Sales Operations Manager Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Sales operations manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
The sales operations manager must be able to come up with effective strategies to continually increase their company’s sales.

Sales Operations Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Sales Operations Manager Do?

Sales operations managers oversee the business processes and sales structure of an organization.

The sales operations manager job description entails developing sales strategies and initiatives required to drive sales in a business organization.

Sales operations managers in performing their duties set and enforce policies and procedures for sales.

They are responsible for the interviewing, recruiting, and training of company sales representatives.

They also direct and coordinate the operations of sales personnel to ensure compliance with sales objectives.

As part of their role, sales operations managers carry out a variety of assessments and analysis to come up with information useful in establishing an effective sales strategy.

They conduct assessments to determine the most appropriate go-to-market model for sales.

They also carry out evaluation of sales methodology to implement the most suitable technique for efficient sales operations.

Usually, sales operations managers carry out forecasts using predictive models/tools to identify and adjust accordingly to factors with possible effect on sales.

They conduct research and analysis to stay abreast with trends and recent developments in the sales industry.

Using results obtained from sales forecasting and analysis, they proffer recommendations critical for deciding suitable sales strategy and business go-to-market model.

In performing their duties, sales operations managers provide sales training to sales personnel in order to enhance their skills and overall efficiency.

They provide salespersons with useful product information as well as sales techniques and best practices for optimal sales performance.

They also mentor and motivate sales unit to put in their best effort to achieve set sales targets.
Their work description also involves monitoring sales operations to identify areas with limitations in order to provide solutions for improved performance.

It also entails organizing training programs to increase job knowledge of sales reps and enhance their skills.

Operations managers involved in sales may also assign territories to sales personnel according to their capability to ensure an even workload distribution.

It get into this career requires having a Bachelor’s degree in a business or management related discipline.

Some of the skills needed for success on the job include analytical, leadership, and planning skills.

Sales Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template

Working as a sales operations manager involves performing various functions to keep a firm’s sales performance high.

Here is a job description example that details the duties, tasks, and responsibilities operations managers in charge of sales in most companies are commonly required to carry out:

  • Establish hiring practices and criteria for recruiting sales representatives to ensure high performing individuals are selected
  • Communicate regularly with sales reps to convey information useful in achieving set objectives
  • Manage sales incentive program to ensure sales achievements are recognized through career progression or monetary accolade
  • Provide salespersons with tools, scripts, and other relevant content guide their interaction with a prospective client
  • Monitor the overall performance of sales to ensure seamless operations through quick processing of transactions
  • Utilize CRM tools in managing business transactions with various clients
  • Carry out assessments to identify and eliminate efficiency limiting and time-consuming factors
  • Review sales records and develop action plans to increase sales figures
  • Contact clients to offer them business proposals or close sales deals
  • Conduct research on appropriate strategies for increasing sales and customer base
  • Prepare and present periodic sales reports to company management to provide information useful in taking key business decisions
  • Follow-up on marketing leads in order to secure and capture potential sales opportunities
  • Develop and implement solutions effective for improving sales efficiency and performance
  • Conduct forecast to detect emerging market trends with potential sales opportunities.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sales Operation Manager Role

To succeed as an operations manager responsible for sales, most employers usually make the following as basic requirements that applicants for the role must possess before they can be offered the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a sales operation manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, marketing, or in a related discipline. Some employer’s may require that applicants for the job have a Master’s degree in order to occupy upper sales management positions
  • Analytical Skills: Sales operations managers are able to conduct research and analysis to come up with techniques for improved sales
  • Leadership Skills: They are well versed in coordinating a team of salespersons to achieve set sales objectives
  • Planning Skills: They are proficient in organizing sales operations to ensure smooth performance
  • Pre-employment tests: Some employers may require you take a test, including leadership and aptitude tests, to prove that you have the needed skills to be effective in this role. See more information about Job Assessment Tests and how to make top scores in them.


This post provides the major duties and responsibilities that people who work as operations manager of sales usually perform.

If you are seeking this position, this information will help you to know more about what it entails, and to get you to develop the right skills, knowledge, and competence for it.

Employers who are looking to hire the best manager for their sales operations unit will also find the sample job description shown above helpful in creating a work description that suits their firms’ operations, for use in the hiring process and assigning appropriate tasks to newly hired staff.

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