Working for Ford Motor: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 25, 2023
Working for Ford Motor
Ford Motor Logo: The Company strives to be world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world. Image source:

Working for Ford Motor: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are interested in working for Ford Motor, this post will increase your understanding of employments, careers, and jobs at the company to help you make the best decision about your career. Please, read on:

Ford Motor: Company Overview

Ford Motor, a company founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903, incorporated on July 9, 1919 and is headquartered in Dearborn, MI, manufactures, distributes and sells automobiles in Automotive and Financial Services segments.

The Automotive segment operates in manufacturing, designing, marketing and servicing of Ford cars, SUVs, trucks, Lincoln luxury vehicles, and electrified vehicles; while the Financial Services segment consists of Ford Credit. Ford Credit offers automotive financing products to automotive dealers.

Ford Motor competes with Honda Motor Company, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors Company, Volkswagen AG Group, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault-Nissan B.V., Toyota Motor Corporation and Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

Why Work for Ford Motor

Ford Motor, through its belief in freedom of movement that drives human progress, aspires to become the world’s most trusted mobility company that designs smart vehicles in a smart world.

Ford’s acquired iconic Michigan Central Station and its plans to transform it into the centerpiece of an energetic new campus in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, hopes this will serve as an improvement center for Ford’s vision for the future of transportation.

At HBCU, Ford will donate a total of $300,000 to support STEAM initiatives across the country.

Students and alumni are encouraged to “Rep Your HBCU” by voting to help their favorite school win one of four prizes from now through Oct. 27.

Ford’s longtime commitment to Historically Black Colleges and Universities continues with its national Ford HBCU Drive2Greatness Program and Contest that will donate a total of $300,000 to go toward STEAM initiatives Program kicked off with a $10,000 donation to Florida A&M University tied to Ford’s sponsorship of the 2017 Tom Joyner Family Reunion on Labor Day weekend Now through Oct.

Ford Motor Company 2017 Fund Annual Report:

With Ford Fund, the Company is working to improve people’s lives, improve social mobility and provide access to basic needs, such as food, shelter and clean water.

Ford Motor Company creates transformational programs that are scalable and sustainable, and replicates its proven models around the world to help people lift their economic status and quality of life.

Ford Motor Company 2017/18 Sustainability Report:

Ford Motor remains focused on building on its global leadership in trucks, vans, commercial vehicles and performance vehicles, while growing its global strength in utility vehicles, as the company continues to advance its career.

Ford believes that freedom of movement drives human progress, which is why the company aspires to be the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world.

Building the Ford Community:

Working for Ford could benefit you in many ways which includes providing endless opportunities for advancement.

Ford will help you build your career so that you can one day manage a growing sales team. Ford will also help you accomplish your goals. The company is doing its best to help improve the world around them.

They invest in training for their employees, and their employees volunteer thousands of hours a year to local non-profits globally. Ford has been working in various projects which help to ensure the environment is safe by moving to hybrid and electric cars.

For generations families have lived the American dream because of the employment opportunities offered from Ford Motor Company, which is the backbone of America. Ford goes further to enhance the quality of life for many people around the globe.

Ford Motor Careers and Jobs

Ford Motor Company creates lots of career opportunities for people around the world. The company receives people for different career positions regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status or protected veteran status.

Various careers you can explore at Ford Motor include:


In this career, you will be required to raise Ford’s standards and improve the company’s effectiveness and their core competencies. You will need to enthusiastically tell the Ford story to all of their audiences.

Global Data Insight and Analytics

Working in this career will demand that you drive evidence-based decision making by providing timely, actionable and forward-looking insights to Ford’s business partners.

You will be required to operate as a trusted adviser, enabling Ford to see its business, know their customers and act in a meaningful way that will benefit the company.

Information Technology

Ford is not just an automotive company, but also an industry leader in mobility. Ford IT is at the forefront of this collaborative effort; so the company needs your help to change the way the world moves.

Ford wants you to join them to improve transportation across the world, get better the user experience, and advance people’s lives in every way possible.

Office of the General Counsel

This is a career that offers you the chance to work together with outside counsel to operate as a worldwide team delivering world-class legal, tax and audit services to client groups throughout the company.


This career will help you to drive constant development for the Ford and Lincoln brands to bring top quality products and services to the company’s customers.

This is achieved through operational excellence and worldwide procedures and tools such as Quality Operating System, New Model Launch, Global Product Development System, Product Development, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales and Service, working with integrated teams in Manufacturing, etc.


In order to increase Ford’s leadership as an automotive and mobility company, Ford tactically collaborates with operations to drive excellent results.

Financial expertise to all areas of the company such as the planning, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Ford products around the globe are contributed by Ford Motor Company.

Government and Community Relations

Ford’s whole team of Government and Community Relations helps to shape policy and legislation in support of the company’s core business goals, and works with community partners to improve education, community life and driving safety.


Ford enables their plants and facilities around the globe to produce world-class products for customers everywhere.

The company makes sure there is perfect production of their vehicles in a highly quality, effective, safe and sustainable way.

Product Development

Ford brings engineering ideas to life, and in Product Development makes driving more stimulating, enjoyable and sustainable.

Some of the ideas that are improving the way Ford drives today include latest recycling methods, voice-activated technologies, alternative fuel vehicles and leading vehicle safety initiatives.

Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering

Technical and regulatory expertise related to product safety, emissions, fuel economy, facility environmental matters and vehicle recycling are all provided by Ford.

Ford Credit

Ford Credit has worked with dealerships to put people behind the wheels of great Ford and Lincoln vehicles since 1959.

Ford motor provides financing, exceptional service and professional expertise to five thousand one hundred (5,100) dealers and more than four (4) million customers in about one hundred (100) countries.

Human Resources

With a mission to deliver high-impact, innovative workforce solutions and experiences that drive One Ford today and tomorrow, Ford’s vision is to be recognized for world-class HR solutions and business partnerships.

Marketing, Sales and Service

Those in this career are the eyes, ears and voices of Ford, meeting customer demand by delivering the right products to the right dealers at the right time.


Ford Motor Company is a respected global team of talented, motivated professionals responsible for advancing a global supply strategy.

Ford’s purchasing career ensures quality parts and services are delivered on time at the best cost in order to create vehicles that customers who visit Ford’s Motor Company want and value.

Ford’s team achieves its goals by working closely with other One Ford team members around the world and by building strong relationships with the supply base.

Valuable members of the purchasing team possess creativity, the ability to build relationship, build trust and share their passion for quality.

Ford Motor Training and Development Programs

Ford believes that in their fast changing world, curiosity and constant learning are important. That’s why they provide different learning opportunities throughout employee’s careers to make sure their ongoing development not only prepares their employees to react to change, but to take advantage of it, create a better tomorrow and drive human progress.

Changes in technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics, create demands for new skills in the workplace.

Ford trains manufacturing technicians in electrified vehicle diagnostics. To provide system-level training in Ford’s manufacturing facilities; portable training cells integrate robots, controls and vision systems.

Learning through Collaboration

Ford’s employees can develop interpersonal and intrapersonal self-awareness skills, and appreciate differences in how they all think, act and work, through leadership and professional development.

Group-based program blueprints provide opportunities for peer collaboration, network building and creating a sense of community, shared values and culture across the company.

Here are some of the training programs you can find at Ford Motor Company:

  • The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit training and development program is aimed at executives and general managers responsible for global projects, departments and budgets.

  • Global Executive Leadership

The Global Executive Leadership training and development program is geared toward directors and senior managers associated with a region, but with responsibilities that extend to the global enterprise.

  • Experienced Leader Program

This training and development program is for middle management. The program assists in the growth of capabilities of Ford’s skill team leaders running regional large projects and functional departments.

  • Salaried Supervisor Institute

This is a program for new and experienced front-line leaders, building foundational leadership skills with inclusion of hands-on applications.

The Bottom Line

By sharing their subject-matter expertise, knowledge and insights in both technical and non-technical regions, Ford’s employees can further develop the capacity of others. This practice is inserted in leadership programs to provide skill-building opportunities to developing leaders.

For instance, in Ford’s Asia Pacific region, sixty-two (62) mid-level leaders are certified to teach the Salaried Supervisor Institute program to front-line leaders in China, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Technical Training

Ford Motor Company is dedicated to building and delivering award winning training to technicians.

Their goal is to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills they require to service the newest technologies in all Ford and Lincoln products.

The suite of training that the Ford’s company offers has proven delivery systems designed to help all Ford and Lincoln Fleet technicians in a way that allows for flexibility in their schedule.

Under technical training you will have:

  • Web Based and Instructor-Led Classroom Service Technician Specialty Training

This training provides fleets access to the same best-in-class technical training that Ford and Lincoln dealers utilize. The Ford Fleet Training Package is available through a subscription to all their fleet customers.

  • On-Site Technical Training

Ford Motor Company knows how important it is to keep your fleet operating and trained technicians are key to that objective.
Option for on-site training is offered by Ford to meet your technicians where they perform their repairs.

  • Motorcraft Service Training

This is a web-based training that can be purchased directly without a subscription or classroom scheduling and offered by Ford Motor Company.

  • Tech Talk Videos

You can watch and learn on You Tube diagnosis and repair tips for Ford vehicles. Ford Power Force Tech Talk is the latest powerful tool in the Motorcraft and Ford Parts world.

An insider’s scoop through Ford engineering-approved repair tips, diagnostic information and even testing processes is provided by the series.

Watching Tech Talk helps techs and Ford fans fix it right the first time and create more satisfied customers.

Ford Motor Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Here is the information for those students and graduates who are interested in getting an internship with Ford.

Where to Commence the Process

Several different workplace opportunities for students are offered by Ford Motor Company. These include the following categories:

• Graduate
• Undergraduate
• Doctorate Degree
• Recent College or University Graduates (within three years)

You can proceed further by applying for an internship through one of the different programs offered by Ford Motor Company, if you fit into one of the categories listed above. is the website where all prospective candidates need to apply online. For interns, the initial interview will be conducted on campus or over the phone, which is the only interview for a prospective intern. Selective interns will receive an offer after the initial interview.

Ford Motor Company Internship programs

There are five internship programs offered by Ford Motor Company which are available to students and recent graduates. See the details below.

  1. Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program commences in early May and continues through to the end of August. During the summer break and through a full-time workplace environment, this program provides hands-on, career-specific work experience.

These summer interns have typically just finished junior year of their undergraduate or master’s program. They also anticipate graduating next year.

During the program, the following qualities are expected from candidates:

• Good communication skills
• Excellent leadership qualities
• Top academic standing
• Highly self-motivated skills

The intern may receive a full-time job offer into their Ford College Graduate program, after an internship has completed successfully.

Another option is that they might receive an offer to participate in one of the developmental programs, as the opportunity allows.

2. Ford College Graduate (FCG) Program

The FCG Program is a second step in going further with your internship and future career at the Ford Motor Company. Because the FCG provides an opportunity to further develop a strong foundation for graduates’ futures, the Finance Department has called it the Career Foundational Program (CFP).

By working in rotational job assignments during their first few years with the company, these participants receive a well-rounded workplace experience.

Listed below are the goals of the program:

• Hone technical skills
• Strengthen business acumen
• Participate in rapid fire exposure (different business activities)

The participant will gain a better understanding of the Ford culture, after the several rotations. The participant will be placed into “home organization” where a new career can be built at Ford, after he or she has completed the program.

3. Co-Op Program

The Co-Op Program is geared toward candidates interested in the Product Development and Manufacturing Departments only.

This Cooperative Education Program was designed to help students with a move from school life to the high-paced, high-performing workplace environment of the engineering field.

Participants will be offered valuable hands-on workplace environment which they will need to shine in their future careers in the engineering field.

Listed below are the program details:

• Participants work to define their professional interests
• They demonstrate technical and leadership skills
• Co-Op term covers multiple semesters

The intern may receive full-time employment for positions which match their educational background and specific skill set, after completing a successful Co-Op internship.

The program was set up to be a three-way partnership between Ford, the college or university, and the intern.

The candidate must be actively pursuing a BS or MS in Engineering from a college or university who participates in Co-Op programs in order to be considered for this program.

4. Marketing Leadership Program

The Ford Leadership Program is for graduate students who are interested in Marketing Sales and Services.

As a means to elevate Ford’s strategic focus on marketing, the Marketing Leadership Program (MLP) was established in 1989.

Interns in this program have the chance to complete the following:

• Support Ford’s vision to improve great products, promote a stronger business and contribute to a better world
• Complete difficult assignments which can influence the company
• Venue for the development of the leadership qualities

5. IT Leadership Program

The IT Leadership Program is only available to graduate students and those in the Information Technology field.

This leadership program was designed to attract, build and promote high-quality talent from within and also outside Ford IT.

Candidates need to possess the following qualifications in order to qualify:

• High-quality competency skills
• Experienced IT talent
• Education and leadership behaviors
• Interest in driving innovation at Ford
• Demonstrated outstanding results

All interns in this program will be assigned and Executive Sponsor in the IT Director level, and as a mentor in the Senior Management level. Three one-year rotations are typically the term of this program.

Five excellent internship opportunities for both students and recent graduates are offered by Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Corporate Culture and Values

Across the 18 core culture metrics, Ford Motor Company is rated a B by the 198 employees that have left culture ratings. Females score Ford Motor Company’s company culture slightly higher than males, with females rating the overall culture 71/100.

You should ask yourself whether you prioritize Compensation, Happiness and Diversity when evaluating the question “should I work at Ford Motor Company?” If those culture dimensions rank highly for you, then Ford Motor Company could be a great fit to apply for a job, as those metrics rank in the top 5 culture dimensions for Ford Motor Company, with Ford Motor Company’s Compensation being in the Top 10% for all similarly sized companies.

This being said, Ford Motor Company does not score as highly for Meetings or Environment.

A recent reviewer from the Product department said that the best part of their compensation package was “Flexible work schedule and telecommuting”.


• Customers are the focus
• Integrity is never compromised
• Quality comes first
• Continuous improvement is essential

Ford Motor Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

If you’ve ever dreamt of working at Ford Motor Company, you should make sure you understand all the steps involved in getting your dream job there.

You are going to learn about the application process, interview questions, online assessments, and much more.

If you seek a position at Ford, you need to apply for careers and submit your application online via the company’s employment portal.

You will have the ability to choose your desired location and the department you would like to apply for. The portal will present you with all available Ford job openings.

You can read the job description of your selected position, which includes the complete list of requirements that comes with every career opportunity.

If you consider the position to be relevant to your professional experience, you can proceed to fill out the online Ford application form to be considered for the job.

Submit Your Resume and Cover Letter

You will be asked to submit your resume and cover letter for this section of the Ford job application form. You can either upload them from your computers or type in the information in the provided space.

These documents are mandatory and need to be provided. You will be required to provide the main details of your resume for your online profile on the Ford employment portal.

The Interview

You will land the job if you can excel on the interview at Ford. Make sure that you arrive at the interview venue prepared, dress professionally and arrive on time.

Psychometrics Test

A lot of industries use psychometric tests to assess their applicants. The purpose for using these metrics is to ensure they employ the appropriate applicant for the open position. Aptitude tests, personality tests, and situational judgment tests are the most common exams.

Ford Drug Test

You will be required to take a drug test, which is a simple urine test that can be completed at a local clinic.

How long does the hiring process take?

For hourly wage positions, the hiring process at Ford can take anywhere from one week; while salaried positions take several weeks.

Required Skills

Skills that Ford is looking for in their employees include:

• Decision-making skills
• Initiative, integrity and good corporate citizenship
• Desire to improve
• Acceptance of others

Ford Motor Benefits and Compensation

Ford Motor Company has lots of benefits and compensation for their employees. The main Ford benefits provided by the company include:

Healthcare Benefits

Benefits under healthcare include:

• Medical Plans
• Vision Plans
• Dental Plans
• Paid Prescription Plans
• Mental Healthcare Plan
• Health Savings Account

Insurance Benefits

Insurance Ford Benefits come in the following:

• Basic Life Insurance Plan
• Supplemental Life Insurance Plan
• Occupation Accident Insurance Plan
• Disability Insurance Plan
• AD&D Insurance Plan

Financial Benefits

Ford has lots of financial benefits in the following categories:

• Competitive Salaries
• Performance-Based Bonus System
• Employee Stock Purchase Plan
• Supplemental Workers’ Compensation

Paid Time off Benefits

Ford has paid time off benefits for employees which include:

• Paid Vacations
• Paid Holidays
• Volunteer Time Off
• Bereavement Leave
• Sick Days

Special Benefits

The special benefits that Ford offers their employees are as follows:

• Employee Discount
• Tuition Assistance
• Apprenticeship Program
• Professional Development Program
• Free Lunch and Snacks
• Gym Membership

Retirement Benefits

Ford has retirement benefits that come in the following:

• Pension Plan
• Retirement Plan
• 401(k) Plan

Ford Motor Work/Life Balance

The Work Life Balance at Ford Motor Company is rated a D by 173 employees putting it in the Bottom 20% of similar size companies in the US. 64% of Ford Motor Company employees are satisfied with their work life balance while 55% feel they are burnt out.

About 35% of the employees at Ford Motor Company work eight hours or less, while 6% of them have a very long day – longer than twelve hours. The Majority of Ford Motor Company employees are satisfied with their work life balance and feel burnt out.

In general, employees in the IT department and employees who have been at the company Over 10 Years believe they have good work life balance while employees who have been at the company 5 to 10 Years and employees in the HR department think there is room for improvement.

Employees need a well proportioned work life balance to keep them happy and productive.


It’s a good and profitable idea to work for Ford Motor, but you need to get adequate knowledge of the company first so you can build your career in a better way.

This post will help you to gain sufficient knowledge about Ford Motor and how to pursue a successful career with the company.

If you find this post helpful in finding out about careers, jobs, and employment at Ford Motor, kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share any experience you’ve had with Ford Motor if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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