Retail Sales Representative Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Retail Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail Sales Representatives may also assist customers in selecting items that meet their requirements and budget.

Retail Sales Representative Job Description Example

What Does a Retail Sales Representative Do?

Retail sales representatives are responsible for the sale of commodities such as clothes, furniture, and shoes, which can be found in a retail outlet.

The retail sales representative job description entails conducting the sale of goods and services to customers on behalf of their company in order to maximize profit.

They maintain good customer service decorum when tending clients to ensure their needs are identified and met accordingly.

Usually they give an elaborate explanation of product/service features and may show case/demonstrate product specifications and use to customers.

As part of their duties, retail sales representatives assist clients in identifying and selecting products that suit their preferences and budget.

They conduct price negotiations with clients to reach a favorable bargain for both the customer and management.

Their role also entails receiving payment, dispensing change, and issuing of receipts.

In performing their duties, sales representatives at retail stores assist customers with the packaging of purchased goods.

They may also oversee the delivery of goods purchased by clients.

They maintain contact with customers to obtain feedback and ensure satisfaction with products/services.

As part of their work description, they aid clients in resolving product issues/challenges and other problems bordering on dissatisfaction.

They are also in charge of the operation of cash registers, as well as the maintenance of balanced financial records.

Retail sales representatives oversee the stocking and merchandising of goods in manner that fosters impulse purchase.

They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of product and ensure work operations are in accordance with government transaction policies and procedures.

In fulfilling their role, they implement strategies that mitigate risks of theft and security breach to ensure a safe and secure sales outlet.

They also perform routine sanitation and clean-up of work environment.

These sales representatives regularly monitor product inventory to ensure required stock is readily available at retail stores.

They also provide estimate of product quantity and cost required for a venture such as a construction or repair project.

To work as a sales representative in a retail store doesn’t require much formal education, thus with at least a high school diploma you can hired for the position.

Skills necessary for the job include communication, customer service, and persuasive skills.

Retail Sales Representative Job Description Example/Template

If you are thinking of working in a retail store as a sales representative, the likely duties, tasks, and responsibilities you will be assigned are shown in the job description example below:

  • Conduct the sale of goods/services to customers on behalf of a company
  • Maintain good customer service decorum when attending to clients in an outlet or over a communication medium
  • Provide an elaborate explanation of product features and characteristics
  • Give a demonstration of product use/efficacy to customers as part of strategies to foster product dependability
  • Assist clients in identifying and selecting products which meet their requirements and fall within a set budget
  • Conduct price negotiations to reach a favorable bargain for both client and management
  • Process payment of purchased goods/services and oversee the issue of transaction documents such as receipts and invoices
  • Assist customers with the packaging and delivery of purchased products
  • Contact customers to obtain consumer feedback and ensure client satisfaction with purchased products
  • Aid clients in the resolution of product/services issues occurring after purchase
  • Oversee the operation of cash registers and maintenance of balanced accounts
  • Carry out the stocking and merchandising of products in a retail outlet to stimulate purchase
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of products and ensure sales operations are in accordance with government business policies and procedure
  • Implement strategies that minimize risk of theft or security breach in a retail establishment
  • Monitor product inventory to ensure needed stock is readily available
  • Provide estimate of product quantity and cost.

Retail Sales Representative Resume Preparation

If you are applying for a new job as a sales representative with some retail work experience, you will need to have a section in your resume to highlight your experience on the job – having this boosts the strength of your resume.

To help you properly create the work experience section of your resume, you can adapt the functions of retail sales representatives stated in the above sample job description.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Retail Sales Representative Role

To hire good sales representatives, most retail store management would likely set the following requirements to screen applicants for the role:

  • Education and Training: The retail sales representative job doesn’t require much formal education; with a high school diploma, you can apply for the job. Some employers may require sales representatives to possess a Bachelor’s degree for the sale of technical products/services, although prior experience in the field of sales is more valuable
  • Communication Skills: Retail sales representatives are able to interact with customers to identify their needs and help address issues
  • Customer Service Skills: Retail sales representatives are skilled in highlighting the benefits and features of a product in a manner that indicates its capability to satisfy a customer, thus influencing purchase.

Retail Sales Representative Skills for Resume

If you are seeking a new retail sales representative job, you will also need to tell prospective employers the skills you are coming with to help you excel on the job.

The above qualities and skills are what most employers are interested in when hiring new sales reps for their retail outlets.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to acquire these skills and qualities and then highlight them in your resume – this gets employers’ attention really fast!


The retail sales representative job description provides the major functions and activities of individuals working as sales reps in a retail environment.

So, if you are interested in this role, you now have an idea of what the job entails and can adequately prepare yourself for it.

Also, the retail sales representative job description template provided above can help employers design their own work description for hiring the best people for the position, and for assigning the right duties to them.

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