GEICO Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
GEICO Hiring Process
Getting a job at GEICO requires going through a hiring process.

GEICO Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at GEICO involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you will need to successfully pass through to be employed by the Company.

Please, read on to learn about the GEICO recruitment process and gain the information you need to succeed in finding employment there.

GEICO Company Overview

The Government Employees Insurance Company, popularly known with the abbreviation, is a U.S. auto insurance organization, with headquarters in Maryland.

After State Farm, GEICO remains the largest insurer in America. It was founded by Leo Goodwin Sr. in agreement with his dear wife Lillian Goodwin in 1936, in a bid to offer insurance directly to federal government personnel as well their families.

The founder, Goodwin, worked for USAA as an insurance provider who focused in ensuring only military workers.

Furthermore, this establishment is an absolute subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – a provider of coverage for at least 24 million automobiles that belongs to over 15 million policy holders as of 2017.

Even though the GEICO has the word “government in its name”, it still doesn’t dispute the fact that the insurance company is a private business.

The GEICO Hiring Process

Getting hired by GEICO can only be made possible when you pass through their recruitment process, consisting of various stages.

Sometimes, the position you are applying for can require a total different hiring process.

However, the typical process for hiring employees involves the following:

  1. The Job Application

Applying for a job can be done online, or by visiting a GEICO HR location to apply in person, which can only be possible during the HR office’s business hours.

An online application is preferred and quickly accepted than offline process. To apply online, visit the company’s careers site, and search for “recent job openings”.

Once you have found the position you desire to apply for, click the job title to be taken to a page where you can fill and application and submit.

This process requires your complete work experience and education history to be completed.

The HR team accepts all applications and considers candidates for all current job openings.

Moreover, a cover letter will be needed in the application process as well. Failure to present a cover letter makes your application incomplete.

2. Initial Phone Interview

As an applicant who meets the qualification of a GEICO job opening, you will be contacted directly to set your mind prepared for a phone interview which usually lasts for 15-30 minutes.

You might be called on the phone or sent an email to schedule your appointment with probably a Human Resources representative.

After the phone interview has been scheduled, you can use the few weeks or days before the interview to quickly prepare for it.

You may be given brief information about the interview, which will help you in making preparations for it.

If you succeed in the phone interview, expect to proceed in the hiring process.

3. Employment Testing

In GEICO’s hiring process, a pre-employment test is being administered to assess some specific skills in applicants.

But this is not for all positions. It is usually a computer testing and is conducted in the office in a group setting, and it typically lasts for at least an hour.

Get yourself prepared to exhibit your typing skills, including ability to handle a PC, keyboard and mouse.

Depending on the availability of an assessor, you will be requested to sit one or two tests more.

When coming for the employment testing, don’t forget to bring two forms of government issued ID along with you.

4. Interview with GEICO

If you are selected among other successful candidates during the employment testing, the next step is an in person interview with one of the hiring managers.

The interview will be a brief one, and it involves answering various questions that pertain to your previous workplace and experience, expertise, availability, salary expectation, personality, team-work ability.

Moreover, you may be asked to participate in a simulated customer role play/call center. But this depends on the position you are applying for.

This role play is normally conducted by one of the HR personnel.

During the GEICO interview with the hiring manager, you may be asked questions such as:

  • Give your own description of customer service?
  • Is it right to prioritize a co-worker over a customer? If yes, why?
  • Tell me about your previous work experiences.
  • Why do you want to be employed at GEICO?
  • Tell me what you know about GEICO.
  • Are you always bothered about job security in a company? If yes why?

Weeks before you will be interviewed, it is necessary to prepare immensely for it in order to ensure success.

Here are some interview tips that can be helpful:

  • Research about GEICO and get familiar with some facts about the company. This might be of help in answering a few questions.
  • Prepare to give examples of how you contributed to the success of an organization you’ve worked at before.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview. Appearing in wrong attire can depreciate your value before the interviewer.
  • Arriving at the interview before it commences is a wise thing to do. It clearly demonstrates seriousness and passion, and most importantly, punctuality.

5. Hearing from GEICO after the Interview

As an applicant that has undergone the interview process, you may be contacted back in 24 hours or in a few days time to disclose the outcome of the interview to you.

However, response from the HR department after an interview doesn’t come quickly when applicants apply for positions that are very significant to the company.

In a bid to not to choose an inappropriate applicant, the HR team will need sufficient time to carefully select the best candidate(s).

This is the cause for late response most times.

6. Drug Test and Background Checks

GECIO normally carry out drug tests and background checks of candidates when they have been given a job offer.

Candidates won’t start working just like other employees until the drug tests and background checks process have been completed.

The background check takes place in at least ten days, which involves thorough investigation of your residence, previous work places, high school and much more.

Days after the process, you will be called to state if you passed the background checks and drug tests. If you pass, employment comes straight up.

7. Orientation Program

After you have been employed, you will need to attend new employee orientation program within your first few days working in the company.

The orientation is conducted to help you learn about GEICO’s culture and history, corporate policies, and associate programs.

When coming for the orientation program, make sure you bring two forms of ID issued by the government along with you.

GEICO Jobs and Careers

GEICO has plenty of job opportunities for applicants who have all the criteria to practice such jobs.

Here are some of the positions that are frequently sought for:

  • Emergency roadside service representative: This employee is responsible for assisting customers in getting help whenever their vehicle has issues that require locksmith; locating and dispatching glass repair, or even a tow truck.
  • Inside sales representative: This employee is assigned to assist customers as they buy the materials needed for various building project. He/she will also be responsible for providing superior services and building material expertise.
  • Senior devOps engineer: This employee is responsible for collaborating software application developers to execute the architecting, configuration, and troubleshooting of application servers and the software that runs on them.
  • Training analyst: This employee executes the development of methodologies and materials utilized for training employees and preparing curriculum, such as lectures, demonstrations, workshops, ideas for group discussions, and training presentation.
  • Senior software engineer: This employee is responsible for writing, designing, coding, testing, implementing, debugging, and validating applications. He/she also works with an active scrum team with owners of products and co-software engineers in delivering up most vital business and technical priorities.

What to Expect Working at GEICO

Working at GEICO gives you outstanding opportunity to advance your career. The company is interested in investing in their associates through development and training to help them attain their goals and personal ambitions.

It doesn’t take long to get promoted at GEICO, and increment in salary occurs annually.

However, at GEICO, it is very difficult to maintain your employment if you aren’t able to quickly learn and retain information. In spite of the support that is being provided, the job is most times uneasy.


GEICO is an organization searching for employees who are passionate about starting and building a career at the company.

When an applicant meets with all the requirements of a position, the recruitment team doesn’t hesitate in employing such candidate.

Before applying for a job at GEICO, ensure you possess all the competencies that will be needed to function in such a position, so that the HR team won’t disappoint you by rejecting your application.

You can make it easy to gain employment at GEICO by following the ideas shared on this page on the hiring process at the company.