Sales Executive Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Sales Executive job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Sales Executives are responsible for carrying out market research to come up with effective special offers and other promotional strategies.

Sales Executive Job Description Example

What Does a Sales Executive Do?

Sales executives generally oversee the sales activities of a company to ensure maximum profitability at minimal costs.

The sales executive job description involves analyzing sales reports, customer surveys, and various other relevant information to identify and set sales objectives.

They also conduct market research and survey to stay up-to-date with industry trends and market activities.

Sales executives in performing their duties determine product selling prices as well as terms of contract using information obtained from market survey.

They are responsible for delegating territories to sales representatives according to their various capacities.

Part of their role includes conducting sales of goods/services to special clients that require more professional attention.

Sales executives are responsible for fixing discount prices for customers who make large purchases.

They develop and maintain good working relationship with customers via telephone calls, emails, and meetings in order to promote products/services, as well as to establish clientele.

They also carry out industry research to identify new business opportunities as well as needed improvements.

The work description of sales executives also usually entails setting and implementing company standards as well as sales goals.

He/she is responsible for supervising the activities of sales teams or agents; overseeing their hiring, training, and job performance to ensure they meet sales targets.

Sales executives serve as intermediaries between organizations and their clients to ensure company profits and customer satisfaction.

They also prepare sales reports and maintain record of sales information for future reference purposes.

As part of their job description, sales executives monitor progress of orders as well as inventory of products to ensure timely supply.

They also participate in trade exhibitions where they represent their company to promote and foster sales of their products.

They also usually attend educational workshops to improve on their professional and technical knowledge.

The sales executive job usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study although specific qualifications may be required for technical or medical sales department.

They possess a range of qualities and skills, among which include negotiation skills, goal-oriented qualities, planning skills, and communication skills.

Sales Executive Job Description Example

Sales executives perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities that allowed their companies to sell more of their products.

The job description example below shows the major functions most sales executives perform:

  • Carry out analysis of sales report and customer survey in order to identify and set sales objectives
  • Conduct market survey to remain up-to-date on industry trends and market activities
  • Determine the selling price of products as well as terms of contract
  • Delegate sales territories to sales representatives
  • Maintain good producer-client relationship to promote sales as well as establish customer base
  • Conduct the sales of products/services to special clients who require more professional attention
  • Carry out industry research to identify and implement necessary improvements in products and services
  • Oversee the hiring, training, and job supervision of sales agents to ensure they meet targets
  • Prepare periodic sales report as well as maintain record of sales
  • Strike a balance between an organization and its customers to ensure profits of company and satisfaction of customer
  • Monitor product orders and available stock to ensure timely supply to clients
  • Represent companies in trade fairs to promote their brands and foster sales
  • Attend seminars and educational workshop to improve on their technical knowledge pool
  • Design and implement organization standards to maintain quality of service.

Sales Executive Resume Preparation

If you are looking to build a sales executive resume, the above listed duties and responsibilities can serve as a helpful guide in completing the work experience section of your resume.

So, if you have worked before as a sales executive, you can easily complete the work experience part of your resume by applying the content of the sample job description above.

This would certainly make the resume stronger in effect.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sales Executive Role

To improve your chances with employers for the sales executive job offer, the following are requirements of most hirers that you will need to meet:

  • Education and Training: Sales executives require a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study although specialized study may be required for certain scientific/technical sales positions. You stand better chances with prior cognate experience in the field of sales. Most employers usually provide training for sales recruits to bring them up-to-speed on job responsibilities
  • Negotiation Skills: Sales executives are able to strike favorable bargains in order to meet halfway the needs of the manufacturer and customer
  • Planning Skills: Sales executives are good planners able to direct and guide the sales activities of a firm in order to achieve maximum profit and a satisfied clientele
  • Goal-oriented: Sales executives are target driven, they possess the wherewithal to set sales goals and accomplish them
  • Communication Skills: Sales executives are effective communicators who employ their oral and writing skills in conducting product sales.

Sales Executives Skills for Resume

In creating a sales executive resume, the above mentioned qualities can serve as a useful reference in completing the skills section of the resume to appeal to a potential employer.


When looking to work as a sales executive, it makes sense to learn about the job description, including the duties and responsibilities of the position before hand so as to adequately prepare for it.

Having a detailed sales executive work description, like the sample above, will also help employers to design one to use when recruiting for the position. This can help get the best person for the job.

What do you think about our job description for the sales executive role? Please make your comment in the box below. If you are working as a sales executive, you can also share your experience with us.