Aviation Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Aviation Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Aviation Maintenance Technicians carry out maintenance functions on various aircraft.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

What Does an Aviation Maintenance Technician Do?

An aviation maintenance technician is someone who carries out repairs and maintenance on all sorts of aircraft like airplanes and helicopters.

The aviation maintenance technician job description entails diagnosing mechanical and electrical issues in aircraft to get them running and functioning properly.

Aviation maintenance technicians are responsible for ensuring aircraft are in perfect working condition to be able to take off and land safely, by inspecting the engine and other parts of the aircraft.

They will troubleshoot for problems in an aircraft and fix them, and also carry out replacement of worn-out parts which can no longer be used in the aircraft.

The maintenance technician working in the aviation industry has to do his/her work with utmost care to prevent problem with the aircraft because human lives may be lost if there is a plane crash.

In the 21st century, the job of the aircraft maintenance technician has greatly improved with the use of advanced technology.

They no longer depend totally on mechanical instruments to diagnose problems, but also make use of computerized equipment to detect aircraft malfunctioning.

With such advanced equipment, there is a high level of accuracy in determining what the problem is, and it enables the technician to take prompt action to fix the problem detected before the aircraft in question can be used.

Maintenance technicians working on aircraft are required to adhere strictly to maintenance procedures and aviation policies of the state where they are located, in the discharge of their duties.

Their role also includes outlining maintenance guidelines to companies and individual plane owners, stating the necessary procedures during troubleshooting and repairs. These guidelines should be followed to the letter, without cutting corners, to prevent fatal occurrences.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description usually executed by people who work as maintenance technicians in the aviation industry. It shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities such individuals perform on the job daily.

  • Inspect aircraft for corrosion and cracks that might be present in the wings, tail, and fuselage with the use of x-ray and other magnetic inspection tools
  • Gather and install mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other components needed in the aircraft for installation, replacement, and general repairs
  • Carry out general maintenance routine regularly as outlined by regulatory bodies
  • Dismantle engines and check various aircraft parts such as cylinders, turbine blades, and warping to ensure they are in good order
  • Take accurate measurement of parts to be replaced so as to get the right sizes that will fit, to avoid loose fittings as this could affect the effective functioning of the craft
  • Ensure safety of passengers, workers, and owners who make use of the aircraft by leaving no stone unturned during inspection and repairs; implement safety regulations to the letter in line with regulations, including making provision for emergency exits in case of crisis situation
  • Examine aircraft engines via designated openings, from well positioned angles, to get a good view of the engines, and make use of hosts and lifts to carry out engines from the aircraft, to be able to examine them properly
  • Place plastic film across areas of aircraft to be worked on to prevent such places from getting damaged, and where such damage are unavoidable, paint aircraft surfaces after repairs to maintain a clean appearance void of cracks and dirt
  • Conduct trimming or cutting of body parts to be fixed in the aircraft to get the desired size, and prepare sections to be placed in using hand tools and filers for proper balancing
  • Observe changed parts for alignment with the operating system and carry out further adjustment works if they aren’t working properly
  • Be on board flights during shifts to promptly handle technical emergencies that may occur before they get worse, which could result in accident
  • Treat bonded structure parts with the use of portable treatment instruments, tools, and equipment
  • Listen carefully to the sound of operating engines to detect strange sounds due to malfunctioning, and then carry out repairs
  • Inspect all completed works to ensure that they adhere to regulatory standards and procedures before giving certification for operation
  • Keep records of repair logs, recording both corrective and preventive measures carried out on the aircraft

Aviation Maintenance Technician Resume Preparation

To prepare a resume for the post of aviation maintenance technician, you can use the statements relating to the duties and responsibilities of the position stated in the job description sample given above in making the professional experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Aviation Maintenance Technician Job

To succeed on the job, aircraft maintenance technicians should have the following skills, knowledge, and abilities:

  • Possess strong knowledge of mechanical operations
  • Possess strong electrical skills to effectively handle electrical components of aircraft
  • Possess excellent skills in quality control analysis
  • Strong communication skills needed for effective working relationship with other team members, supervisors, and management
  • Decision making ability: The technician for aircraft maintenance must be able to make the right decisions to avoid aircraft malfunction in flight
  • Evaluation skills: He/she must be able to properly evaluate equipment and data obtained from test procedures to make informed decisions