Retail Store Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Retail Store Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail Store Managers provide leadership for effective operations of retail stores.

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a retail store manager, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Retail Store Manager Do?

A retail store manager is responsible for running a store established for the purpose of providing merchandise in small quantities to customers, who are the end users.

The job description of the retail store manager entails carrying out general administrative functions of retail.

It also involves having responsibility for the day to day operation of the store and ensuring that profit is made, by implementing good customer service and sales promotion techniques.

He/she must ensure that customers leave the store satisfied.

In a company where the retail manager’s title and job description is different from that of the store manager, the store manager usually heads the administration of the store while the retail manager heads the administration of retails and directly interfaces with customers on sales matters.

Both managers will be expected to maintain a good working relationship with each other.

Most stores employ the services of retail managers for the sole purpose of ensuring that the retail wing gets the necessary administrative attention required for its smooth running.

Retail departments need goals, target, work guiding principles, work techniques, sales structure, sales promotion techniques, human relation techniques, and customer service techniques to succeed in business.

The retail manager is the coordinating personnel whose role is to set the sales target, marketing plans, and the time for the achieving the set goals.

He/she does all these for the important purpose of profit making which is an important goal of the retail store.

The manager is expected to provide the store with the sales target to meet on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis along with the time within which the goal will be accomplished.

In doing this, the manager can set individual sales goal for staff and hold a form of healthy competition between staff, or invent techniques of improving sales, like sales promotions.

The manager seeks various ways of improving the productivity of employees to ensure that they meet the desired goals.

His/her duties also entail recruiting and training of employees, as well as scheduling and assigning of tasks to employees within the store.

The manager motivates his employees and leads them by example.

He/she is expected to always be on ground because he/she can be called on at any time, before, in the course of work, and after the day’s work to answer to emergencies.

The retail store manager’s work description also involves ensuring the safety of the store, its customers, and the employees within the store environment.

He/she is expected to take necessary measures in safeguarding the merchandise in the store, the customers, and the employees.

He/she is also expected to take steps in ensuring that regulatory principles and standards are well adhered to.

Retail Store Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job of the retail store manager entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities geared towards ensuring the smooth operation of the store for profitability.

Here is a job description example that shows the major functions and roles the manager in charge of retail store plays:

  • Responsible for the smooth running and management of the store
  • Develop techniques for improving the store sales
  • Set the sales goal and target for the store
  • Set the time limit for achieving the goal
  • Recruit, train, and assign responsibilities to employees, and discipline them when necessary
  • Design promotional activities for the store and manage them
  • Understand the store’s merchandise and offer counsel on them to customers and staff
  • Attend to customer complaints and approve refund if necessary
  • Ensure neatness and security of the store environment
  • Adhere to all safety rules and regulatory standards
  • Keep track on sales records, as well as credit sales
  • Ensure shelves are well stocked with merchandise and are arranged for display in such a way that they are easy to locate
  • Introduce effective business plan to increase the store’s customers
  • Responsible for the expansion of the store’s traffic, and optimization of its profitability
  • Provide sales staff with feedback
  • Ensure that the store maintains good standard in its operations
  • Give report of the trend on purchases, majorly bought items, and the profit made
  • Initiate ideas that improve the market share
  • Appraise employees’ work and give report of their performance.

Retail Store Manager Job Description for Resume

You will be expected to present a resume to employers when searching to work as a manager in a retail store.
You need to complete each section of the resume with the right content.

For example, the sample job description shown above is quite suitable for making the professional experience section of the resume where you need to highlight duties and responsibilities of the position that you have carried out in the past or/and are currently doing as a retail store manager.

Retail Store Manager Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To excel working as a manager in a retail store, you need to have certain skills, knowledge, and abilities. Here are the important ones, which employers are also interested in when hiring for new managers:

  • Degree or Diploma in Business administration, or its equivalent
  • Enthusiasm about taking many responsibilities
  • Good knowledge and experience in managing retail store
  • Great leadership ability and good orientation in business management
  • Ability to manage people
  • Good customer service
  • Proficient in organization
  • Ability to get along well with people
  • Ability to work and meet deadlines.