Software Engineer Salary in Georgia and How to Increase It

By | July 18, 2023
Software Engineer Salary in Georgia
The software engineer’s salary in Georgia is on the low side; however the low cost of living in the State makes it attractive to software engineers.

The software engineer salary in Georgia is $98,909 yearly.

This post provides exhaustive information on the salary of software engineers in Georgia and how to increase it; including the cities and companies in Georgia that pay the highest salaries to software engineers.

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Software engineers in the State of Georgia earn $98,909 yearly and get an added bonus benefit of $5000 cash.

It has a 10% lower than National average salary ratio, and living standards is 89.4% low, which means software engineers in Georgia are amongst the top ten lowest earning and lowest cost of living States in the US.

Software Engineer Salary across the State of Georgia

With cities like Shawnee, Peachtree City, Atlanta and Alpharetta paying as high as $110,720 and as low as $87,234, the State of Georgia with its low cost of living is a good place for software engineers to work and live in.

The salaries are looking good, considering the rate of living and the salary of other States.

10 Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers in Georgia

Here are the cities in the State of Georgia where software engineers are paid the highest salaries yearly:

CitiesSalary Yearly ($)
Peachtree City108,410
Sandy springs87,829
Highest paying cities for software engineers in Georgia

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in Georgia

Skills, whether soft or technical skills play a key part in the overall salary of any professional in any State, including software engineering in Georgia.

Below are critical skills a software engineer needs and how they earn yearly in Georgia:

  • Scala: earns 24.30%, which is $24,034 yearly.
  • OS Kernels: earns 17.55%, which is $17,358 yearly.
  • Big Data: earns 17.35%, which equals to $17,160.
  • Microservices: earns 16.13%, which amounts to $15,954 yearly.
  • Machine Learning: earns 11.71%, which translate to $11,582 yearly.
  •   Data Structure: earns $10.99, which is $10,870 yearly:

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in Georgia

Georgia has its fair share of experienced software engineers and the earning power of such depends on the number of years spent on the job.

Highlighted below are the salary earnings of software engineers according to their years of experience on the job in Georgia:

  • – 1 year as a software engineer in Georgia you earn $88,397 yearly.
  • 1 – 2 years as a software engineer in Georgia you earn $90,819 yearly.
  • 3 – 5 years on the job in Georgia earns you $95,000 yearly.
  • 6 – 9 years as a software engineer in Georgia you earn $103,878.
  • 10 years and above, the top of your career earner gross $119,009 yearly.

10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in Georgia

The table below shows the biggest corporations paying software engineers the highest salaries in the State of Georgia:

CompanySalary Yearly ($)
Capital one148,990
Open Systems Inc.133,547
Companies that pay highest salaries to software engineers in Georgia

More Benefits for Software Engineers in Georgia

Software engineers enjoy a number of benefits which are attached to their salaries apart from the bonuses they get yearly.

Software engineers in the State of Georgia also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stocks: Are issued to software engineers who get dividends as the company declares its profit; this is translated into cash in the long run.
  • Vision assistance:  A good vision is a much prerequisites for software engineers because they continually stir at the computer; the reflection of the glare is likely to affect the eye in the long run, so companies in Georgia provide vision assistance and funding to help the engineer conduct regular vision test.
  • Gym membership assistance: Sitting or standing at a spot for long hours can have its toll on anyone. The software engineer, through the assistance of their employer is given gym membership access. This helps ease the stress of fatigue.
  • Commuter assistance: Shuttling daily to and fro can have a negative impact on the health of the software engineer; therefore companies in Georgia provide commuter aid for their workers to ease the burden of heavy traffic and getting to work late.
  • Food provision: Due to the nature of their jobs, software engineers can work continuously without having a break. This mostly occurs when an application is just been developed or at its testing stage. Firms in the State of Georgia provide foods in such situations and help carry the workload off the shoulders of the software engineer.

What Related Job Titles to Software Engineering Earn in Georgia

Here are related jobs and their earning potential to the software engineer salary in the State of Georgia:

  • Backend Developer earns $109,814 annual salary.
  • Frontend Developer earns $107,215 as annual yearly salary.
  • Full Stack Developer earns $102,407 as annual salary.
  • Application Developer earns $84,091 as yearly salary.
  • Developer earns $59,580 as yearly salary.

Software Engineer Job and Salary Outlook in Georgia State

The software engineer job in Georgia is on the rise, with the State paying slightly higher than other States within the region ($98,909).

It is a State attracting software engineers due to its relative affordable cost of living, which is a big growth factor; it’s expected that software engineering jobs will grow in this region.

Georgia is amongst the pace setters with 89.4% (1.25 – 2.50) cost of living ratio. It is within the top bracket of low cost of living states where salaries are gradually on the rise.

It pays slightly higher salaries than some States in the region and this will help see an upward movement in salary; its major selling point been its affordable cost of living, which is a big attraction.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Software Engineer in the State of Georgia

Every aspiring worker desires to earn and increase the ability to earn more as the years roll by, but how to achieve this is what we are looking at here in the state of Georgia for software engineers.

Highlighted below are some of the ways a software engineer in Georgia can increase his/her salary:

  • A good relevant degree. A good education and degree will stand you out in your software engineering career, so get well qualified to increase your salary in Georgia.
  • A set of soft and technical skills. Having a good set of skills, both soft and technical will greatly enhance your chances of getting the big pay rise as a software engineer in Georgia that you so crave for.
  • Work for higher paying companies. If you need to get well paid as a software engineer, then you need to seek out companies that pay the highest salaries in Georgia.
  • Relocate to another city. If you work and live in a city within Georgia that the pay is not high, you can move to another one with a higher pay than your present location.
  • Network with friends. Some jobs are not openly advertised; these jobs are done internally. Having friends in other companies and related professions can get you a high paying software engineering job in Georgia, so don’t neglect the company of friends and acquaintances.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in the State of Georgia

There are certain careers a software engineer in Georgia can also explore. These careers may or may not be tech oriented opportunities, but all the same it’s an avenue for the software engineer to expand his/her horizon.

Listed below are some of these opportunities; some pay higher and some lower than what the software engineer earns in Georgia:

  • Senior software engineer team lead earns $148,501 as salary.
  • Software engineer growth earns $139,406 yearly salary.
  • Remote senior software engineer earns $123,174 yearly as salary.
  • Software engineer iv earns $119,734 yearly salary.
  • Network software engineer earns $118,743 yearly salary.


The State of Georgia in the Southern US is a very good place for software engineers to work and live in, with its low cost of living.

Salary ($98,909) here is very moderate when you compare it with other States that have a higher cost of living and pay higher.

Georgia is quite an attractive and forward moving State to work and live in by software engineers within the Southern regions of the US.

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