General Electric Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
General Electric Hiring Process
By learning about the hiring process at the General Electric can increase your chances of getting employed there. Image source: nairametrics.

General Electric Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at General Electric involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you will be expected to complete to be employed by the Company.

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General Electric Company is also simply known as GE and is a multinational American company that was incorporated in New York City, with its headquarters at Boston.

In 2018, this company operated through the following areas: renewable energy, aviation, power, healthcare, venture capital finance and lighting, additive production, and power.

General Electric is ranked among the top largest companies in the United States in terms of gross revenue.

As one of the America’s biggest employers, several thousands of the country’s citizen and even aliens have been able to secure a job and advance their careers in this company.

The General Electric Hiring Process

At general electric, the process for hiring employees is typical and straightforward.

As a job seeker, here is what to expect in the hiring process at General Electric:

  1. Job Application Process

Filling and submitting an online application is first action to take when seeking to get an employment offer from General Electric.

Just like other application processes, simply go to the company’s website and click on the “careers” to move to a page where you can search for countless jobs by providing the job number, title, or keyword.

After choosing your preferred job, you may be asked to create an account to complete the application process.

Moreover, uploading your CV/resume will be compulsory during when applying for the job.

2. Aptitude Test

After applying for the job online, there would be an online aptitude test before you can be invited for an interview.

The online test will consist of the following sections:

  • Situational judgment test: In this section, you will be provided with a number of scenarios that you tend to experience as you work for General electric. This will demand you to identify the worst or best incidents that can happen in your role. There are no wrong or right answers, but they have to be practical and able to demonstrate the vital characteristics of the best candidate.
  • Numerical reasoning test: Depending on your role, you might need to apply some numerical skills to perform specific duties when working at General Electric. This test will help the recruiters know if you can understand a formerly unseen passage and its data as well. Moreover, you will be asked to perform some fundamental GCSE math calculations.
  • Verbal reasoning test: This section is part of the aptitude test so as to examine if an applicant can excellently derive the relevant information from a formerly unseen passage of text and carry out analysis on them to know if subsequent statements are genuine or deceptive.
  • Logical reasoning test: This test is most times called a diagrammatic or inductive test, and it consists of five diagrams with different shapes. You will be asked to identify the correct pattern and identify what comes next in the sequence. This test is pretty difficult due to how limitless the patterns and trend can seem.

3. Interview Process

After the recruiters have assessed you with the online aptitude test, expect an in-depth interview with a hiring manager.

But you can only be interviewed if you successfully pass the aptitude test.

The hiring manager will evaluate your problem-solving skill, suitability for the job, and how much knowledge you have about the role.

Based on the job you are applying for, you may be interviewed twice within a day. The first with a hiring manager would be a technical interview, which will require you to answer some conceptual questions, as well as executing one or two assignments that prove you have to right expertise to perform the job competently.

The second round of interview will be with at least two HR personnel. You will be asked major questions regarding your personality, future aspirations, and passion for the role.

While answering these questions, the HR team will observe your body language and confidence.

Furthermore, before you get invited for the interview, ensure that you are well prepared and ready to succeed in it.

Here are some helpful General Electric interview tips:

  • As an applicant, if you know nothing about the company who wants to employ you, then you are indirectly telling your interviewer you are only after an employment, and don’t care about your employer. Ensure you thoroughly research about General Electric prior to the interview.
  • Typically, the interviewer won’t only pay attention to your answers to questions, but how you react to the questions when asked. Try as much as possible not to wear a countenance that clearly depicts you are clueless about a questions.
  • Prepare to provide authentic examples of how you have applied your expertise to resolve very complex issues at your previous places of work.

4. Hearing from General Electric after the Interview

Normally, once a candidate aces an interview, the Human Resource team never fails to inform such individual within two days about his/her success and employment offer.

But there are cases of some interviewees who didn’t get a response until about four weeks.

This can be due to the large number of applicants seeking for the same job. Hence, the HR team needs enough time to select the best candidate(s).

5. Onboarding Process

After an applicant has been employed by General Electric, he or she will need to take part in the company’s onboarding process for some months.

The first few weeks of the onboarding involves an orientation program, training (if necessary), as well as networking with other co-workers within your department.

During this onboarding process, you will be working under the supervision of a team or personnel, after which your employment can be finalized and then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a General Electric employee.

As you pass through the onboarding, you will be paid your wages just like other employees.

However, no benefits can be given until you complete the process.

General Electric jobs and Careers

There are numerous job positions that you can apply for at General Electric, as long as you are able to meet the requirements.

Here are the common roles at General Electric:

  • Research scientist (materials physics and processes): This employee is responsible for conducting research on composite materials that are advanced, including polymer matrix composite, and ceramic matrix composites. He/she works closely with medolers, as well as process scientist to sought for and quantify vital constituent behavior that is needed for the development of multi-physics process.
  • Senior cyber security engineer: This role has a responsibility in IT infrastructure security, including the execution of projects, operations, management of vulnerability and incident response. He/she will collaborate with service providers (when necessary) to make sure infrastructure solutions and operations are delivered in accordance with the needs of business.
  • Senior wireless engineer: This position mainly works in interdisciplinary teams alongside engineers and scientists throughout several technology domains in order to resolve some of the most complex challenges. Aside from this, this role is responsible for leading and contributing to R&D programs that align with General Electric businesses, which include power, aviation, healthcare, and renewables.
  • Information system security manager: This employee leads GE’s secret information systems program, making sure it meets or surpasses every requirement. He/she will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and overseeing the information systems security program, and also making sure policies and procedures are documented and are current.

What to Expect Working at General Electric

General Electric is one of America’s best employers, and one of the reasons for this is the fact that the company ensures career advancement and pays great wages.

As an employee working for GE, you won’t have problem experiencing a good work life balance.

If you love travelling, then be prepared to travel a lot for specific assignments. Moreover, there are so many intelligent and friendly co-workers to network with.

However, at GE, there are some unavoidable complex duties to perform; be prepared to be innovative to create solutions during times like this.

Sometimes, working for long hours is inevitable. But this is based on your job at the company.


You can be among the thousands of professionals working for General Electric, provided you possess every quality that the company needs in an employee.

The GE hiring process is one of the simplest to undergo. With the help of this article, you can have good knowledge of what the hiring process entails, which makes it pretty easy to pass through it and be employed.