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By | September 3, 2023
Retail Sales Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail Sales Associates perform various functions with a goal to make sales. Image source:

Retail Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

The job description of the retail sales associate involves various duties and responsibilities that bring about sales of a firm’s products.

The sales associate might work in any environment – which range from selling foot wears to selling cars. This person needs to be customer focused and sales oriented.

Retail sales associates are usually the first person to be met by the customer when they enter a store.

Their role in the store includes establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers so as to achieve sales goals.

They are also expected to represent the shop in a positive manner while making sure that recurring business continues.

It is also their responsibility to assist customers make their choice on items, and to provide the needed information about products in the shop.

In some retail oriented organizations, a sales associate will have to operate cash register once a sale has been made.

The work does not end here because they are also expected to manage inventory, order stock and arrange stock shelves.

They are also required to tag price on products and update shelves when a new product arrives or if the price of any item changes.

Retail sales associates work with customers which is why they need to be able to professionally resolve their complaints in a satisfactory manner.

In the same vein, they provide customers and clients with product knowledge which include features and warranty along with any special discount that the product holds.

They are expected to maintain a good appearance for the store by managing store displays and keep abreast of competition and trends.

Job Summary

A retail sales associate describes, demonstrates and recommends products to customers; by doing so, they help them buy the appropriate products that they need.

He/she is also expected to ring up sales on a cash register; this requires the ability to use calculators and credit card machines as well as barcode scanners.

In addition to rendering assistance to customers, sales associates also take sales record, arranging product displays and stocking shelves.

Retail Sales Associate Job Description Example

The job description example below shows the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the day-to-day job activities of most sales associates working in retail outfits.

  • Greet and welcome customers to the shop
  • Help customers locate goods and products they want to buy
  • In charge of processing both card and cash payments
  • Responsible for stocking shelves
  • Attend to inquiries from customers
  • Report to the store supervisor
  • Give advice and guidance on product choice to customers
  • Balance cash registers with receipts
  • Make sure store is clean and tidy
  • Work within guidelines and regulations, especially concerning brand products
  • Attach price tags to goods in the shop
  • Receive, store, and record the delivery of stocks
  • Put up displays, and keep up to date with special promotions.

Requirements for the Position of Retail Sales Associate

Below are important attributes most employers would expect applicants for the position should have to be efficient on the job:

  • Must have friendly and engaging personality
  • Must be comfortable with working different kind of people
  • Must be bold and confident
  • Must be polite and helpful
  • Must be physically fit to withstand standing for long periods; and may be required to carry large amounts of stock
  • Must have a good understanding of retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, etc.
  • Must be efficient working in a retail sales team
  • Must be articulate; and smart in appearance
  • See detailed Retail Sales Associate Skills to be highly effective on the job.

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