Software Systems Engineer Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Software Systems Engineer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Software Systems Engineers design a cross section of engineering systems.

Software Systems Engineer Job Description Example

What Does a Software Systems Engineer Do?

A software systems engineer makes use of engineering techniques to plan, develop, and analyze diverse engineering systems, as well as to design, investigate, and evaluate such devices, including sensor elements and other associated equipment.

The job description of the software systems engineer involves participating in company’s current and future projects.

He/she is responsible for evaluating and preparing system engineering and technical analyses; documents, proposals for change, and other technical documentation.

He/she will utilize system engineering experience in carrying out functions, including configuration and resource management, quality assurance, and system integration, acquisition, and testing.

His/her role in an organization may also include developing, implementing, and analyzing; designing, and testing automated data processing software affiliated with engineering requirements of sensor systems, military weapons, and management information systems or associated support systems.

The software systems engineer will regularly update his/her knowledge of the job by reviewing state-of-the-art devices, computing equipment, and programming techniques.
He/she will take active part in studying professional publications and engaging in educational opportunities.

The position also involves working on software solutions through the study of information needs, system flow, work processes, usage of data, and conferring with users.

Most times, the engineer will examine problematic areas in systems by following the software development lifecycle in achieving organizational and engineering objectives by completing associated results from field tests as required.

Software Systems Engineer Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description usually provided to newly recruited software systems engineers to execute by most employers.

It shows major duties tasks, and responsibilities associated with the position.

  • Work on information systems by developing, installing, and designing software solutions
  • Decide operational practicability by reviewing analytical reports; carrying out problem definition; and developing solutions
  • Record and display solutions by enhancing the development of documents, flow charts, and layouts, as well as diagrams
  • Work on and install solutions by designing system specifications and programming
  • Enhance operations by performing systems analysis; suggest modifications in procedures and policies
  • Acquire and license software by getting the necessary information from vendors; suggest purchases, as well as examine and validate products
  • Ensure confidentiality with company information to safeguard its operations
  • Generate information for company by collating data, summarizing them, and performing analysis on service and developmental issues

Making a Resume for Software Systems Engineer Position

To prepare a resume for applying to a vacant systems engineering job in a software environment, relevant information is needed to create the various parts of the resume.

Therefore, the job description sample presented above can be useful in making the employment history part of the resume.

Requirement – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the Position of Software Systems Engineer

Prospective candidate for the job of software systems engineer are usually required by employers to possess the following attributes, which have been proven to aid job performance:

  • First degree in physics, operations research, engineering, mathematics, or other affiliated technical field from a validated college or university
  • At least 3-4 years experience in planning, testing, and developing avionic systems
  • Outstanding experience in weapon systems, electronic warfare, and mission planning, as well as experience in software development technologies, evaluation, and equipment testing
  • Ability to be self motivated with a positive attitude and a solid work ethic
  • Strong analytical reasoning skills, especially on intricate systems
  • Willingness to work with a dynamic and fast paced result focused team
  • Proficiency in software development, as well as outstanding Unix/Linux environment designing skills