Technical Accounting Policy Manager Job Description Sample

By | September 1, 2023
Technical Accounting Policy Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Technical Accounting Policy Managers lead a team of accounting policy examiners to ensure a company is protected from financial risk. Image source:

Technical Accounting Policy Manager Job Description Sample

What Does a Technical Accounting Policy Manager Do?

The individual vying for the post of technical accounting policy manager will make use of his/her vast audit experience to head a group of not less than ten accounting policy examiners whose goals center mainly on protecting the organization against financial risk.

This is a paramount role for individuals that enjoy auditing but would prefer a dissimilar angle to it.

A technical accounting policy manager is expected to guarantee the performance of objective and autonomous assessments of the sufficiency, effectiveness and skillfulness of the company’s internal control, operating systems and disclosure controls in specific areas of obligations.

The technical accounting policy manager job description covers managing or taking part in intricate functional examination procedures which involves the evaluation of risk and exposure affiliated with the organization’s activities in the aspects of documentation, design, planning, performance, review and supervision of audit work.

His/her duties will also revolve around reporting the outcomes of audit work and verification or supervising of management and resolution of audit discoveries.

He/she will manage specialized studies and assessments of the company activities and specialized investigation of external or internal irregularities or frauds affecting the organization or assets of the customer.

Sample Job Description for the Position of Technical Accounting Policy Manager

Below is a sample of technical accounting policy manager’s job description consisting of key responsibilities, duties, and tasks, which are essential for efficient delivery of quality services:

  • Oversee inspection of manual entries of journals, account certificates and general ledger tickets to establish whether controls were well conformed to
  • Assess and record intricate financial products, corporate accounting transactions and peculiar commercial lending functions
  • Cooperate with top management executives within business groups to decisively develop, maintain and implement accounting principles to guarantee compliance with GAAP
  • Evaluate the effects of new accounting principles on current processes and policies while functioning intimately with internal and external units
  • Offer professional technical accounting assistance on transactions and events
  • Consolidate variable interest essence derivatives, recognize sources of revenue and general accounting issues by determining accounting policy matters
  • Maintain and establish cooperative relationships with finance associates, inner stakeholders in groups as well as company evaluators and auditors
  • Assist in maintaining the corporate accounting policy guidebook and offer professionalism in recommending improvements and supplements to the guidebook
  • Oversee emerging standards of accounting in the period of uncovering draft and interpreting the effects to the organization
  • Render assistance in representing the organization externally on matters affiliated with accounting policies by taking active part in industry-wide relationships and associated organizational meetings

The above list of duties and responsibilities in the job description example can be used in making a good resume to secure employment for the position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Technical Accounting Policy Manager

The skills and attributes summarized below are some of the essential qualifications expected of an individual vying for the position of a technical accounting policy manager.

  • A credible university degree from an authorized higher institution in courses like accounting or business with accounting specialization
  • Possession of CIA or CPA certificate with at least five years of professional accounting experience
  • Understanding of the Working of legislative accounting procedures in financial organizations, and generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS)