Technical Accounting Manager Job Description Sample

By | September 1, 2023
Technical Accounting Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Technical Accounting Managers provide technical support to their companies’ products. Image source:

Technical Accounting Manager Job Description Sample

What Does a Technical Accounting Manager Do?

The individual occupying the position of technical accounting manager is in charge of managing the technical associations with clients.

The job description of a technical accounting manager involves three interrelated responsibilities namely organization of project, handling of accounts, and provision of technical support.

To be successful in these functions, technical accounting managers will require the ability to find solution to intricate technical issues and offer solutions to detailed customer inquires with the help of a group of supporting team.

They are responsible for organizing all technical areas of an organization’s relationship with its clients. This will involve working together with the sales executives to enhance sales to existing customers.

The manager responsible for technical accounting in an organization develops a compatible and long-term partnership with clients to guarantee they endure successfully and recognize comprehensive value of the organization’s software.

This role will involve daily management of enormous, technically intricate and laborious customer accounts.

The manager will develop and implement a comprehensive issue tracking and technical support system by identifying the root cause of problems, as well as developing the right solutions.

He/she will aim for customer satisfaction by actively organizing management responsibilities, troubleshooting, and disseminating technical information both online and over the phone.

This position will need efficient interaction with management, professional services, and engineering resources.

Technical accounting managers must adhere to best practices working with other staff to increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service.

By offering high quality technical service prior to and after a sale, account managers will assist in ensuring client satisfaction and buttress customer relationships.

They must offer timely and precise feedback with the intention of tracking, measuring, and intensifying consistent service level enhancements.

The technical accounting manager is also required to expand and organize his/her working knowledge of recent products and related technologies.

Sample Job Description, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities for the Position of Technical Accounting Manager

The job description of the manager in charge of technical accounting consists of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities shown in the sample job description below, which they are usually obligated to perform with the aim of representing the organization with utmost level of expertise at all times.

  • Take active control of and manage manifold high visibility and highly technical customer relationships
  • Comprehend long-term customer objectives and targets in relation to the organization
  • Encourage resolution of matters by utilizing standard procedures in conjunction with supporting resources
  • Offer a sole point of connection with client matters
  • Ensure regular communication with designated accounts, set up prospects and bargain priorities suitably
  • Establish prominently efficient relationships across all business sections
  • Develop and record each client customizations, configurations, procedures and processes
  • Effectively measure, track and maintain client tickets to guarantee prompt resolution
  • Offer prompt updates of status, analysis of root cause and strategies
  • Identify and find solutions to matters to avoid future occurrence
  • Offer suggestions for enhancement and development of products
  • Make use of fundamental troubleshooting expertise to resolve matters with the appropriate team

A good and effective resume for the post of the technical accounting manager can also be written using information from the job description example above to prepare the job experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Technical Accounting Manager

Some of the requirements and skills that will qualify potential applicants for the post of manager, technical accounting, include the following:

  • A degree in accounting or computer science from a certified higher institution of learning with experience in technical sales and support, as well as project management and consultancy
  • Commendable product and technical familiarity with strong communication and interrelation skills
  • Ability to establish efficient association with clients and other associates of the account group