Advertising Sales Executive Job Description Example

Advertising Sales Executive job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Advertising Sales Executives will need to explain the cost and terms of a service to clients.

Advertising Sales Executive Job Description Example

What Does an Advertising Sales Executive Do?

Advertising sales executives are experts who are responsible for overseeing the sale of advertising spots to organizations and clients on behalf of an advert agency.

They serve as a bridge that connects clients to ad companies for the provision of advertising services.

The job description of advertising sales executives entails scouting and identifying potential clients with advertising needs, then persuading them to subscribe for an advertising space.

They usually carry out background checks and survey on prospective clients to determine their needs, history in advertising, and preferences.

It is part of the duties of an advertising sales executive to contact clients through arranged meetings, emails, and calls to offer their services.

They also prepare and tender job proposals to customers highlighting the quality of their services, as well as their interest in providing an advertising space or time.

Advertising sales executives are skilled in preparing and delivering sales pitches to clients and are able to convince a customer to buy an ad space or time in the course of their sales presentation.

Usually, they give a list of available services, elaborate on service features, cost estimate, and service conditions.

Advertising sales executives direct the activities of advertising sales representatives and teams to ensure effective performance.

Their work description also involves setting sales targets and standards for advertising companies, as well as providing the required motivation and strategy in winning clients over.
As part of their roles, they analyze financial records and contract statistics to determine sales revenue.

They maintain good working relationships with new and existing clients to establish and increase customer base.

Advertising sales executives are also responsible for conducting price negotiations with clients on behalf of an advertising company to ensure favorable prices for both the agency and the client.

As part of their job description, they also proffer expert recommendation to customers on appropriate advert service.

They close sales deals and secure contract approval as well as other important paperwork.

Their roles also include reviewing advertising services to ensure they meet the requirements of the customer.

Advertising sales executives occasionally attend seminars and advertising workshops to stay up-to-date with industry trends.

The position of an advertising sales executive chiefly requires exceptional communication skills and the ability to sell.

There is no set minimum academic qualification for the job, although some employers may require a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study usually in media studies or journalism.

Relevant work experience in advertising sales also plays a great role in securing an advertising sales executive job.

Qualities necessary for the job position include ability to meet targets, persuade clients, make effective cold calls, and build good relationships with customers.

Advertising Sales Executive Job Description Example

Do you aspire to work as a sales executive in the field of advertising? If so, here is a job description example highlighting the various tasks, duties, and responsibilities you should expect to carry out as an advertising sales executive:

  • Scout and identify prospective customers with advertising needs
  • Conduct client survey and background checks to ascertain advertising history, preference and needs
  • Contact clients via telephone calls, arranged meetings and emails to discuss the capability of their service in satisfying customer needs
  • Prepare and offer job proposals to clients indicating their interest in providing advertising services
  • Plan and deliver sales pitches to potential customers convincing them to purchase an ad space
  • Explain service features, estimate of cost and terms of service
  • Direct the activities of advertising sales team and representatives to ensure optimal performance
  • Set and implement advertising standards to maintain quality of service and ensure company revenue
  • Maintain good working relationship with new and existing customers to establish client base
  • Proffer expert recommendation and advice to customers on suitable advertising service
  • Conduct price negotiations with clients on behalf of an advertising agency
  • Close sales deals, secure contract approval, and ensure the processing of all essential paperwork
  • Attend advertising seminars and workshop to stay up-to-date with current developments in advertising sales
  • Review advertising sales services to ensure they meet client requirements.

Advertising Sales Executive Resume Preparation

If you need to prepare a resume for the job of a sales executive in an advertising firm, you can make the work experience part of it with content from the sample job description given above.

If you have worked before as an advertising sales executive, you can use the above listed duties and responsibilities to convince recruiters that you have got the needed experience to be effective on the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Advertising Sales Executive Job

Here are the common skills and qualities employers for the job of advertising sales executives usually require applicants to have to be hired:

  • Education and Training: The advertising sales executive job often requires a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study but most preferably in media studies or journalism. Employers are more inclined to recruiting individuals with record success in sales as opposed to those with academic qualifications. Having professional certifications from a recognized body such as the Institute of Sales and Markets Management (ISMM) is also essential for the role. Most advertising organizations run a graduate training program to expose new employees to job fundamentals
  • Aptitude for sales: Advertising sales executives are passionate and well-versed in carrying out advertising sales to achieve maximum profit
  • Communication Skills: They are able to effectively offer services to clients orally and in writing
  • Relationship Skills: As one of their key qualities, advertising sales executives are able to build and maintain cordial client relationship suitable for business.

Advertising Sales Executive Skills for Resume

To build an advertising sales executive resume, you need to lay emphasis on your skills and qualities.

The above listed are among the key skills of an advertising sales executive; you can highlight them in the skills section of your resume to gain the attention of recruiters.


To effectively prepare for the role of an advertising sales executive, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the functions of the position and the skills you need to develop to help you succeed on the job.

Knowing the job description for the role is also beneficial to employers for them to be able to recruit the best person for the advertising sales executive position they have to fill.

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