8 Best Jobs for introverts

By | October 20, 2023
8 Best Jobs for introverts
Introverts can find suitable and rewarding jobs.

8 Best Jobs for Introverts

Update: This article was first published in 2018, however, our editorial team has confirm that the various jobs presented here are still relevant for introverts today and beyond 2018.

Are you an introvert looking for the best jobs you can do in 2018 and beyond? If you are, then you will find this post valuable.

Many jobs require that the employee be an outgoing person, who can work as a member of a team and be jovial. These requirements almost nullify the chances of an extrovert since he/she may not be able to fit into such environments requiring him/her to be outgoing.

Does that completely quash the chance of an introvert getting good jobs? Not at all; being an introvert does not hamper ones creative ability, and creativity is one of the ingredients that make for a good employee.

In this post, certain jobs at which an introvert can thrive on will be discussed.

1. Social media manager

Introverts can thrive excellently on this job. Their being introverts does not mean they do not like people; it only means they are not given to emotional displays in public.

They also get exhausted quickly when they are around people. However, they can relate excellently well from a distance, especially on social media, making this job the perfect choice for them.

A social media manager interacts with thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter and the likes without those people invading his/her privacy, which is a perfect arrangement for an introvert.

Median annual pay: This job pays as much as $45,000 per annum.

2. Small engine mechanic

Burying their heads in engines all day long “saves” the introvert from ever relating with anyone whatsoever. He/she only “relates” with the engines, which graciously do not talk or whine or invade privacy or get at someone’s nerve.

Median annual pay: The pay may not be as high as that of a social media manager, but it is a perfect escape route for an introvert; the pay per annum for a small engine mechanic is around $30, 000.

3. Forester

A forester does not have to communicate with nervy and bothersome humans; he/she only has to “communicate” with trees, water and other constituents of nature.

An individual, who is an outdoorsy introvert, will find this a perfect employment in 2018. The individual will spend plenty of time in nature-rich areas, like lakes, forests, parks and the likes.

His/her job involves studying and maintaining these nature-rich areas. It must also be stated that males make up 92% of those involved in this form of employment.

Median annual pay: The job pays about $48,000 per annum.

4. Archivist, curator, or museum technician

Introverts love their privacy and they would willing shun parties and opt for libraries or museums where they can be alone with their thoughts. This makes them the perfect candidate for museum technician or curator job.

Median annual pay: The pay is about $38,300 per annum.

5. Web developer

A typical introvert will give anything to access the Internet 24 hours of the day since it avails him/her the opportunity to interact without actually being around people.

A typical introvert loves the virtual work with passion and this makes him/her the perfect employee as a web developer. He/she prefers communication taking place in form of chats instead of via direct human-to-human form of communication.

Median annual pay: The pay is a bit higher than several others at $56,700.

6. Fine artist

An introvert is the perfect candidate as illustrator, sculptor, or painter. Many artists love to work alone and in complete quietness, however, there are some other artists who love to show off their talents to the crowd.

Over time, those quiet artists tend to outperform the rather loud ones and this makes this type of job the perfect choice for an introvert. The creative nature of the introvert further makes him/her able to thrive on this job.

Median annual pay: The pay is about $42,100 per annum.

7. Video game artist

What better world can an introvert crave if not the virtual world where he/she is alone with the console?

Gamers can spend hours on end at their computer interacting with their virtual friends and foes; and they prefer this to interacting with real humans.

They prefer the virtual world to the real one since they have some measure of control over happenings there, which is near-impossible when they interact with real humans.

This job requires complete quietness for a long stretch and an introvert is capable of that, making him/her the perfect candidate for the post of a video game artist.

Median annual pay: The pay is about $50,800.

8. Private chef

A private chef spends most of his/her time in quietness. He/she works alone most of the time and this is a welcome development to him/her, especially if he/she is an introvert.

Despite the fact that he/she may have to serve an audience, the introvert chef still only has to “interact” with foods, and not people, for a long period of time each day.

Median annual pay: The pay is about $60,800 per annum.


Being an introvert does not limit your ability to find a job and excel in it. all you need to do is to find the right kind of job for you.

This post provides valuable ideas of best jobs for introverts in 2018 and beyond; check them out and see which one fits you well.