devices
  • Highly knowledgeable in repairing all 3-phase circuits and AC/DC circuits
  • Exceptional ability to follow instructions and guidelines that govern the work ethic of electricians
  • Sound leadership and team work skills that help to coordinate employees on assigned task, prioritize and organize the work unit
  • Highly experienced in the area of working strictly to guidelines of schematic diagrams, blueprints and manuals
  • Vast in knowledge of installing, testing and maintaining of equipment that generates and operates on electric power
  • Acquired a comprehensive knowledge on how to operate circuitry and communication system lines due to exposure on various projects.


Long Beacon Enterprise, YH
2009 – Present

Apprentice Electrician

  • Work jointly with lead electrician in connecting power cables, and install ground leads to various equipment
  • Utilize hand tools and special equipment to connect couplings, thread conduits end, and to secure conduit support brackets
  • Prepare cost estimate, and provide preliminary sketches for both materials and services
  • Creatively develop ideas which save clients thousands of dollars on energy efficient solution
  • Seek advice on whether hazardous situation will occur if certain equipment is operated continually
  • Partially responsible for training and directing workers on the maintenance, repairs, and installation of electrical equipment.


  • High School Diploma, Uptown High school, 2008
  • Electrical Long Beacon’s license, 2009.

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