Microsoft Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Microsoft hiring process.
You can improve your chances of being employed at Microsoft by learning of its hiring process.

Microsoft Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Microsoft involves various stages, including job application and interview processes you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Microsoft recruitment process and increase your chances of getting employment with the Company:

Microsoft Company Overview

Microsoft Corporation is world renowned technology company founded by an American, Bill Gates in the year 1975.

The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. They are in charge of developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and sales of computer software, personal computer, consumer electronics and other similar services.

When it comes to revenue, Microsoft remains one of the largest software making companies in the world, and it’s also one of the most valuable and respected companies globally.

According to statistics, Microsoft has made about 12,000 millionaires.

The Microsoft Hiring Process

To get hired by Microsoft or become one of their employees, you have to pass through their hiring process.

The Microsoft hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

The appropriate way to start applying for a job at Microsoft is by visiting the Microsoft Careers website, were you will be provided with information on how it is to work at Microsoft.

You will also get to see different detailed job types, giving you the ability to apply for your preferred type of job that is appropriate for you.

But before getting to see the categories of jobs and more details about your application, you must click the “Apply Now” tab.

You might also be asked to create a profile right there on the site, which will require your necessary details.

2. Job Assessment Test

The assessment tests offered by Microsoft to applicants are different, depending on the type of job that is being applied for. Microsoft usually offers three types of tests:

  • Numerical reasoning tests: This type of test consists of a total of 20 questions that must be attended to within 20 minutes. These questions relates with percentages, tables, and graphs, and you will be requested to carry out analysis on data and then make a choice from multiple choice answers.
  • Verbal reasoning tests: This type of test consists of a total of 40 questions that must be answered within 20 minutes. You will be given a sequence of paragraphs, which you need to read, and then provide answers to the questions that follow. Your response to questions will be true, false, or cannot tell. Verbal reasoning test is being carried out to assess the analytical skill of an applicant.
  • Diagrammatic/Logic reasoning tests: The questions in this particular test are related with orders of shapes and pattern. A step will be missing in every question; you have to choose from answers that are provided for you.

3. Interview Process

Microsoft’s interview holds at the corporate headquarters in Seattle, especially for those applicants that are based in the United States.

But prior to the interview, you might have a few conversations on the phone with the recruiter.

Microsoft does this to decide if the applicant deserves to be interviewed in person and granted a job.

The Microsoft’s interview process comprises of different stages, and it can last up to 7 hours when summed up together.

Each round is a mixture of questions and answers with coding, and it takes about an hour to get done with the section.

The initial Microsoft interview questions are based on your personality and your experience on the job you applied for, and then coding exercises come up afterwards.

You shouldn’t get discourage due to the duration of the interview, because making it to this point shows a chance of getting employed.

Moreover, here are some tips to aid your preparations for the interview:

  • It is advised to study a book called CLRS, and learn from some short term online course (videos) that will help you to deal with interview questions that seem difficult.
  • Prior to the interview, try to get plenty of algorithm problems solved. This will aid you in facing related questions at the interview.
  • Practice with someone who has very vast knowledge on computer science, and try tackling some challenging questions like it’s an actual interview.

Preparations for interview should not be underestimated or neglected, since it’s very crucial in succeeding at the interview.

4. The Orientation Process – Learning about the Job and the Company

Before getting employed finally at Microsoft, you have to experience a process they call NEO, meaning New Employee Orientation.

It is a learning process that every newly employed staff must undergo. The NEO lasts for a day only, taking about 9 whole hours to complete.

How Long Does Microsoft Hiring Process Take?

After completing the entire hiring process at Microsoft, which last about 2 months to finally conclude, you can now expect the company to contact you for employment in about two weeks.

Sometimes, it might take nearly a month to get employed after concluding the hiring process.

Major Microsoft Careers and Jobs Available

Microsoft offers a range of careers and jobs to applicants, but the major ones are:

  • Software engineer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Senior researcher
  • Program manager
  • UX designer
  • Studio head.

Most of the well-recognized and valued staffs at Microsoft occupy these positions.

What to Expect Working at Microsoft

As an employee at Microsoft, you must be innovative and able to collaborate with your colleagues.

The duties of a Microsoft staff tend to be very hectic sometimes, and you might encounter very difficult problems that require a quick solution to eradicate.

At Microsoft policies must be adhered to, failure to do so might put your job at risk.

Long-term workers are valued and treated with respect by the company.

Being an employee also enables you to acquire skills that are beneficial to your career development.

You will meet and learn from highly intelligent colleagues, to help you execute difficult tasks.


Microsoft is a corporation that has help thousands of people in securing jobs and building successful careers.

The information provided here is useful and will aid any applicant in successfully seeking a job at Microsoft.