Mailroom Customer Service Associate Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Mailroom Customer Service Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Mailroom Customer Service Associates provide support for the smooth running of mailrooms. Image source:

Mailroom Customer Service Associate Job Description Example

What Does a Mailroom Customer Service Associate Do?

Mailroom customer service associates in an organization will be responsible for giving support to the mailroom operation in the areas of administration, distribution, and sorting of mails.

The mailroom customer service associate job description entails performing both labor intensive and physically demanding duties.

Mailroom customer service associates are typically employed by companies that have large number of staff.

They may be employed in private or government offices where they are accountable for carrying out sorting tasks.

They usually work behind the scene where they perform most essential functions that are often overlooked.

The job of a mailroom customer service associate is ideal for individuals who enjoy working with their hands.

There is no stringent educational requirement for anyone applying for this post. However, it is essential that such person should possess a minimum of high school diploma.

He/she must also be able to understand and process information.

Generally, the role of the mailroom customer service associate involves collecting and sorting mails, and distributing them to the right persons or units in the organization.

It is also part of the duties of these associates to guarantee that records of mails received are well kept.

Their function also involves carrying out clerical duties such as filing and entry of data.

It is therefore imperative that the customer service associate possesses fundamental mathematical skills as he/she may be required to perform tasks involving subtraction and addition.

He/she should also be conversant with technological development in the industry .

The mailroom customer service associate will ensure backfill for front receptionist, welcome visitors, and respond to phone calls.

He/she may also perform diverse mail center duties, including metering, sorting, and folding of mails; as well as delivering, inserting, or picking up of mails.

The ideal applicant for this job should be able to create spreadsheets and word documents, and also be able to merge several projects together.

He/she should be able to complete several projects together at the same time, and also be able to sustain top level customer care.

To succeed in this position, the individual should have an amiable disposition and cooperative attitude to be able to relate cordially with colleagues and customers, and to be effective working in a high volume production environment.

Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities of a Mailroom Customer Service Associate

Shown below is an example of the mailroom customer service associate job description. It provides a list of common tasks, duties, and responsibilities of people who work as customer service associate in a mailroom.

  • Package and mail receipts
  • Perform external and internal distribution of mails
  • Maintain records; deliver, file, retrieve, and pick up mails; drop mails off at post offices
  • Carry out, sort and deliver all inbound packages and mails
  • Work on office supplies and papers; and pick up and deliver record retention boxes
  • Offer assistance in taking up and stacking of promotional materials
  • Compile inventory kits and give assistance on periodic inventory count
  • Inspect postal rates and carry out weighing of outgoing mails
  • Attach shipping labels to packages
  • Replace supply of post office documents
  • Keep an account of postage meter readings every day
  • Ensure procurement of postage materials and guarantee its supply

Preparing a resume for mailroom customer service associate job:

When making a resume to be used in seeking the job of customer service associate in a mailroom unit, information about the activities of the occupation that has been provided above can easily be employed in writing the work experience part of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Mailroom Customer Service Associate

The following are some of the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes needed by the mailroom customer service associate to be effective on the job

  • Possess at least a high school diploma, together with strong communication and listening skills
  • Strong familiarity with mechanical repair procedures and troubleshooting tasks
  • Ability to read and understand technicalities of image quality and fault codes
  • Outstanding skills in offering customer service and adapting to a constantly changing environment
  • Strong skills and knowledge of connecting with customers, along with outstanding negotiation skills