Best Jobs for Teenagers

By | October 20, 2023
Jobs for Teenagers
As a teenager, you can find jobs to help you build certain valuable skills.

Best Jobs for Teenagers

Update: This article was first published in 2018, however, our editorial team has confirm that the various jobs presented here are still relevant for teenagers and beyond 2018.

There are several jobs a teenager can do in 2018 and beyond that will help keep him/her busy and will also line his/her pocket with cash.

Such jobs may not pay six figures, but they offer better value for time than sitting around doing nothing.

5 Best Jobs for Teenagers

  1. Camp counselor

Teenagers with interest in leadership can take up this job. Those with natural leadership or educator traits can easily fit into such an engagement.

Aside from the money they will get from such a job, it will also help them improve on their leadership qualities as they will have the opportunity to learn new things in the course of their employment as camp counselors or educators.

Other features of this job are highlighted below:

  • Ability to develop new leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to work outdoors.
  • Opportunity to improve on communication skills.
  • Opportunity to learn and improve on conflict resolution skills.
  • Opportunity to live somewhere far from home and opportunity to travel, giving the teenager. opportunity to become more independent on their way to adulthood.

2. Golf caddy

Teenagers that love to spend long hours in the open under the sun will enjoy this job. However, he/she needs to have an understanding of the game of gulf in order to do this job right.

The teenager should also have ability to endure the walking around involved in this job. Also, he/she will be required to carry heavy bags stuffed with golf clubs around and can only do such job successfully if he/she has good physical endurance.

Some of the benefits of this job are highlighted below:

  • Opportunity to have a good suntan without visiting Caribbean or Florida beaches.
  • Good pay, between $50 and $100 in 4 hours.
  • Opportunity to earn additional tips and rewards from generous golfers.

3. Retail sales

The job is highly diverse and is among the best for teenagers looking for something to occupy their time and also put money in their pockets in the coming year.

The pay varies from $11 to $13 per hour, depending on the discretion of the store where such a job is being done and the particular duties the teenager will have to perform.

Some of the departments where teenagers can be employed as retail salesperson are:

  • Cash register
  • Customer service
  • Sample handling
  • Product demonstrations
  • Stocking shelves and
  • Inventory.

Qualities required in the perfect teenager for this job are highlighted below:

  • He/she must be sociable.
  • He/she must be ready to work as a member of a team.
  • He/she must relate properly with customers and other members of the team.

4. Food service

This job can give the teenager an opportunity to develop various social skills and also line his/her pocket with real cool cash in the process.

Some of the qualities expected in the teenager are:

  • He/she must be sociable.
  • He/she must be willing to associate with the general public, especially clients that come into the business place.
  • He/she must be a team player too.
  • He/she must be able to learn fast.
  • He/she must learn and apply instructions laid down by superiors regarding modus operandi of the job description.
  • He/she must be able to resolve conflict among clients and other members of staff.

Some of the areas where teenagers can be employed in a food service business outlet are highlighted below:

  • Cooks
  • Busgirls
  • Busboys
  • Hosts and
  • Hostesses.

Some of the benefits of this job include:

  • Opportunity to earn between $9 and $10 per hour.
  • Opportunity to earn tips from appreciative clients, depending on if the outlet permits such or not.
  • Opportunity to diversify and learn about various aspects of the food service business.
  • Opportunity to learn highly valuable skills.

5. Internships

This employment can assist the teenager to gain industrial experience and also earn some money in the process. Equally, the teenager can add the experience gained here to his/her resume for better job opportunity later in life.

However, the teenager must be warned ahead that many of these types of jobs are unpaid, but there are few ones that actually pay as he/she gains industrial experience.

High school guidance can provide the teenager with helpful information on where to get such internship jobs. He/she can also walk into companies directly to find out if they have such job openings.

Points to take home about this job type are highlighted below:

  • Only few are paid opportunities.
  • They give the teenager opportunity to gain industrial experience.
  • Such experience can be added to his/her resume for better job opportunities later in life.


As a teenager looking for a job to help build experience in your career and develop vital skills, as well as make some cash, this post provides valuable tips you can use.