Laborer Job Description Example

Laborer job description, duties, and responsibilities

A laborer should be able to use various tools and equipment to be effective on their job.

Laborer Job Description Example

What Does a Laborer Do?

Generally, laborers carry out physical tasks at project sites such as highway construction sites and excavation sites.

They utilize various equipment and tools in carrying out their job description.

Laborers play an important role in providing adequate manpower required for a physical project.

They assist building/construction professionals in the realization of a construction plan.

As part of their duties, laborers assist in the loading and unloading of equipment and raw materials.

They are proficient in the operation and maintenance of various equipment/tools among which include cement mixers, drills, spray guns, and jackhammer.

They are also responsible for mixing and pumping of cement, concrete or sand during construction operations.

Laborers participate in various activities such as the demolition of structures, excavation of debris, and installation of building components.

They are capable of reading and interpreting a construction plan when carrying out job operations.

Part of the duties and responsibilities of laborers involves surface cleaning and painting or finishing.

They are also responsible for the positioning and sealing of building concrete components.

In performing their tasks, laborers provide signals to machine operators to foster efficient movement and effective time management.

They also control human/vehicle traffic around a project site to ensure public safety.

Laborers are skilled in taking precise measurements when marking the layout of a construction area.

During plumbing operations, they carry out installation of drain pipes with the aid of pipe-laying equipment.

Their work description may also include digging of trenches during excavation operations using implements like shovel, rake, and various other digging tools.

Laborers in fulfilling their role, carry out the assembly and disassembly of connectible construction structures such as scaffold, ramps, and braces.

They maintain environmental preservation practices such as waste management implementation, and installation of pro-green components on equipment/machinery.

They also shoulder the responsibility of disintegrating rocks, concrete or asphalt usually with jackhammers and pneumatic drills.

Laborers are in charge of the collection and appropriate disposal or management of waste or hazardous materials.

The laborer job doesn’t necessarily require formal education; with training in technical subjects like welding, drilling, and building you can secure a laborer job.

Technical skills, physical strength, and stamina are some of the key qualities you need to be effective on the job.

Laborer Job Description Example

If you are thinking of working as a laborer, here is an example of the kind of job description you can expect to work with; it shows the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities that laborers commonly perform at construction sites:

  • Assist with the loading and unloading of equipment and raw materials
  • Operate various machines and equipment such as air drill, jackhammer, and pumps
  • Mix and pump cement, concrete and sand during work operations
  • Read and interpret construction blueprints and layout to determine line of action
  • Engage in the cleaning, preparation, and painting of surfaces
  • Position, align, and seal concrete components during a building construction
  • Provide signals to machine operators to ensure work efficiency and proper time management
  • Control traffic around a construction site to ensure public safety
  • Install drain pipes during plumbing using pipe-laying equipment
  • Take precise measurements during construction to ensure concurrence with project plan
  • Participate in the digging of trenches during an excavation project
  • Carry out the assembly and disassembly of connectible construction structures such as scaffold and ram
  • Implement environment preservation practices such as waste management strategies
  • Utilize jackhammers in the disintegration of asphalt during road repairs
  • Oversee the disposal of waste and hazardous materials left at a work site.

Laborer Resume Preparation

The process of seeking a new job as a laborer will involve you creating a resume for the employer to decide your suitability for the job.

If you want the resume to be effective, you should include a section to highlight your experience working as a laborer if you have one.

Most employers generally want to work with people who have carried out the responsibilities of the job before, therefore, if you have previously worked before as laborer, don’t fail to emphasize it in your resume.

The sample job description for a laborer given above can assist you to quickly and easily make this section.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Laborer Role

The following are necessary requirements most employers will want you to satisfy to work as a laborer in their firms:

  • Education and Training: Laborers do not necessarily require formal education although having one gives you a professional edge. With training in specialty areas such as welding, drilling, and building. You can become a laborer within the field. Laborers are usually employed based on experience and to gain experience, they often assist professionals
  • Physical Strength: The laborer job usually requires moving fairly heavy equipment and applying energy, therefore an ample amount of physical strength is needed to do this job effectively
  • Technical Skills: Laborers are able to operate as well as maintain mechanical equipment and tools
  • Stamina: They require lots of endurance in carrying tasks, which are usually stressful and lengthy.

Laborer Skills for Resume

Here again, if you are making a resume for the role of a laborer, the skills section should be included.

To make this section really captivating, the above employers requirements provides a good source of information that you can apply.

Having the above qualities in your resume shows employers that you have the right skills for the laborer job.


A good way to prepare ahead for the job of a laborer before starting it is to find out what it entails, that is the various functions that you will likely be assigned by your employer as detailed in this post.

Also, as an employer needing to hire new laborers, it is important to get a detailed job description for the role so as to be able to design one for yourself and use in your recruitment process.

Our laborer job description template provided above will make the process for creating a description for the work you want to hire laborers for easier. So, go ahead to use it!

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