Adult Nurse Practitioner Job Description Example

Adult Nurse Practitioner job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

Adult Nurse Practitioners provide basic health care to adults. Image source:

Adult Nurse Practitioner Job Description Example

An adult nurse practitioner offers basic health care to adults. This may involve patients from the age of twelve through to the elderly.

In this case, the duties of an adult nurse practitioner may coincide with those of the pediatric nurse practitioner, gerontological nurse practitioner, or the family nurse practitioner.

He/she is often needed in places where conventional practitioners are required to offer advanced form of diagnosis and treatment to the largest number of individuals within the assigned community.

Adult nurse practitioners’ job descriptions usually involve assessing, diagnosing and controlling common critical, as well as chronic health problems among the juveniles, adults, and also the elderly.

They will enlighten their patients on health strategies and prevention of diseases.

They may decide to specialize additionally in aspects of practice, such as cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary care, women’s health, or mental health care as determined by their experience as well as the requirements of the neighborhood in which they work.

These practitioners have advanced skills and are highly educated basic medical care providers.

They are experts that diagnose and provide therapy for an extensive range of medical problems and recommended medications.

Their roles include diagnosing and offering treatment to ailments and injuries as well as educating patients on health and prevention strategies.

They will carry out promotional as well as educational tasks in the assigned community.

These individuals are often found practicing independently in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, doctor’s office, or other similar medical institutions.

Also, the job of an adult nurse practitioner involves treating both protracted and acute situations such as high blood pressure, injuries or diseases like diabetes.

He/she must know how to manage medication and be able to utilize ample time with patients and enlighten them on ways of managing their own care.

He/she will offer guidance to patients on physical therapy, diets, exercise, medication side effects and test results.

Adult Nurse Practitioner Job Description Example

Below is an example of an adult nurse practitioner job description, showing the duties, roles, and responsibilities the individual is expected to carry out in a typical, standard healthcare institute:

  • Work out age suitable history for acute, critical, complex, and seriously ailing perioperative patients
  • Request for and interpret diagnostic results and therapeutic examinations in relation to patient’s age-specific requirements
  • Give suitable prescription, as well as pharmacological and non-phamalogical treatment modalities
  • Perform interventions to assist the patient in maintaining or regaining physiologic balance
  • Aid in offering surgical care in line with state, federal, and facility requirements
  • Quicken the patient’s movement within health care settings, such as issues related to admission, transferring, and discharging of patients
  • Work together with multidisciplinary health unit members by making suitable referrals
  • Enhance patient, family and staff decision making process by utilizing educational resources.

Adult Nurse Practitioner Resume Preparation

In preparing a resume for the position of adult nurse practitioner, the sample job description given above can provide valuable information in writing the employment history segment of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Adult Nurse Practitioner Position

An aspiring adult nurse practitioner will require the following qualifications to be outstanding in his/her duties of providing quality healthcare service:

  • Must be a graduate of a certified school of nursing
  • Must have graduated after an accredited Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Must possess an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) License with a current Nurse Practitioner Certificate in area of specialization
  • At least five years perioperative clinical experience in nurse practitioner duties
  • Must have empathy for others and identify with their joys and sorrows giving an impression of solidarity
  • Extraordinary accomplishment, virtue, and merit, which constantly exceeds standards so as to maintain quality
  • Sustains confidentiality and defends sensitive data every time.

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