Advertising Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Advertising Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Advertising Sales Managers discover new and effective ways to achieving advertising sales.

Advertising Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does an Advertising Sales Manager Do?

Advertising sales managers generally are responsible for the planning of advertisement campaigns and sale of advertisement space.

The advertising sales manager job description entails directing advertising activities of an ad agency or company to increase clientele and maximize profits.

Advertising sales managers identify potential clients and offer them advertising job proposals.

Their roles include initiating discussions through calls, emails, and scheduled meetings. They deliver sales pitches to clients, convincing them to subscribe to an ad space/time on magazines, T.V, and newspapers.

In convincing a potential customer, they enumerate the benefits of purchasing an advertising space, emphasizing the capability of an ad space subscription in reaching a target market.

Usually they provide clients with ad sales materials which contain information on the target market, viewership and other essential advertising details.

They also present agency advertising rate sheet which outlines available advert space, its feature and accompanying price.

The work descriptions of advertising sales managers also usually involve providing supervision to ad sales teams and representatives; they direct their hiring as well as their job operations.

They also carry out market research to identify new approach/techniques to advertising sales.

As part of their duties, advertising sales managers develop standards for pricing to maximize company profit and ensure customer satisfaction.

They proffer expert suggestions to customers on suitable services, considering costs and target market.

They also conduct price negotiations with clients to reach a favorable rate.

Advertising sales managers usually liaise with various departmental heads in an ad agency to deliberate on important matters such as choice of advertising media and advertising strategies.

They maintain contact with clients to provide them advice, service clarification, as well as offer them new advertising services.

In performing their role, ad sales managers prepare advertising budgets, targets, and work schedule.

They also review media placements to ensure they are in accordance with clients’ needs and preference, any necessary adjustment or feedback is relayed to the creative department for correction.

The advertising sales manager job basically requires a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, advertising or marketing, although some employers may prefer applicants with Master’s degree.

The key qualities necessary for the job include excellent communication skills, decision-making skills, effective management, and problem-solving skills.

Advertising Sales Manager Job Description Example

If you are planning to work as an advertising sales manager, the following job description example will help you to preparedly well for the duties, tasks, and responsibilities you will be required to carry out on the job:

  • Identify potential clients to offer them advertising services
  • Initiate discussions with customers through emails, calls, and scheduled meetings
  • Deliver sales pitches convincing clients to subscribe for an advertising space
  • Highlight the benefits of various ad services and their capacity to reach a target market
  • Provide clients with advertising sales materials to aid them in choosing appropriate service
  • Explain the features of available ad space and their accompanying rates
  • Supervise the hiring and daily operations of advertising sales representatives
  • Develop and implement standards for pricing to ensure optimal returns for an ad company, as well as a satisfied customer base
  • Carry out market research to identify new techniques to advertising sales
  • Proffer expert recommendations to clients on more suitable advertising service based on cost and viewership
  • Collaborate with heads of various departments in an advertising company to take important decisions as related to choice of advertising media and advertising strategies
  • Maintain good working relationship with clients to ensure effective business dealings
  • Conduct price negotiations with clients on behalf of an advertising company to reach favorable prices for both parties
  • Prepare advertising budgets, set targets, and assign job duties
  • Review media placements and ad campaigns to ensure they meet all clients’ specifications.

Advertising Sales Manager Resume Preparation

You will certainly need a resume if you are looking for a new advertising sales manager’s job.

To make one, the sample job description shown above provides the right information about the functions of an advertising sales manager that you need to make the work experience part of the resume.

If you have worked before as a manager of advertising sales, you can use the above content in highlighting the duties and responsibilities of the position that you have performed on the job.

This can convince the employer that you adequate experience to succeed working with them.

Requirements – Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills – for Advertising Sales Manager Role

Are you seeking the job of an advertising sales manager and want to get ahead of other applicants? If so, then here are the skills and qualities you will have to acquire to satisfy the requirements of most employers for the position:

  • Education and Training: The advertising sales manager job typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or business administration, although some hirers insist on candidates with a Master’s degree. The advertising sales manager job doesn’t require any specific certifications, however, having one increases your job prospects as does relevant experience in sales
  • Communication Skills: Advertising sales managers are adept to interacting with customers to offer advertising services, securing a deal or resolving customer complaint
  • Decision-making Skill: Advertising sales managers are able to take quick and appropriate decisions such that improves sales
  • Management Skill: As part of their key qualities, advertising sales managers are able to direct and supervise the activities of an advertising sales department to ensure work efficiency.

Advertising Sales Manager Skills for Resume

In building an advertising sales manager resume, the above mentioned skills and qualities are essential in completing the skills section of the resume.

Employers will most likely be attracted to such resumes because they could see that the applicant has the qualities they are looking for in a manager for the advertising sales job.


Having a good knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of an advertising sales manager is a smart way to prepare for the role if you are applying for the job.

Also, for employers, having a good job description for the role can help you find the best person for the job when recruiting for an advertising sales manager.

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