Sales Team Leader Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Sales Team Leader job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Sales Team Leaders provide direction to sales teams in achieving daily sales target.

This post provides in-depth information on the job description of a sales team leader, to help increase your knowledge of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

What Does a Sales Team Leader Do?

The sales team leader gives account directly to the sales manager. Working as a subordinate of the retail operations manager, the leader will direct the team to attain everyday sales target and surpass expectations of customers.

Sometimes, the sales manager position may be void, when that happens, the team leader will be accountable directly to the designated senior position or executive officer.

With a persistent eye on the sales location, the team leader is expected to alter staff recruitment as necessary to guarantee that customers’ needs receive prompt attention.

The job description of the sales team leader involves giving suggestions and support in earmarking and setting up sales procedure.

He/she will be responsible for organizing marketing plans so as to attain sales target stipulated by the organization.

He/she initiates and coordinates monthly, quarterly, and annual sales plan and strategies that will guarantee achievement of target.

He/she gives assistance and encourages personnel to enhance personal and team target.

It is also part of the roles of sales team leaders to direct the work of sales personnel daily, and relate closely with the human resources unit to resolve daily human resources problems, including compliance with discipline and work attitude.

Sales Team Leader Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The job description sample below consists of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities most sales team leaders will be expected to perform.

It can also be useful in writing a resume for applying to a vacant team leader position in a sales environment.

  • Endeavor to establish an outstanding working relationship with service providers in designated field.
  • Bargain or support bargaining with key essential service so as to enhance the cost structure.
  • Prepares annual, quarterly and monthly update accounts on current opponents or business possibilities.
  • Work together with colleagues from other departments to improve efficiency and overall service delivery.
  • Give prompt reports on crucial issues to direct senior officer, suggest answers where obtainable.
  • Supervise essential key account possibilities.
  • Make propositions, give suggestions and designate sales target and job obligations to each sales staff.
  • Appraise performance of staff, give suggestions, reward or award punishment and offer proposals on dismissal of personnel where applicable.
  • Recommend hiring additional staff and make required resources available to accomplishing target objectives and goals.
  • Solicit for other job duties needing attention to enhance service and improve customers’ contentment to a reasonable extent.
  • Take part in interview of candidates while supporting decision making to hire successful applicants.
  • Offer inspiration and training of internal sales personnel on how to attain business sales objective.
  • Assist team managers to intensify sales via training on sales methods.
  • Generate action plans to enhance performance and productive capacity of under performing personnel.

Sales Team Leader Job Description for Resume

Writing a resume for the position of team leader in a sales environment requires information about the activities of the role.

The job description example given above provides the right information that can be used in creating the employment history section of the resume.

Sales Team Leader Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are some of the vital qualities, including skills,, knowledge, and abilities that will make the work of a team leader directing sales to be more effective:

  • Graduate from an accredited college with minimum of three years practical experience in retail and customer service specialization.
  • An outstanding supervisory experience.
  • Prior experience in utilization of computer programs such as MS outlook and MS office.
  • Demonstration of positive team player spirit and cooperative sales skills within the organization.
  • Conversant with all retail principles, which is needed to process sales operations precisely at events and in the store.
  • Ability to direct and be a mentor on the sales ground by actively working to attain everyday sales objectives.