Ross Stores Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Ross Stores Hiring Process
Your ability to get employed at Ross Stores is brighter when you know the company’s hiring process. Image source: wikipedia.

Ross Stores Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Ross Stores involves various stages, including the job application and interview that you need to complete to be offered an employment with the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn the best way to find employment at Ross Stores:

Ross Stores Company Overview

Ross Dress for less, operating with its alternative name – Ross Stores Inc., is an American chain comprising of several department stores, with headquarters in Dublin, California.

It is the biggest off-priced retail company in the United States, and as of 2018, the retailer was operating more than 1,450 stores in at least 37 states in America.

The first Ross department store was opened by Morris Ross in 1950 at San Bruno, California. Morris usually worked more than 80 hours per week, being in charge of all the purchasing and bookkeeping functions for his department store.

Later on, Morris sold out his store to William Isackson and ventured into real estate development.

Ross Stores is currently worth billions of dollars and is considered to be one of the largest retailers in the United States, providing jobs to thousands of people within and outside the country.

The Ross Store Hiring Process

In order to get an employment offer from Ross Stores, it is compulsory that you pass through a process that the company uses in hiring employees.

The Ross Stores hiring process entails the following procedures:

  1. The Job Application Process

Getting a job application submitted to the HR department of this company is the first and most significant step to take in the hiring process.

You can submit an application online through Ross Stores careers portal. Right there on the site, you will be able to search for varieties of jobs and select your preferred role.

To apply for the role you have chosen, you will be asked to create an online account which will enable the application process to be completed.

Some of your personal information, as well as your resume will be need to create this online applicant account.

Alternatively, you can submit your application in person at any of the designated Ross Stores locations within your reach.

However, an online application is highly preferred by the company.

2. Interview Process

Ross Stores recruiters usually review applicants’ resumes after receiving the application, especially when it is being submitted online.

If an applicant’s resume meets the requirements of the position he or she is applying for, getting invited for an interview is the next step.

The interview can happen once or twice, depending on the role.

Entry level positions require only one interview, while other senior executive roles require at least two interview sessions before a panel of managers.

If you are asked to participate in two interviews, the initial interview most times serves as a means to determine your suitability for the job.

If you succeed in this first interview, then you should get yourself prepared for another interview with a few managers.

The interview doesn’t last for long, probably 40 minutes. However, you will need to answer lots of questions within that short time-frame.

The Ross Stores interview questions may include the following:

  • Tell me something significant about Ross Stores.
  • Is working for Ross Stores a big deal for you? And why?
  • Do you derive happiness in practicing your career? And why?
  • Can you give me a solid reason why you should be hired in this company?
  • Do you wish to ask me anything regarding Ross Stores or this interview?

One thing that can help you ace your interview is an intensive preparation. If you are well prepared, then you can bold attend your interview and thrive all through the session.

Here are some easy-to-apply tips that you can consider when preparing for an interview at Ross Stores:

  • During your interview, try as much as possible to be friendly and comfortable, even if the interviewer seems threatening.
  • Ensure that your answers are delivered concisely.
  • Be ready to write down your history of employment, and do not fail to take the copy of your resume along with you when going for the interview.

3. Hearing from Ross Stores after the Interview

In less than a week after you have been interviewed at Ross Stores, the recruitment team will send an email across to you, communicating the outcome of your interview, and if you are qualified to continue the hiring process.

If you don’t get an email from them, then expect to receive a phone call.

4. Background Checks and Drug Test

Ross Stores typically request an applicant to participate in a background check and pre-employment drug tests before he or she can be recruited in the company’s workforce.

If you choose not to agree to this policy, then you have indirectly terminated your opportunity to receive an employment offer.

These background checks and drug tests don’t usually last more than a few weeks, and they are conducted to protect the company itself, its employees, and customers.

Before these pre-employment checks are being carried out, it is highly recommended to quickly open up if you or any of your family has a criminal history or uses drugs.

This will make Ross Stores consider you as an honest individual and might offer you the job.

5. Orientation Process

Once you have successfully received an employment opportunity, Ross Stores will ensure that you take part in an orientation program that is being conducted for new employees in order to get you ready and fit to start functioning in your assigned role.

This typically lasts for a day and it entails watching a few training videos that will educate you on the Ross Stores policies and way of life.

You will also receive trainings from some specific senior staffs. They will train you on how to execute the daily duties that will be assigned to you as you work in the company.

Ross Stores Jobs and Careers

Countless jobs are available at Ross Stores, but here are some of the roles that most people tend to be suitable for:

  • Retail sales associate: This role is responsible for giving a positive shopping experience to Ross stores customers. He or she usually greets customers, properly maintains the display of merchandise, operates cash register, and then cleans the general store. This employee is expected to possess excellent communication skills and physical ability to perform his or her assigned duties.
  • Store protection specialist: This individual maintains a secure and safe environment for customers and employees as well. He or she usually prevents or decreases fraud and theft to guard against loss and operational shortage.
  • Night/Early morning stock associate: This employee is responsible for providing an exceptional customer service while ensuring the maintenance of proper merchandise presentation. He or she is assigned to clean work environment and operate the cash register if necessary. This role also helps to support prevention of loss by adhering to Ross Stores theft deterrence standards.
  • Assistant store manager: This role has a responsibility in supervising and overseeing his or her allocated departments and hourly staffs. The role also offers assistance to the store manager in operating the store.
  • Store manager: This employee is assigned to be in charge of every aspect of the store’s operations. A store manager is responsible for customer service, processing of merchandise, in-store marketing, store appearance, inventory, recruitment, appearance of the store, and more.

What to Expect Working at Ross Stores

When you work at Ross Stores, there are loads of benefits and compensations that you are entitled to.

The company offers welfare, as well as several retirement plans for long-term employees.

Health, vision coverage, dental, and long-term disability insurance are what you will benefit from Ross Stores, provided you can competently work for them.

However, encountering rude and unsupportive co-workers at Ross Stores is inevitable. Even though most of the company’s staffs are nice, there are several cases that clearly explain how rude some employees can be.

As you work, you may begin to experience long shifts, which will be inconvenient for you.


You can join a team of over 88,000 associates at Ross Stores who work in accordance with the company’s policies to satisfy the needs of millions of customers.

Ross Stores is open to hire people regardless of their origins. The company is an equal opportunity employer that has devoted itself to developing and appreciating all the individuals that have been hired.

Have a taste of this great opportunity by correctly applying for a Ross Stores job and succeed all through the company’s hiring process.