Software Engineer Salary in Arkansas and How to Earn More

By | July 18, 2023
Software Engineer Salary in Arkansas
The State of Arkansas provides good incentives and low cost of living to software engineers, in addition to salary.

The software engineer salary in Arkansas is between $74,819 and $92,000 yearly.

The State of Arkansas is located on the South of the United States and its software engineering industry is on the rise.

In addition to the $74,819 to $92,000 yearly salary, software engineers in Arkansas also get added incentives, good and affordable housing units, and a much lower cost of living.

Software Engineer Salary across Cities in Arkansas State

A close look at the salary of software engineers across the State of Arkansas shows a major upward trend that is fast paced and moving towards catching up with the Northeast States where software engineer get a higher pay than the rest of the regions put together.

Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineer in Arkansas State

Across the State of Arkansas, some cities stand out as home to software engineers amongst the rest.

This can be attributed to certain factors that these cities have put in place, like low cost housing and affordable rents.

Here is a table of such cities and how much software engineers make yearly.

                CityYearly Salary ($)
Fort Smith87,082
North Little Rock82,489
Little Rock82,280
Spring Dale80,807
Hot Springs80,661
Highest paying Cities for software engineers in Arkansas

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in Arkansas State

Acquired skills are a moral boost in the search for high pay and comfortable job position.

Therefore a software engineer that wants the extra leverage must also do the needful and that is getting critical skills needed in the industry.

Highlighted below are some of these top critical high paying skills needed in the State of Arkansas by software engineers.

Major skills needed for improved pay:

  •  Scala; software engineers with this top skill earn +24.30% more yearly that is $18,181 added to their salary.
  • OS Kennels; earn +17.55% more yearly with $13,138 added.
  • Big Data; software engineers with these skill set earn +17.38 with $13,008 as add on.
  • Microservices; takes home +16.13% more yearly with $12,068 add on.
  • Machine Learning; gets +11.71% yearly as add on $8,357.
  • Data Structures; earns +10.99% yearly as salary, takes home $8,222.

These figures are gotten from the annual salary of Arkansas State, making some with these skills earn high yearly.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in Arkansas State

The more knowledge you gain on the job, the more you are experienced.

Therefore, in order to earn more in Arkansas, an aspiring software engineer needs to chunk up years of experience under his/her belt.

Here is a breakdown of how the salary structure ranges by years of experience:

– 1 year earns the lowest as startup, $73,518 yearly.

1 – 2 years earns $75,532 yearly.

3 – 5 years earns $79,000 yearly.

6 – 9 years earns $86,393 yearly

10+ years earns $98,977 annually.

10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in Arkansas State

The State of Arkansas is host to a number of high tech companies, but some still stand out as high paying companies that attract software engineers to their fold.

Here is a table in order of ranking of high paying companies for software engineers in Arkansas:

   CompanySalary Yearly ($)
Juniper Networks144,419
Companies with highest salaries for software engineers in Arkansas.

More Benefits for Software Engineers in the State of Arkansas

Aside the benefits of basic salary, cash bonus, and long term incentives, which can be up to $4000 yearly, other long term benefits that software engineers get as compensation, are listed below:

  • Stock options; are given at the end of the quarter or yearly depending on the nature of the stock.
  • Health savings scheme; a healthy mind is a sound mind, the software engineer gets a health savings scheme tailored towards bettering their health.
  • Vision assistance; a good vision is essential for a software engineers which can get bad as a result of constant starring at the computer. So provisions are made for regular vision checks, paid annually to the software engineer concerned.
  • Referral program; software engineers also have the opportunity to make extra money from their salaries by referring a third-party products or companies to their customers or clients; the more you refer the more you earn.
  • Visa issuance assistance; in the case of moving abroad to work for a corporation; they also help process the visa for such lucky software engineer.
  • Gym membership; companies offer their employees membership to gym clubs to help them to keep shape.

Related Job Titles to Software Engineer in Arkansas State

Similar related jobs to software engineer are also found in the State of Arkansas and such jobs also attract people to the firms needing them.

Here is a breakdown of such related jobs and how they earn relatively to software engineers yearly:

  • Back end developer earns $138,879 annually.
  • Full stack developer earns $113,469 yearly.
  • Front end developer takes home $111,154 yearly.
  • Software developer racks in $64,756 as annual salary.
  • Developer earns the least with $51,714 as take home yearly.

Software Engineer Job and Salary Outlook in Arkansas State

The state of Arkansas is moving and rapidly too, competing with the Northeast states in terms of paying software engineer, even if it’s lower.

It has a 10% high salary quotient ratio of $83,000 and 10% lower salary of $45,000.

Its 48% above the National average salary in the United States with affordable housing and incentives; the software engineer job in Arkansas is thriving.

How to Increase Your Salary as A Software Engineer in Arkansas State

Earning a good salary is every workers dream, but certain factors stand out to hinder the growth of that dream, in achieving such dreams a software engineer in Arkansas needs to be up and running.

Here is a list of some of the required things to take note of in wanting an increase in your salary as a software engineer in Arkansas:

  • Education; no matter how many years you’ve spent as a software engineer, the surest way to increase your salary is to get a good outstanding education, getting qualified with Masters or its equivalent.
  • Getting certified skills; every profession needs skilled people, in order to help boost your take home pay as a software engineer in Arkansas, you need to have the much sought after skills in the market regarding your profession.
  • Connect with others for networking; it’s a proven fact that having a network of people with like minds sometimes open doors of opportunities for people. As a software engineer, you need to connect with others in industries not within your locale or related industry.
  • Work for the big companies; the bigger the corporation, the better your pay packet; seek to work for such big firms and your salary will improve.
  • Move out of your area; yes, if you live in an area where the jobs are low paying, you need to relocate to the big towns, where the big companies are located, in other word you need to relocate.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in Arkansas State

Every career has its unique opportunity for its professionals and the software engineering industry is not exempted from such.

Typically, the software engineer in Arkansas earns a startup income of $74,819 which rises to $92,000 yearly.

This is nearly the same as the chemical engineer salary, but higher than that of the electrical engineer.

Here are some good paying career opportunities software engineers can explore in Arkansas:

  • Sales engineers earn $99,000 yearly.
  • Computer and information research scientists earn $97,000 yearly.
  • Chemical engineers earn a yearly salary of $91,000.
  • Water engineers earn $89,000 yearly.
  • Environmental engineers earn $89,000 yearly.


The State of Arkansas is amongst the low paying states for software engineering jobs in the south as you move inland.

However, the good thing about the State is that it has put in place some good and affordable structures like housing to help attract more companies and software engineers to the state.

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