Real Estate Manager Job Description Example

Real estate manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Real estate managers need to have current knowledge of a property’s taxes and value to be able to manage it efficiently.

Real Estate Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Real Estate Manager Do?

Real estate managers generally oversee the management of factors that directly or indirectly affect the value of commercial properties, such as offices, apartments, and industries.

Their job description entails assisting home owners in managing the financial responsibilities of their property, such as ensuring the payment of rent, taxes, and insurance.

In performing their duties, real estate managers scout and identify potential clients with needs for property management.

They reach out to these clients via cold calls, emails, and arranged meetings to offer their services.

Their role also includes preparing business proposals, which they present to potential clients highlighting their ability and experience in effectively managing properties and estates.

Under an estate management contract, real estate managers oversee the hiring and training of management staff/contractors.

They carry out various financial obligations such as the preparation of financial budget, collection of rent, and maintenance of financial statements.

They also monitor the performance of hired contractors to ensure they carry out their duties as they ought to.

Real estate managers are quick to identify and provide resolution to tenant issues/complaints.

They oversee activities that lead up to the purchase, sales, lease or development of an estate property.

As part of their work description, real estate managers maintain an up-to-date knowledge of property taxes, accessibility, value, and population growth in order to ensure efficient management of an estate.

They provide estate owners with regular updates and reports on the condition of a property.

In fulfilling their role, real estate managers ensure operations on a property are in accordance with government policies and set regulations on housing.

They provide owners with recommendations/advice on rental rate and development estimates.

Other tasks they perform include overseeing the marketing and advertising of building vacancies.

They conduct regular inspection of estate grounds and facilities to ensure its safety and functionality.

They also oversee the repair or complete replacement of worn-out parts in a building or property.

The real estate manager job typically requires a high school diploma although many employers prefer a Bachelor’s degree or even a Master’s degree in disciplines such as real estate management and business administration, or other management degrees.

The qualities necessary for success on the job include problem solving, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Real Estate Manager Job Description Example/Template

The job description of a real estate manager entails various tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

If you are seeking this position, the following work description example shows the activities you will likely engage in:

  • Scout and identify potential clients with property management needs
  • Contact potential clients via cold calls, emails, and arranged meetings to offer them management services
  • Prepare and present business proposals to clients, highlighting their ability and prior experience in property/estate management
  • Oversee the hiring and training of estate management staff/contractors
  • Carry out financial obligations such as budget preparation, rent collection, and maintenance of financial records/statement
  • Monitor the performance of hired contractors to ensure efficient performance of duties
  • Identify and address arising tenant issues/complaints
  • Oversee activities that lead up to the sales, purchase, lease or development of an estate property
  • Maintain an updated knowledge of property taxes, accessibility and values to ensure efficient management of property
  • Provide owners with periodic updates and reports on the status and condition of a property
  • Ensure estate operations are in line with government policies and housing regulations
  • Proffer recommendations/advice to owners on rental rate and maintenance estimates
  • Oversee the marketing and advertising of building vacancies or properties up for sale
  • Conduct regular inspection of estate grounds and facilities to ensure they are in good condition
  • Oversee the repair and replacement of damaged parts of a building or property.

Real Estate Manager Resume Preparation

If you need to make a resume for the role of a real estate manager, the job experience section is a part you need to have in it.

As a position where experience of the job is linked to succeeding in it, employers generally favor applicants with some experience working as a real estate manager.

Therefore, if you have worked before as a real estate manager and are making a resume, the duties and responsibilities in the sample job description presented above can help you in quickly making your resume’s work experience section.

Requirements -Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Real Estate Manager Job

Here are typical requirements most employers usually set for screening candidates for the job of a real estate manager:

  • Education and Training: The real estate manager job doesn’t require much educational qualifications. With at least a high school diploma, you can secure the job, although many employers seek graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in real estate management, accounting, or business administration. Employers usually provide real estate managers with training to improve their skills
  • Problem-solving Skills: Real estate managers have good problem-solving skills to provide solutions to tenants’ issues and can help resolve legal issues between property owners and/or residents
  • Interpersonal Skills: They are well versed in interacting with individuals of varying characteristics
  • Organizational Skills: Real estate managers are skilled in coordinating the operation of one or more properties.

Real Estate Managers Skills for Resume

To make your real estate manager resume attractive to employers, you will also need to highlight the skills you’ve got that are relevant to excelling on the job in your resume.

You can make use of the above real estate manager qualities which hirers normally require for the position in your resume, ensuring that you actually possess them.

Stating such skills in your resume will give it an advantage as those are the qualities employers require and believe make a great manager of real estate.


If you are looking to work as a real estate manager, the job description presented above will help you learn about the functions of the position and the tasks, duties, and responsibilities you should expect to be assigned if hired.

Employers looking for good real estate managers to hire will also find the job description template for the role also presented above helpful in making an effective work description for recruiting and allocating tasks to their new manager for the real estate department.

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