Mailroom Clerk Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Mailroom Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Mailroom Clerks receive, sort, and send out mails to individuals and corporate bodies they are addressed to. Image source:

Mailroom Clerk Job Description Example

What Does a Mailroom Clerk Do?

The job description of a mailroom clerk involves receiving and sorting mails and then distributing them to specific individuals or departments they are addressed to.

The clerk performs his/her work either by using his/her hand or by using advanced mail sorting tools, depending on the volume of the mails, to make the job easier and faster.

It is the responsibility of mailroom clerks to ensure that mails are not tampered with until they reach their rightful owners.

As the mail person, the clerk is responsible for keeping track of mails received by the organization and those sent out.

They will properly document mails in relevant files as they arrive, before sending them out to the receivers. They will make provision for the receivers to confirm that they actually received them to prevent loss of mails.

The role of mailroom clerks in a firm also entails sorting out letters and packages by location, and ensuring that items for a particular person or department are put together for easy delivery.

They are expected to move to the location of the receivers and personally place the packages into their mail slots or deliver them in person, in some cases.

Their job also entails ensuring that staff’s letters and packages are sent out to their receivers.

They are required to go round the organization at designated times to collect the mails to be sent out from particular locations, and check them to ensure that they are properly addressed to prevent them from getting lost before sending them out through approved channels.

The duties of mailroom clerks usually involve weighing and attaching the right postage stamps on mails before sending them out, and ensuring that there are adequate postage stamps in the mail room at all times to facilitate free flow of messages.

When the clerk observes that they are running out of postage, they will liaise with management to order for more of it to ensure work on outgoing mails is not stalled.

Mailroom Clerk Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Mailroom clerks are important staff in any organization, and they perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown in the following job description example:

  • Keep record of all mails received using the computer system in a particular order to be able to identify date of receipt, where and whom it was sent to for easy identification. This process helps in tracking mails and packages and prevents losses
  • Sort packages and group them into different categories for easy dispatch and safe handling during delivery to prevent damage of sensitive packages if they were mixed up with non sensitive ones
  • Collect mails and packages from staff in the organization, including spelt out addresses of where they will be sent to
  • Work with courier services and postal offices to get best rates of mail delivery and stay updated on quality of service delivery
  • Verify payroll and accounts payable for printing and distribution of mails
  • Gather inventory items and evaluate seasonal inventory counts, recording inventory items and materials
  • Check various postal rates and weight options to get best prices to save cost
  • Fill relevant details in distribution and shipping forms, providing accurate information to ensure that mails are delivered to the right locations and people
  • Maintain supplies, including shipping and mailing envelopes, boxes, markers, forms stickers, and tape available to ensure that they don’t go out of stock
  • Answer inquiries from employees about posting rates and duration and also inform them about special posting packages and promotions
  • Keep the mailroom organized by properly arranging the bundles of mail and packages coming in to prevent littering and jam-packing in the office space
  • Weigh employee items to be mailed to get the right weights and assign the proper amount of postage to them
  • Train mailroom clerks that are new to the organization, putting them in-line with best practices and organizational mailing procedures

Mailroom Clerk Resume Preparation

When preparing a resume for the position of mailroom clerk, the job description sample shown above provides the relevant duties and responsibilities of the position, which you can employ in making the work experience section of the resume.

The job experience part of a resume highlights the functions of the position (the job description), which the resume owner has performed in previous employment or is currently carrying out with his/her present employers, as shown in the sample resume here: Mailroom clerk resume

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Mailroom Clerk Position

Here are a list of key knowledge and skills usually required by employers when hiring new clerks for mailrooms.

  • Verbal and oral communication skills: Mailroom clerks should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, receivers, and the management to avoid errors in sending mails
  • Computer operating skills: The clerk needs to be able to use the computer for record keeping
  • Multitasking: The clerk will be more efficient in his/her work if he/she can take on various tasks at the same time and complete them without errors
  • Ability to work under pressure: The work at the mailroom requires meeting deadlines, therefore, the clerk should be able to handle the pressure that comes with it
  • His/she should possess date entry skills
  • Organizational skills: The clerk should be able to arrange their work schedule and the mailroom in such a way that will promote their efficiency on the job

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