Working for Belk: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | September 21, 2023
Working for Belk
Belk: The Company has proven to be a leading retail departmental store in the U.S. Image: Belk department store, John Greim | LightRocket | Getty Images.

Working for Belk: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are looking to work for Belk Inc., this post will help you learn all you need to know about job, employment, and careers at the company.

You will also learn about the benefits of working at Belk, student internship opportunities, and much more useful information concerning the company.

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Belk: Company Overview

Belk, with its subsidiaries, possesses and controls department stores in the United States.

The stores of Belk Company offer fashion apparel, shoes, accessories for men, women and children. Also among the list are men’s sportswear, cosmetics, house wares, home furnishings, gifts, fine jewelry, etc.

Belk also provides diverse products under private label brands, and sells its products via its website, Bet goes further to offer equipment maintenance services to third parties.

Belk Inc. was established by William Henry Belk in 1988, with its headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Company operated 300 stores in 16 states as of July 23, 2015, and in December 10, 2015 it became a private firm.

The Company operates retail department stores, provides customers with one-stop shopping, merchandise mix, and offerings of brands, styles, assortments and sizes.

The company also deals on private label brands, which give customers separate merchandise selections.

Why Work for Belk Company

Belk is a great place to work; there are nice and easy people to work with. The main work at Belk focuses more on sales, which require that you work earnestly to render your services well in order to reach the sale goal for the month.

Belk has great culture, discount opportunity for employees and awesome teamwork. There are many clothes to sell at Belk, including suits.

You may have to help customers to select an outfit, that’s why you need to love fashion.

If you work hard, Belk will provide flexible hours and the opportunity to increase your pay.

No matter what position you work, you will be doing several jobs at the same time for the sake of helping the company.

Belk will reduce your pay if you don’t reach your sales or credit goals.

At Belk, you start your workday prepping sales and doing mini training with associates about upcoming changes.

You have customer issues to handle throughout the day and then plan for sales floor changes that could be coming up.

Sometimes, the roll out of positive changes coming with the company causes more chaos because of lack of planning and information.

Belk is a learning company and a great place to work because employees there are like a family.

While some roles at Belk are hourly, some others are equally commission based. Workers are organized and always helpful whenever they can.

Belk is a very good place to start and grow a career; the culture fosters creativity and team work.

There are good pay and benefits, work/life balance, great culture, great career-building opportunities at the company. You could advance, move around and feel valued.

Careers and Jobs at Belk

Belk has many career and job opportunities you can explore. If you can dedicate yourself toward working with the Company, you will surely get a profitable career in future.

Some of the available fields that you will come across when pursuing a career with Belk include:

Women Department Selling Associate – PT -Stuttgart Square, AR

The goal-based PT Women’s Associate has selling goals which come in the form of Order from-store, new customer credit acquisitions, customer Data Capture and new client acquisitions, and general up-keep of selling area and fitting rooms. These are all everyday essential functions of the role.

Outstanding customer service is provided by Belk Sales Associate to each customer, displays a zeal for retail and fashion, adapts to change effectively, continuously seeks to learn about Belk’s merchandise, has an awareness of industry technology, and shows the capacity to use technology to improve core selling skills.

Duties of Women Department Selling Associate Include:

  • They help customer make selections by building customer confidence; offering suggestions and opinions.
  • They document sale by creating or updating customer profile records.
  • They process payments by totaling purchases; processing checks, cash, and store or other credit cards.
  • They keep clientele informed by notifying them of preferred customer sales and future merchandise of potential interest.
  • They direct customers by escorting them to racks and counters; suggesting items.
  • They advise customers by providing information on products.
  • They deliver on selling goals consistently, as well as ensures goals for credit acquisition, ship from store, and new client acquisition are met per shift worked.

Sales Support Associate – PT – Stuttgart Square, AR

Sales Support Associate’s primary function ensures the compliance and execution of all clash office duties. The job requires that you provide support to the company’s selling floor associates to ensure they develop relationships with their customers so that each customer’s needs are met in a quick and efficient way.

The Sales Support Team (SST) Associate position is responsible for the scheduling and cash office functions, and the execution of the human resources.

The responsibilities of a Sales Support Team associate include associate recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, benefits, employee relations, training, performance, policy communication and scheduling.

Additional responsibilities include reconciliation of cash receipts, counting the safe, performance of audits, accurately and efficiently competing everyday paperwork while adhering to company policies and procedures, answering questions related to the register, preparing and organizing file reports.

Requirements for the Sales Support Associate Position

As a Sales Support Associate, you should have the ability to actively engage coworkers to provide excellent customer service, and to act as lead and perform duties in the absence of SSTL.

Additional requirements of the Sales Support Associate include possession of basic math skills, prior cash handling required, retail and/or banking experience, ability to operate an adding machine, ability to utilize all Microsoft Applications, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook; excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills with customers, coworkers, and management, strong sense of urgency and effective time management, ability to meet specific deadlines is required, ability to articulate specific information as required, during conference calls, ability to learn computer systems, POS register, and telxon; and ability to be available to work varied days and hours as work schedule requires, including some weekends as needed based on the needs of the business.

Men’s Sales Associate

As a Sales Associate, you are surrounded by energetic teammates and respectful leadership, and you are expected to work together to meet goals.

At Belk, everyone works together to service prospective customers and is passionate about working in a fast-paced retail environment.

Therefore, you’re expected to struggle in such a mixed environment to help the company attain greater heights of success.

A Sales Associate provides outstanding customer service to each customer, displays a passion for retail and fashion, adapts to change competently, continually look for a way to learn about Belk’s merchandise, has an awareness of industry technology, and displays the ability to use technology to improve core selling skills.

Duties of a Sales Associate

These include engaging with customers by evaluating their needs and offering assistance whenever needed, creating an exceptional experience, ensuring every customer leaves satisfied, enhancing the customer experience through digital offerings, helping team drive loyalty through Belk Rewards card and email capture, executing operational processes effectively and efficiently, contributing to the entire team effort during the holidays, and being flexible to effectively perform a variety of duties in support of the store’s operation.


These include tech savvy, such as being comfortable with tablets and computers, ability to maneuver around sales floor, stockroom and office, and ability to lift up to 30 lbs.

Merchandising Team Associate (Operations Team) – Stuttgart Square, AR

This career job entails that you perform in-store merchandising service activities such as merchandising projects, planogram, stock room organization, maintenance, etc.

Furthermore, you are to execute merchandising strategies and ensure products are exhibited without errors to drive sales; work in teams, with on-site supervision and provide service to multiple departments in the store.

Your focus should be to build and maintain strong relationships with store associates and provide superior customer service to both internal and external customers.

The Operations Team Associate is part of the operations team that performs non-selling tasks to support the store’s selling function. The Operations Team Associate position also includes nights and weekends schedules.

The Operations Team Manager gets reports from the Operations Team Associate.

The Operations Team Associate is part of the operations team that performs non-selling tasks to support the selling function of the store.

Operations Team Associates-Merchandisers are responsible for implementing company standards for appearance and arrangement of merchandise, and follows merchandise flow-through.

Training and Development Programs at Belk

Belk training of current Sales Associate is a self-taught process, with training videos offered to assist new employees.

Paid training is always a plus, commences first with working on the computer, moves to shadowing a coworker in the department, and then free on the floor.

Belk has computer based training; the managers and associates are helpful. There is often at least one manager in the store.

There is very standard operation and traditional environment. They respond to any questions and assist whenever you have trouble figuring out how to perform a duty.

2019 Allocation Training program (January)

The Allocation Training Program gets you ready for your first position as an Allocation Analyst.

Through the company’s hands-on learning approach, participants assume job responsibilities rapidly while completing a learning course.

In addition to on-the-job learning, participants will engage with senior-leaders across the company and participate in professional development workshops. Allocation Analysts are placed within a Buying office to experience the job first-hand.


Your responsibilities during the on-the-job training requires that you work in a fast paced, dynamic, test-and-learn environment; support and drive the profitability of your office/department with your Buyer and Planner; support development of style/SKU counts and replenishment strategies by location/cluster; analyze current sales trend, inventory levels and past selling history to help develop distribution strategies and support allocations to achieve optimal inventory levels by store; optimize inventory by store to create the most profitable assortment; support team in producing/ongoing management of vendor and item planning as needed; and provide business support by generating and analyzing various reports
Position Requirements

Participants at Belk training programs must:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have strong academic performance in business, finance, operations, or other related field.
  • Have prior internship in field.
  • Have graduated within 6 months of December 2018 and be able to start full time January 2019.
  • Have passion for solving problems which include strong analytical skills and aptitude with numbers.
  • Be open to learning, able to adapt to changing circumstances and reprioritize tasks as needed.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with clients and partners at all levels of the organization.
  • Be committed to meeting goals within a vibrant, fast-paced and results-oriented environment.
  • Be permitted to work in the United States and not need work authorization sponsorship by Belk for this position now or in the future.

Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process at Belk

Completing an internship is one of the best ways students can gain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

With the help of internships, students can gain essential professional skills as well as business experience where knowledge from coursework can be applied to real world situations.

The Belk College defines an internship as a supervised job experience in the field of business, consists of a minimum of 150 hours, with the same opinion of learning goals.

There is an option for business undergraduates to earn academic credit for qualifying internship experiences related to their business major.

It is an opportunity worth exploring, as many employers need some kind of work or business experience when hiring recent college graduates whether an internship is paid, voluntary, or for academic credit.

How to Apply for Internships at Belk

1. Create a profile on Hire-A-Niner: Hire-A-Niner is the University’s online resume and job database where UNC students can view job openings for full and part-time jobs, internships, and co-op experiences. Potential employers can view your credentials and you will have the ability to apply for jobs online and schedule both on and off campus interviews, just by publishing your resume on Hire-A-Niner.

2. Update your resume: To update your resume, you need to visit the University Career Center during drop-in hours to have your resume reviewed. You can also get advice from your academic and career coach to help put your resume in better shape.

3. Identify hiring opportunities: You can identify hiring opportunities by conducting research and visiting company websites. Then maximize your exposure to employers by networking both on and off campus, and monitor campus events for employer information sessions.

4. Practice interviewing skills: Participating in a practice interview or scheduling an appointment with a career advisor will help you to work on your interviewing skills. Ensure you get knowledge of how to dress and other interview protocols.

5. Apply and interview: To find newly posted opportunities and follow-up on submitted applications, you need to log in to Hire-A-Niner as often as you can.

Belk Corporate Culture and Values

Belk sets trends through their merchandise and the way they work. Belk offers you the opportunity to find a positive, inclusive, exciting and fast-paced environment where you have the right to use all the tools and resources needed to be successful on your job.

Belk Company understands how access to senior leadership is critical to making company-wide initiatives become a reality and getting great ideas to the forefront of their business.

Associates are appreciative for the opportunity they have to meet with the company’s senior most leaders.

Belk’s way of doing business has made the company and its associates so successful over the years. That’s what makes them unique, and that’s why they’re called Belk.

There is a great team of people to work with, and there is enjoyment of security and stability of a solid, established company that is committed to its values for over 125 years.

Furthermore, at Belk you’ll find opportunities to make vast impact. What takes the Company to new heights are the result of dynamic initiatives, financial and structural support, and strong investments in the areas.

Belk embraces a diverse and inclusive culture where the unique talents and perspectives of their associates fuel innovation and increase business performance, enabling them to best serve their associates, customers, suppliers and communities.

The Company vigorously works to create intentional awareness of their individual and group differences; leverages external data and internal business resource groups to understand the needs of their various customer bases; strengthens an inclusive culture that encourages collaboration and innovative thinking; and appreciates diversity of thought as their greatest strength.

Job Application – How to Start a Career with Belk (the Hiring Process)

Through Belk’s website, interested job seekers who want to work at their department store may apply for available employment opportunities online.

As the application process is completed only by uploading or copying and passing a resume in the space provided, applicants need a current resume on hand.

The resume also enables potential employees to quickly and easily apply for any other job listed on the site once submitted.

Tips for Applying

Job seekers with resumes already completed generally complete the application process most effectively. The department store chain conveniently allows candidates to apply by extracting related information from personal profiles on select media platforms.

Application Status

Upon receipt of each online application, Belk typically sends candidates a standard confirmation email.

For further confirmation and demonstration of initiative, applications may call or visit the appropriate store location and ask to speak with the manager in charge of hiring.

With constant phone calls or visits, job seekers should use the direct, in-store follow-up strategically and avoid flooding the store.

After applying for the job, appropriate follow-up contact should take place no sooner that one week.

In addition to following up diplomatically, prospective workers may sign up online to detail types of jobs and receive alerts automatically when that specific kind of position becomes available.

Benefits and Compensation Working at Belk

Belk offers comprehensive employment benefits to eligible workers as one of the largest regional department store chains in the country.

Qualified workers receive job benefits such as life insurance, medical coverage, sick leave, and paid vacation.

Workers may also gain access to merchandise discounts and employee assistance programs, depending on employment status and other factors.

In addition, associates may choose to pursue career advancement opportunities and participate in initiatives like the sales team manager development program, store manager development program, and accelerated leadership program.

Work/Life Balance at Belk

Belk has done its best to promote work/life balance. The company has been spending on its employees to achieve great work/life balance, which includes having fun at work, having flexible work schedules, and having the opportunity to display your skills.

You’ll enjoy working at Belk because you are given the chance to work together in a team. They work like one big family, everyone treated as part of the company.

Part of the work/life balance at Belk includes great discounts for the workers, and bonus gift cards.

If you work hard, you will have the opportunity to increase your pay. The job is very easy to fulfill, but you’ll have to put items where they belong on shelves, and also arrange things in a proper way.

Belk arranges fundraiser events, and there is enjoyment working with people who got no other job but to help customers out.

There is time off during holiday season, and everyone is so friendly and nice. The teams are very helpful, and they make out time to teach you what you don’t understand.


Working for Belk is a great opportunity to pursue a retail store career. This post provides you the information you need to effectively access jobs, career, and employment at the Company.

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