Software Engineer Salary in Delaware and How to Increase It

By | July 18, 2023
Software Engineer Salary in Delaware
Software engineers in Delaware earn good salary, however, the cost of living in the State is also on the high side.

The software engineer salary in Delaware is between $94,609 and $102,000 yearly.

This post provides detailed information on the salary that a software engineer earns in Delaware, including the cities and companies that pay highest, as well as what you can do to increase your salary working as a software engineer in Delaware.

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If you are considering earning high as a software engineer, the Northeastern part of the US is the ideal place to be and Delaware is amongst the States in that region that boost of paying high salaries to software engineers.

Typically, Delaware pays more salaries to software engineers due to its location; the salary ranges from $94,609 to about $102,000 yearly, which is 11% lower than National average salary across the US.

It also offers $4000 cash bonus given yearly to software engineers.

Software Engineer Salary across State of Delaware

Delaware is a State in the Northeast of the US and software engineers within the state are amongst the leading earners in the software engineering industry.

Cities like Newcastle, Newark, and Wilmington are in the top earners bracket for software engineers in Delaware.

The State typically is a high cost place to live in, but a survey shows over 50% of Software engineers in the State of Delaware is happy despite the high cost of living.

Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers in the State of Delaware

The State has a number of big metropolitan areas, but listed below are the top paying cities for software engineers in Delaware:

CityYearly Salary ($)
New Castle112,646
 Delaware City83,097
Cities that pay highest salaries to software engineers in Delaware

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in the State of Delaware

Skill is an integral part of a software engineer’s pathway to earning a huge income and getting on the fore front of the workforce in Delaware.

A good and highly needed skill in the software engineering industry translates to a bumper pay package at the end of the month or year.

Listed below are the top software engineering skills in hot demand in the State of Delaware:

  • Scala: 24.30% more yearly, that is an added salary of $22,989.
  • Os Kernels: 17.55% more yearly, which add up to $16,604.
  • Big Data: rakes in 17.35% more yearly, bringing a total of $16,414.
  • Microservices: earns 16.13% yearly which, translates to $15,260 yearly.
  • Machine learning: earns 11.71%, which is $11,078 yearly.
  • Data Structures: earns 10.99%, which gives $10398 yearly salary.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in the State of Delaware

Software engineers don’t earn the same salary across board, the longer the years of experience on the job, the higher the salary they earn.

Here are the years of work experience and the estimated salary software engineers can earn:

  • Less than one year earns $87,148.
  • 1 – 2 years earns $89,537 yearly.
  • 3 – 5 years takes home annually $100,000.
  • 6 – 9 years grosses home annually $102,412.
  • 10+ years takes an annual salary of $117,329

10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in the State of Delaware

Delaware is home to a vast majority of companies which are home to a large group of software engineers.

The pay varies in various companies and so does the earnings of the workers in these companies.

Here are the highest paying companies in the State of Delaware for software engineering jobs:

CompanySalary Yearly($)
Octo Consulting Group153,511
Juniper Network145,862
Companies that pay highest salaries to software engineers in Delaware

More Benefits for Software Engineer in the State of Delaware

Aside getting a good pay check at the end of the month, software engineers in Delaware also get incentives added to their salaries either monthly or yearly.

With added incentives, the salary becomes a bumper incentive for them.

Below are some of the incentives a software engineer can gain in Delaware, which come either quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly depending on the company involved and how it is structured.

  • Stock options. Stocks are issued to software engineers in Delaware as incentive, given to them to get dividends on the company’s stocks, and it translates into cash at the end of the company fiscal year.
  • Commuter assistance. Hassles of everyday commuter transport can sometimes take its toll on the engineer, affecting their work productivity; so most companies go all out to provide their workers with this assistance, to help ease the burden; this also often translates into cash.
  • Health savings. A healthy software engineer is a great asset to his/her employer; therefore, most software engineers in Delaware are given a health savings scheme to help them fight the stress of work and other emotional issues that may arise due to work related stress.
  • Vision Insurance. Good vision is a software engineer’s greatest asset. Due to constant starring at the computer, there is every tendency that the glare and rays of the computer light will affect the vision of constant users. This is the underlying factor for the vision assistance incentive offered to software engineers in Delaware, and it’s a yearly incentive in the form of cash.
  • Food Provided. Most times the software engineer finds it difficult to even go shopping, mostly when work is at an advanced stage or at the point of testing. This makes even food to be a burden. Most companies in Delaware give food incentives to their software engineers; this also translates into cash at the end of the year.

What Related Jobs Titles to Software Engineer Earn in the State of Delaware

Most related jobs to software engineering in the State of Delaware earn more or less than software engineers.

Here are salaries of related job titles to the software engineer in Delaware:

  • Front end Developer grosses a yearly take home of $110,314.
  • Full stack developer takes home a yearly income of $101,565.
  • Application Developer earns $84,040.
  • Developer earns $65,548 yearly salary.
  • Back end developer takes home $62,729.

Software Engineer Job and Salary Outlook in the State of Delaware

Delaware, been in the Northeastern part of the US is an upward trending State, the better because of its low elevation.

It is attracting more companies and software engineers to its cities.

The low elevation of the land makes it a beautiful place to work in and live in.

Aside the high rate of living, the State still attracts software engineers with high pay as salary.

How to Increase your Salary as a Software Engineer in the State of Delaware

If you as a software engineer need to be on top of your game, then there are a number of things to do to be up on the ladder.

We have here ways to help you get an increase in your salary as a software engineer in the State of Delaware:

  • Relocate. Is your city amongst the top paying cities for software engineers in Delaware? If not, then move or relocate to a city paying higher than your present location.
  • Get a good degree. How qualified are you in your career? If you don’t have a degree, set out to get one as soon as possible, for this will help you in your rise to get a salary increase.
  • Acquire a set of skills. If you don’t have any of the needed skills shown above under your belt, then you need to get some, this will greatly boost your chances of getting an increase in salary as a software engineer working in Delaware.
  • Work for high paying companies. Compare what you earn presently in your company with what’s obtainable in other companies. If you are not on the same scale, then it’s time to move to other companies where the pay is better and higher. So seek to work for high paying companies.
  • Network with others out of your State. Alternatively, you can decide to move out of State and network with professional colleagues; the social media outlets can give you an olive branch to getting a good salary increase and a dream job.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in the State of Delaware

Other careers are open to software engineers in various fields in the State of Delaware and with the right degree, a move upward is assured.

Here are additional career options software engineers can get into in Delaware with their estimated salary:

  • Chemical engineer: earns $117,000 yearly.
  • Product safety engineer: earns $112,000.
  • Electrical engineer: earns $105,000 yearly.
  • Mechanical engineer: earns $ 103,000 yearly.
  • Statistician engineer: earns $94,000 yearly.
  • Distant learning coordinator: earns $87,000 yearly.
  • Computer system analyst: earns $79,000 yearly.


In Delaware, software engineers who are more concerned about the higher salary they can earn than the cost of living in the State will be happy here, earning between $94,609 and $102,000 yearly.

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