Accounting Technician Coordinator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Accounting Technician Coordinator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Accounting Technician Coordinators organize existing accounts, improve revenue, and support account development. Image source:

This post provides complete information on the job description of an accounting technician coordinator, to help you learn the work they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the accounting technician coordinator work description.

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What Does an Accounting Technician Coordinator Do?

The major duties of an accounting technician coordinator include organizing current or existing accounts and offering customer satisfaction by enhancing revenue and supporting account development.

They communicate regularly with customers, offering updates, technical support, marketing ideas and other account affiliated statements.

The accounting technician coordinator job description also entails executing pitch calls, tracking of media, list building, organizing press kits, scheduling publicity as well as other project associated activities.

Also, accounting technician coordinators assist in conceptualizing project ideas, innovating work plans to attain project deadlines, coordinate event logistics, aid in managing vendor relationships, and may act as a connection for the account team.

Most accounting technician coordinators are in charge of proofreading, publishing materials, writing and copy editing for online and offline documentation.

Some may also play the role of agents for the company or team at conferences, industry events and other work associated meetings. They are assigned administrative duties as required in some companies.

The accounting technician coordinator offers reporting and analytical assistance to the manager of investment accounting.

He/she works with investment units to research on and find resolution to investment account matters.

This post is responsible for analyzing, reconciling, managing everyday investment data from the general ledger accounts, and custodian banks and researching and settling differences.

The accounting technician coordinator interprets movement of cash between funds and banks and formulates journals as required.

He/she arranges monthly and end of the year reporting agenda and gives support to aid yearly external audits.

He/she will be answerable to designated business teams on critical complex transactions to guarantee integrity and dependability of general ledger balances as well as other financial and accounting facts.

Accounting Technician Coordinator Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The accounting technician coordinator will be expected to perform the duties, tasks, and responsibilities highlighted in the job description example shown below, for efficient accomplishment of organizational targets.

  • Offers reassessment and oversight of the total types of financial operations, some of which may be intricate with regards to duration of account or its size
  • Organizes table lines from the investment sub-ledger, custodian bank, and the general ledger
  • Inputs summary of transactions into records and general ledger or journals
  • Evaluates manifold banking operations to initiate wire transfers, obtain information, and process transactions
  • Gets in touch with outside organizations, banking operations and banks to obtain interpretation of rules and regulations
  • Works and displays information by applying database, spreadsheet, graphic software; and presents data
  • Collects data and downloads it from enterprise system; establishes and directs queries
  • Concludes distinctive financial projects such as programming schedules or conciliating activity or financial ventures and banking features
  • Formulates analysis and audits reports on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis in relation to expense, funds, accounts, and allocation of revenue.

The above activities that make up the job description of an accounting technician coordinator can be employed in creating a good resume for the post.

Accounting Technician Coordinator Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The skills and qualifications outlined below are unique and essential to the work of an accounting technician coordinator.

  • A first degree in marketing, accountancy, public relations, business administration, or an affiliated field of study
  • Must be given to details; innovative, pleasant, amiable, and be able to express him/herself clearly
  • Must possess exceptional, written, interpersonal, and verbal aptitude
  • Must be skillful in fundamental organization and management of time
  • Must be a go getter, positive minded, and ambitious
  • Must be adaptable in attaining targets and engaging in long working hours, particularly on weekends and holidays
  • Must be able to work and perform effectively under stressful conditions and attend to customers with outrageous demands.