Anthem Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 16, 2023
Anthem Hiring Process
The Anthem hiring process involves a phone or face-to-face interview depending on the position an individual is applying for. Image source: jclis.

This post provides exhaustive information on the Anthem hiring process, which includes the job application and interview stages, to increase your chances of getting hired by the company.

If you are seeking to work at the Anthem Health Insurance Company, then you have to successfully complete the company’s recruitment process to prove that you are the right candidate for the job you are applying for.

Anthem Hiring Process

The hiring process at Anthem Health Insurance involves various stages you will need to complete successfully to be hired, they include:

Anthem Job Application Process

The first step to applying for an open position at Anthem is completing a job application. This may be done either online or via mail.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email from Anthem that confirms receipt of your application.

You may then follow up with any questions you might have about the application process by contacting the Human Resources Department via phone or e-mail.

Available Jobs at Anthem

Here are some of the available positions at Anthem:

  • Senior Director of Data Analytics
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President of Strategy & Innovation
  • Vice President of Sales Operations.

Anthem Job Assessment Test

Anthem’s Virtual Job Tryout Evaluation:

Anthem use the Shaker Virtual Job Tryout to evaluate the skills of prospective workers. The VJT is divided into eight parts, which are as follows:

Job-Preview: This provides an overview of the abilities needed to execute the job and assesses the applicant’s ability to perform those skills.

Similar Job: Connected Tasks- This part is meant to assess abilities that may not be necessary for the job you have applied for but may be comparable to a position that is closely related.

Job Jobs: This part will assess your ability to do critical tasks.

Problem Solving on the Job: You will be presented with a variety of challenging circumstances that may arise on the job and will be required to choose which response would be the most appropriate.

Work-History Questionnaire: This will elicit information about your previous employment and work experience.

Scenarios for Simulation: This is akin to a situational judgment exam. You will be presented with many work-related scenarios and must choose the best course of action.

Questionnaire about Work-Style: This is a personality test that will reveal the sort of worker you are. It will assess several personality qualities to determine whether they match the attributes that the employer believes are appropriate for the position you have applied for.

Tips for Passing Anthem Assessment Test

Here are valuable tips that you can apply to help you pass the Anthem  assessment test:

  1. Read all sections thoroughly.
  2. Answer every question correctly.
  3. Be honest when answering the questionnaire.
  4. Take your time.
  5. Do not skip any section.
  6. If you get stuck, ask for help.
  7. Make sure that you answer the questions honestly.
  8. Don’t forget to practice.
  9. If you fail the assessment test, don’t worry. There are other ways to apply for a job at Anthem.
  10. Your answers should reflect your true self.
  11. Remember that this is just one aspect of your overall candidacy.
  12. Keep in mind that the assessment test is only one way to measure your qualifications.

Anthem Interviewing Process

After submitting their application, applicants are asked to complete a pre-interview questionnaire.

They should expect to hear back within 2 weeks. If they are invited to interview, they will be notified by email.

Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted by telephone. During the call, the interviewer will ask them questions regarding their qualifications and interest in the position.

After this initial phone screening, candidates will be scheduled for one of two types of interviews.

If the candidate is being considered for a direct hire role, he/she will be interviewed over the phone.

If the candidate is interviewing for a contract role, they will be asked to come in for a face-to-face meeting.

In either case, the final decision will be made based upon the results of the interview.

Tips for Passing Anthem Interview

Here are ideas you can use to pass the Anthem interview:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally before the interview.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Arrive early.
  4. Bring copies of your resume and cover letter.
  5. Know what you want to say during the interview.
  6. Practice answering interview questions by saying it out loud.
  7. Ask questions if you need clarification.
  8. Smile and make eye contact.
  9. Listen carefully to the interviewer’s responses.
  10. Thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you.

Anthem Interview Questions and Answers

Here are sample interview questions and answers you can practice with in your preparation for an interview at Anthem:

  1. What do you think are the strengths of our organization?

I think our strength is our ability to provide excellent customer service. We always strive to exceed expectations and we know how important it is to keep customers satisfied.

2. Why did you leave your last job?

I left my previous job because I was unhappy with the direction of the company. The company had lost its focus on providing quality products and services and had become more concerned with making money than doing good work.

3. Tell me about a time when you were faced with a difficult situation. How did you handle it?

When I worked as a manager, I was responsible for managing employees. One day, I received a complaint from a client about an employee. As soon as I heard about the problem, I went directly to talk to the employee. I explained why the behavior was unacceptable and told him that he needed to change his attitude. He agreed to follow through with the changes I suggested.

More Anthem Interview Questions and Answers

4. Describe a time when you encountered a conflict between your personal values and those of your employer.

In my current position, I am required to meet certain sales goals each month. This puts pressure on me to achieve these numbers. However, I believe that it is unethical to sell something that I don’t believe in. I have been able to find ways around this issue by not selling items that I feel are bad for society.

5. Why do you wish to be a part of our team?

I would like to join Anthem because I love working with people, I enjoy helping others and I’m passionate about giving back to the community. There is no better feeling than knowing that you’ve helped someone else to succeed.

How Long Does Anthem Hiring Process Last?

After the interview, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. You can expect to hear from a recruiter within 3 business days.

If you haven’t heard anything after 3 business days, please send them an e-mail.

Major Anthem Careers and Jobs

The major careers and jobs you can explore at Anthem include:

  • Sales Representative

Description: The primary responsibility of a Sales Rep is to generate new business opportunities for the company. They must be able to communicate effectively with clients and prospects.

  • Customer Service Representative

Description: A Customer Service Representative works closely with customers to resolve their problems. Their main responsibilities include answering phones, taking orders, and processing payments.

  • Administrative Assistant

Description: An administrative assistant provides support to other employees or departments.

They may perform various tasks such as scheduling meetings, preparing documents, and maintaining records.

  • Account Executive

Description: An Account Executive sells insurance policies to individuals and businesses. They must be knowledgeable about the different types of insurance offered by Anthem.

  • Insurance Agent

Description: An Insurance Agent helps policyholders understand their coverage options and makes sure they choose the right plan for their needs.

What to Expect Working at Anthem

The benefits at Anthem are excellent. There are many different plans and programs that offer great benefits.

For example, if you work full-time, you will earn $1,000 per month in health savings account (HSA) matching funds.

If you participate in the company’s 401(k), you’ll get up to 6% match too. In addition, you will receive free life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and more.

What Some employees Dislike while working at Anthem

Some employees dislike the fact that they cannot take time off during the week without losing pay. Also, some employees complain that there are very few job openings.

Company Profile

Anthem Health Insurance Inc. is a major healthcare insurer in the United States. It offers medical, dental, prescription drug, behavioral health, and supplemental products.

Anthem was founded in 1944 and has over 45.1 million medical members as at October 2021. 


Anthem is a great place to work. Many employees have been there for years and they all seem happy.

This post has provided what you need to know to successfully complete the Anthem recruitment process and be hired for the position you are applying for.