Human Resources Leader Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Human Resources Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Human Resources Leaders work to achieve set goals for the HR department.

Human Resources Leader Job Description Example

The role of a company’s human resources leader is of paramount importance to the accomplishment of its strategic goals as related to human resource activities.

The job description of the human resources leader entails carrying out tactical execution of strategies and plans on recruitment, training, and retention of highly skilled employees.

It also includes ensuring top level staff performance, as well as executing the process involved in compensations.

The human resources leader will offer proactive leadership on human resource initiatives via business processes like information technology, finance, procurements, and legalities.

An individual aspiring to building a career as a human resources leader will require a wide base of knowledge on business, as well as expertise in human resource development.

Persons who intend to progress to the position of the leader of human resources in an organization may acquire advanced knowledge and skills by enrolling for a master’s degree program in human resources.

To work in this position conventionally requires a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or other affiliated courses.

Employers usually prefer applicants with higher degrees or certifications in human resources with display of diverse skills and knowledge.

He/she will work together with the store leadership team to guarantee all supervisors and leaders are constantly using the growth and coaching model.

Human Resources Leader Job Description Example, Including Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

The job description example below represents major duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly carried out by leaders of human resources in most companies in the course of their job.

  • Actively participate in developing each supervisor and their ability to enhance their own teams
  • Completely prepare and incessantly regulate coaching discussions with teammates
  • Work on, arrange, and convey store training programs to teammates
  • Collaborate with the human resources supervisor to reassess progress on role-specific training for the organization’s staff
  • Source for talents and perform active roles with store leadership group to convey consistent and efficient recruiting process
  • Work together with the team leader and the store leader to fashion out a succession agenda for current team
  • Evaluate expenditure and sales records to determine and rank aspects of possibilities
  • Organize the team to ensure maximum sales, as well as performance
  • Enhance organization’s HR department by researching and earmarking human resources issues
  • Perform analysis of HR data and provide recommendation for company’s strategic direction and thinking
  • Set up human resources procedures that are in line with company objectives
  • Hire new staff, set up training programs, process welfare packages, and manage staff records
  • Carry out talent acquisition programs

Preparing Resume for Human Resources Leader Position

A resume will be required to present to employers when seeking the job of human resources leader.

The job experience part of the resume for the position can be made using information about the activities of the position, which is contained in the sample job description provided above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Human Resources Leader

The following are skills and educational qualifications that will enhance the performance of the human resources leader:

  • Display of dexterity in making strategic and sound decisions in developing organizational goals
  • Ability to fashion out benefits and compensation to ensure that the appropriate employees are attracted and retained
  • Ability to use statistics, data, and leverage technology in enhancing performance
  • Ability to demonstrate solid budgeting and management skills
  • Possession of the skills, knowledge, and experience working as a leader of human resource
  • Possession of BS degree in Personnel Management, Humanities, or in other related fields, with Master’s degree as an added advantage