Receiving Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

Receiving clerk resume

To have an edge over other applicants for a receiving clerk job you need a good resume.

Receiving Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

Working as a receiving clerk can be very rewarding but to get the job, you need a good resume that convinces the employer to give you a chance.

Usually, many people will submit applications for such position when advertised, so it is important that you create a receiving clerk resume that is very appealing and easy to scan through.

Steps in creating good receiving clerk resumes

Creating a great resume for this position requires that you understand the needs of the hiring company for the receiving clerk job that you are looking for.

This involves finding out the skills, expertise, and academic requirements for the position from the published advert so as to craft your resume to fall in line with the expectation of the hiring company.

The next step is to adopt a resume format that will enable you to emphasize your skills and qualifications in a neat and easy to access layout.

The last step is to proceed with creating your receiving clerk resume. This involves highlighting the key sections of the resume.

Please note that no particular format is better that the other, however, it is important that you include the following sections in your receiving clerk resume:

Resume Objective Section

If your intention is to impress the hiring manager, then a well-crafted objective statement on your receiving clerk resume will help you do that.

The objective section of your resume must be detailed and compelling enough to convince the hirer to go through the whole of it.

Your receiving clerk objective statement should comprise of just a sentence or two stating only important expertise you possess.

See examples below:

Examples of Receiving Clerk Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of receiving clerk with Seamen Logistics Company where over 7 years experience as a receiving clerk in two logistics companies, and in-depth knowledge of inventory control and warehousing operations will be put to use.
  • Looking for the job of receiving clerk in a reputed Logistics Company where proven experience as receiving clerk, knowledge of logistics management software applications, and stamina to multitask will be employed.

The two examples above clearly highlight how to create receiving clerk objective statements that can compel any hiring manager to pay attention to your resume.

However, when applying for an open position where the hiring company is known, it is advisable to make your resume targeted like the first example.

Core Competence Section

When creating the core competence section of your receiving clerk resume, make sure you narrow the list down to the important skills and qualities required by the hiring company. Also, make sure that the attributes included in your resume are presented in bullet points.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked as a receiving clerk with any company, it is equally important that you include such experience(s) in your resume.

Stating the duties and responsibilities of the job that you performed previously will give prospective employers confidence that you will be able to excel on it if hired.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Depending on the needs of the hiring company, a receiving clerk can be a diploma holder or a graduate.

Whichever is their requirement, it is important that you state your academic and professional qualifications in your resume.

Now, here is an example of a receiving clerk resume that puts all the above sections together.

You can apply this as a template in writing a good resume for the receiving clerk job whenever you need to apply to one.

Receiving Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rain Monk
45 Ring Road, Brooklyn, New York
Home: (+1) 852-7865, Cell: (+1) 852-6778

Objective: Seeking the position of receiving clerk with Seamen Logistics Company where over 7 years experience as a receiving clerk in two logistics companies, and in-depth knowledge of inventory control and warehousing operations will be put to use.

Core Competence

  • Vast experience as a receiving clerk
  • Strong ability to prepare and manage paperwork associated with shipment
  • In-depth knowledge of inventory control and warehousing operations
  • Computer savvy and proficient in logistics management software applications
  • Exceptional teamwork and multitasking ability
  • Dexterity in operating forklift trucks and other manually operated equipment
  • Superb interpersonal and communication ability
  • Ability to count and perform math operations very fast.

Job Experience

Inter Logistics Company, Brooklyn, New York
Receiving Clerk
2010 – Present

  • Receive inbound merchandize and ensure they are properly packed
  • Assist in unloading and packing of inbound merchandize
  • Prepare inbound load sheets and other paperwork associated with receiving merchandize
  • Assist truck drivers in locating the company warehouses
  • Carry out regular maintenance of machines such as forklifts
  • Check inbound merchandize to ensure conformity with description on the invoice
  • Check inbound goods for accuracy in number and health
  • Report any case of goods damaged in transit
  • Work with the warehouse manager to determine storage location
  • Utilize forklift in moving items from one section of the warehouse to another.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Brooklyn City College, New York, High School Diploma, 2010.


If you are looking for a receiving clerk job, having a good resume will give you a better chance of being invited to an interview.
This is why learning to write effective resumes is beneficial when searching for a new job.

Did this post help you in making a good resume for the post of receiving clerk? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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