Working for United Technologies: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

Working for United Technologies: Employment, Careers, and Jobs.
By learning about working for United Technologies, you will be able to decide if you should build a career with the company or not.

Working for United Technologies: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information on working for United Technologies, including the employment, careers, and jobs offered by the company, to help you decide whether or not to start a career with United Technologies.

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United Technologies Company Overview

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate that engages in the provision of products and services to the building systems and aerospace industries worldwide.

United Technologies operates through the following divisions: Carrier, Collins Aerospace Systems, Pratt & Whitney, and Otis.

Carrier: The Carrier offers air conditioning, heating, refrigeration solutions, and ventilating.

Collins Aerospace Systems: Collins Aerospace Systems provides airlines, regional, after market service solutions for aircraft manufacturers, business and general aviation markets, technologically advanced aerospace, military, space and undersea operations.

Pratt & Whitney: The Pratt & Whitney comprises aircraft engines for military, business jet, commercial, and general aviation markets.

Otis: The Otis designs, manufactures, and markets escalators, elevators, moving walkways, and service.

United Technologies was established in 1934 and has its headquarters in Farmington, CT.

Why Work for United Technologies

United Technologies is a great organization to work for. They lead the aerospace industry.

They also are very good at problem solving, and the people there are great.

They provide enough work, and overtime is allowed for eligible employees.

There are at least 40 hours to work, and managers are flexible with the employees’ long hours.

Working for United technologies is like working for the largest multinational organization around the globe.

It has a big feel of corporation and it’s a productive and fun workplace.

United Technologies support tax technology and process improvements. They used consultants efficiently to support tax planning strategies.

United Technologies is a great and excellent company with a great culture.

It has great growth and learning opportunities, and opportunities to advance career.

The leadership of United Technologies has decades of experience and great mentors to learn from. It helps in the areas of continuous improvement.

With great pay and benefits, you would love working for United Technologies.

You will get trained on things you don’t know or be shown how to do it better. And there is room to move up.

United Technologies Careers and Jobs

United Technologies Corporation is a company driven by ideas; that has the capacity to change the world; and that relies on the diversity, commitment and ingenuity of its people.

The purpose for this is to make travel more efficient, people more secure, and the cities prosperous.

At UTC and its business units, you can explore lots of career opportunities.

Career Paths

UTC offers opportunities in a wide array of disciplines across the global enterprise for talented people at diverse stages in their professional lives.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or recent graduate, professional rejoining the workforce, experienced professional or a member of the U.S. military community.

Because of UTC’s fame as a worldwide leader in the aerospace and building industries, it seeks talented students, recent graduates, transitioning military and professionals to create innovative products and solutions that will power the future.

Student and Recent Graduates

Both current students and recent graduates have unparalleled opportunities at UTC.

UTC has different formal two-year Leadership programs in digital technology, finance, human resources, engineering, etc. and job opportunities available throughout their many business units.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced professionals who are eager to share their varying experiences, who see possibilities, and who know that they can be a part of shaping the company’s future with the right resources, are hired by UTC.

United Technologies Corporation is the right opportunity to continue to build your career.

Professionals Rejoining Workforce

Life has many turns, whether it’s taking a career break to care for a loved one or raise children.

Yet it’s not always easy to re-enter the workforce when it’s time to return to work.

UTC has introduced the Re-Empower Program designed to reignite careers, in order to ease that transition.

The UTC’s Re-Empower Program was established for mid-career professionals who have taken two or more years away from work due to career change, childcare or eldercare.


Experienced military professionals transitioning into the civilian workforce have exclusive skills they bring to a future career. UTC cherishes these skills.

UTC needs you and your unique skills and qualities, whether your preferred career path is in finance, operations, engineering, business development or other area of talent.

Explore Careers by Function:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Digital Technology
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • International Trade Compliance
  • Finance
  • Human Resources.

UTC Training and Development Programs

In order to keep learning going at UTC, the company supports and pursues lifelong learning to expand the employees’ knowledge and capacities and engage with the world outside UTC.

The UTC Employee Scholar Program has shown to be one of the world’s most comprehensive company-sponsored employee education programs.

The program offers employees the resources to enable new career opportunities and stay current in their chosen field.

The program provides the following benefits:

  • Eligible employees are offered up to three hours of paid time off to study per week.
  • The program is available to the company’s global workforce.
  • Partner universities deliver programs at UTC’s locations to provide work-life flexibility.
  • Payments are made directly to the educational institution to reduce unnecessary costs.
  • UTC sponsors academic fees, tuition and books at approved educational institutions.

United Technologies has spent more than $1.3 billion to further their employees’ formal education.

More than 40,000 degrees have been earned by employees in more than 60 countries since 1996.

The Employee Scholar Program (ESP) was designed for the purpose of investment that UTC makes in its people as a means of attracting and retaining an engaged and motivated workforce.

The eligibility of global full-time and part-time UTC employees is for the program after one year of continuous service.

Presently, ESP has more than 6,000 enrolled employees.

UTC Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

United Technologies designed internships and co-ops to help build your professional credentials and ignite your thoughts.

For those students who love to learn and grow, they have been offered opportunities throughout the company.

The Internship Program

Students who prefer shorter work periods can enroll in the internship program. No formal agreement required with the school.

To ensure maximum productivity for all parties involved, UTC fights to relate employment opportunities to the student’s academic majors.

UTC has offered opportunities where an intern will be able to explore different fields outside of their academic major, if desired.

Co-op Program

Students alternate semesters of full-time study with semesters of full-time paid employment through co-op assignments.

The Co-op Program is designed to improve a student’s academic training, professional growth, and personal development.

UTC applies a co-op assignment to students formally enrolled in a cooperative education program with their school.

Rotations of work are based on school requirements, which average from 3 to 8 months in duration.

UTC Corporate Culture and Values

United Technologies promotes a culture of incessant development.

In everything United Technologies does, from developing new products to finding better ways to serve their customers, the company uses their ACE operating system to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE)

UTC operating system is ACE, and it focuses on those who drive competitive excellence. ACE practices are implemented in all of the activities of the company across every UTC business through collaborated efforts of the company’s leadership and empowered employees to benefit their customers and shareowners.

The daily interaction of each of the three elements of ACE (culture, competency and tools) is what makes it an operating system.

Outcome relies on highly engaged employees working in a safe environment, on-time delivery, best-in-class financial returns, and perfect quality.

UTC is committed to delivering ACE benefits to their customers, shareholders and employees.

The company ranks among the world’s most respected and innovative companies, and serves customers in the commercial aerospace, building and defense industries.

UTC’s Code of Ethics focuses on the core values that serve as the foundation of their culture: integrity, trust, respect, excellence, and innovation.

United Technologies Job Application – How to Start a Career with the Company (the Hiring Process)

If you’d like to get hired at United Technologies and also know more about the company’s hiring process, all the information you need is right here, including assessments and interviews.

Applying at United Technologies

Application Tracking System (ATS) is an automated system that scans resumes for keywords and decides which applications to pass on for further review.

For this reason, ensure to include in your application all of the relevant keywords used in the job description.


After submitting your resume, you’ll be required to sit for an interview at United Technologies.

If you are seen as a quality candidate, you will be called for an interview, where you need to excel and wow the recruiter.

Come on time and have a copy of your resume and cover letter in hand.


You should prepare for assessment exams in advance to ensure you land the job you desire.

It is very common for UTC to offer employees a personality test, aptitude test, or skills assessment.

UTC requires that you assess the needs and preferences of customers, and also have organizational and planning skills, and sense of humor.

Learn more about United Technologies hiring process.

United Technologies Benefits and Compensation

The employees of United Technologies are offered competitively priced benefit programs for substantial value.

Part of the commitments of United Technologies includes enhancing the programs when appropriate and monitoring new market developments.

Health Insurance

United Technologies makes it their objective and obligation to provide you with flexible, full coverage, and also offer dental and medical plans.

Employees are also eligible to take part in tax-advantage accounts like the Dependent Care Spending Account, the Health Savings Account, and the Health Care Spending Account.

These tax accounts have been advantaged for you to be able to pay eligible expenses with pretax money.

Other benefits include the opportunity to enroll in vision insurance, life insurance for you and your family, and long-term disability coverage.

Savings Plan

The major reason for the Savings Plan program is to help employees possess the tools to prepare for retirement.

With more than 100,000 participants on the program, you have a chance to be part of those who will get served according to their knowledge about investments and the amount of risk they are able to accept.

UTC recently added an innovative feature called the Lifetime Income Strategy, in addition to the wide array of investment options available in the plan.

This feature offers you the chance to turn parts or all of your Savings Plan account balance into a real source of income after retirement.

Purchased Vacation

UTC offers you the opportunity to purchase an additional one to five days of vacation throughout UTC Choice program – in addition to your paid vacation days.

By spreading out the costs over the course of the year, UTC will help you ease the financial burden.

Flexible Work Arrangements

It has become increasingly difficult for some to keep and manage the old standard work hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the competing demands of work and family.

UTC understands that personal matters sometimes require you to change your schedule.

For this purpose, flexible work hours are offered to eligible employees, at the discretion of their supervisor.

You might start the day at 10 a.m. and work until 6 p.m., or you could work from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m.

With UTC’s Flexible Work Arrangements, you can talk to your supervisor and find out whether a special work schedule might be good for you.

Beacon Health Options

To help make life easier, UTC partners with Beacon Health Options.

Resources, such as finding a child care provider, achieving personal goals or improving work habits, help with daily life.

There are also resources, such as improving a relationship, managing stress or getting anxiety under control to help with things more central to you.

There’s probably a Beacon Health Options resource someone can use wherever they are in their life.

And at no cost, each one is offered to UTC employees and their family.

Part-Time Benefits

The Part-Time UTC Choice program was designed for employees who are not full-time at UTC but are working 20 to 35 hours per week.

This program offers the benefits of the standard UTC Choice program available to full-time employees with the exception of the Purchased Vacation option.

You will also be eligible for the Employee Scholar Program, Business Travel Accident Insurance and Adoption Assistance, if you are eligible for part-time benefits.

United Technologies Work-Life Balance

The Work Life Balance at United Technologies is rated an A by 14 employees putting it in the Top 10% of similar size companies in the US.

67% of United Technologies employees are happy with their work life balance.

About 77% of the employees at United Technologies work eight hours or less.

The majority of United Technologies employees are happy with their work-life balance.

In general, male employees and employees who have been at the company 5 to 10 Years believe they have good work life balance, while employees in the Operations department and Female employees think there is room for improvement.


If you are planning to work at United Technologies and build a successful career, this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize the dream.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers and employment at United Technologies, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with United Technologies if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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