Shift Supervisor Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Shift Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Shift Supervisors ensure high level of productivity from workers. Image source:

Shift Supervisor Job Description Example

A shift supervisor is a staff who coordinates daily production activities in a company to facilitate high level productivity. He/she is a part of the leadership team and is seen as a technical professional in the organization.

The shift supervisor job description entails providing solutions to difficult and complex production tasks.

The shift supervisor is responsible for achieving the desired end result of his/her company’s production processes.

They carry out their duties diligently, giving directions to workers on best ways to perform their tasks.

They usually participate in work activities with workers, leading by demonstration, and showing them how to do the job effectively.

A supervisor understands the power of team work, and will delegate tasks and responsibilities to team members in their areas of strength to enable them put in their best, contributing to the successful accomplishment of production tasks.

In order to create a smooth flow of work in the organization, the shift supervisor will collect the list of workers and create production schedules and orders.

It is the role of the shift supervisor to assign specific tasks to each worker, giving them resumption and closing times.

He/she will also monitor the roasters to ensure that workers follow production schedules, and implement sanctions on workers who fail to abide by schedules.

The supervisor will always be around during production to monitor workers’ activities, providing solutions to problems encountered and examining the nature of work done, to check for quality.

Where the work done is substandard, he/she will require a reproduction of such product to maintain the company’s high standards.

Shift Supervisor Job Description Example

The job description example shown below comprises of the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by shift supervisors in most firms.

  • Create a safe and conducive environment to workers, by taking precautionary measures against accidents, and providing safety garments to serve as shield to them in the case of production hazards and accidents
  • Make arrangements to train workers on more effective production techniques to increase their technical knowledge and make them more effective to increase productivity. Personally engage workers in training exercises to transfer knowledge and expertise to them
  • Encourage team spirit among workers by giving them collective tasks and creating channels for them to assist each other in achieving production goals
  • Make calculated estimation of production cost and expenses to arrive at a feasible production budget, enough to cater to production needs to avoid shortage of resources during production
  • Manage resources effectively to prevent waste as this could lead to loss or shortage in the overall production
  • Develop and implement strategies to promote hard-work amongst workers by rewarding outstanding performance with incentives, while encouraging others to work harder by putting them through
  • Carry out production tasks in accordance with industry standards, obeying legal authorities, and federal and state laws to avoid legal suits and possible clamp down on the firm
  • Ensure that workers abide by production specifications, using the right instruments and procedures to boost production quality and service delivery
  • Review performance of workers, outlining their strengths and weaknesses, and device strategies to harness their strengths, to make up for their shortcomings
  • Build good relationships with workers to win their loyalty and offer assistance in solving their problems, to put them in the right frame of mind in the discharge of production tasks
  • Ensure that workers’ salaries, wages, and other benefits are paid in due time, to avoid unnecessary delays as this could slow down their input during production
  • Supervise orders and delivery of production materials and inspect them for good quality

Shift Supervisor Resume Preparation

The work experience section of the shift supervisor resume can be prepared using information about the functions of the position, which are provided in the sample job description shown above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Shift Supervisor Job

The following are knowledge, skills, and abilities commonly required by employers when hiring for the shift supervisor position:

  • Basic arithmetic knowledge to balance production cost, expenditure, and quantity
  • Technical know-how of production machines for effective operation
  • Managerial skills to coordinate activities
  • Leadership skills to carry everyone along
  • Motivational skills to encourage workers to achieve more
  • Communication skills to avoid misunderstanding of instructions