Service Desk Team Leader Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Service Desk Team Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Service Desk Team Leader ensure help desk team members deliver great customer service. Image source:

This post presents complete information on the job description of a service desk team leader, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they majorly perform.

What Does a Service Desk Team leader Do?

A service desk team leader is a person whose role includes ensuring the adherence of professionalism and expansion of all activities done at the service desk.

The service desk team leader job description entails making sure that the help desk team delivers flawless customer service in managing incident restoration and service level agreements, and monitoring the duties of the service desk team members to ensure that client inquires are promptly attended to.

In order to ensure smooth flow of work, the team leader of a service desk is responsible for maintaining orderliness around the service desk area to prevent it from getting crowded as that could slow down the work process.

He/she directs clients to seat down as they wait for their turn to be attended to.

As a service desk expert, he/she trains other team members on how to relate with clients in the course of the job to ensure that they are treated in a professional and cordial manner.

In cases of emergency, the leader of a service desk team saves the day by stepping and taking measures that will solve the issues and further takes preventive measures to prevent a relapse.

He/she works round the clock to put in place all accessories and machinery needed for the service desk team operation.

When faulty accessories are detected, the team leader relates with management to make provision for replacement as this has an effect in the smooth flow of working operations.

In a bid to meet customer satisfaction, the leader closely monitors both received and open calls, closed first contact calls and the number of open calls to get accurate figures of performance metrics.

He/she acknowledges the importance of good communication in the attainment of good customer service and as such creates a conducive atmosphere for team members to air their views, ideas and suggestions to the successful execution of projects.

Service desk team leaders also inform other members of latest developments.

Service Desk Team Leader Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is an example of job description, comprising of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that are usually performed by service desk team leaders.

  • Coordinate the service desk team members in their daily duties of attending to clients who come to make inquiries and facilitate good customer service culture in team members
  • Evaluate and assess service delivery performance metrics and carry out survey on clients to weigh the level of service delivery in the company
  • Keep record of daily operations at the desk for tracking of customer needs, services rendered and future reference
  • Create a mode of operations to be adhered to by team members in order to maintain good routine and orderliness
  • Delegate specific service desk responsibilities to team members to create specialization and increase service delivery pace
  • Review all client complaints, rectify issues and liaise with appropriate departments to handle complex issues in a bid to provide more effective solutions
  • Observe service desk operation techniques to determine how effective they are and implement new techniques when old ones are ineffective.

The above job description sample can also be employed in creating a good resume for the position, which can secure an interview with employers.

Service Desk Team Leader Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The following are key attributes required to succeed working as the team leader of a service desk:

  • Showcase good interpersonal skills for customer relations
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Must have good leadership skills to carry people along
  • Must be knowledgeable about service desk system and IT tools
  • Must have good judgment in handling serious customer problems.