Preventive Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

Preventive Maintenance Technician job description, duties, and responsibilities

Preventive Maintenance Technicians ensure company’s machines and equipment do not break down during work periods.

Preventive Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

What Does a Preventive Maintenance Technician Do?

The preventive maintenance technician is responsible for making sure that the machines and equipment used by a firm are always in perfect working conditions.

Depending on the line of operation of the company, the job description of the preventive maintenance technician may vary.

However, irrespective of the company’s line of operation, the general role of this technician is to service and repair facilities to prevent any major break down that might disrupt smooth operation of the company’s activities.

It is the duty of the preventive maintenance technician to perform routine maintenance of facilities to prevent mechanical failure.

He/she is also expected to change worn out parts of machines before they lead to major mechanical damage.

It is also his/her responsibility to identify any mechanical fault that may lead to major break down of machines, and suggest best ways to mitigate further problem.

In the case of any major mechanical or electrical failure, the technician is expected to report to the supervisor or chief technician.

The preventive activities of a technician in this role may include; maintaining correct fluid levels on machines by checking the pneumatic lines, oil and water line, and/or steam lines.

His/her work description also entails checking on wear and tear on equipment parts, such as shaft alignment and belts.

The preventive maintenance technician is also responsible for maintaining air and water temperatures, heating and ventilating systems and boilers.

To do these, he/she is to carry out replacement of filters and changing of oil and grease.

He is responsible for the preparation of budget for facility maintenance, repair or replacement.

He is equally in charge of training newly hired maintenance technicians.

To excel on this job, the preventive maintenance technician must be innovative.

He/she must always seek for technological advancements that better the maintenance process.

He/she is also to ensure that the facility areas are always clean and free from hazardous objects or substances.

The technician may not be required to perform installation of new facilities but may be asked to assist the supervisor in monitoring the installation process carried out by external technicians and sub-contractors, to ensure compliance with required standards.

He/she will also assist such external technicians in major installations and repairs.

The maintenance technician may also be required to assist the supervisor in project planning, and may be expected to recommend cost effective ways of maintaining facilities while still keeping to established standards.

He or she is required to keep accurate record of all his work activities, materials bought and extra cost incurred.

He is to prepare and present periodic reports to the supervisor or management.

In addition, the preventive maintenance technician must maintain good communication with the members of the technical team and the management.

Also, he/she must comply with all necessary safety measures in the course of discharging his/her duties so as to prevent accident or injury that may lead to loss of life or damage to facility equipment or materials.

Some important requirements for this role are high school diploma complemented by relevant certifications and experience.

Preventive Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

The role of the preventive maintenance technician in a company involves carrying out various duties, tasks, and responsibilities to ensure machines and equipment don’t develop faults when in operation.

Here is a job description example showing the typical functions of the position:

  • Carry out routine check on the company’s facilities
  • Carryout regular preventive maintenance on facilities to mitigate major damage
  • Diagnose and repair or replace worn parts in machine and equipment
  • Ensure that safety standards are maintained in the course of performing duties
  • Ensure that the facility areas and work environment are free of hazardous objects and substances
  • Assist in supervising the activities of external technicians or sub-contractors
  • May be required to assist external technicians/sub-contractors
  • Assist in the preparation of budget for facility installation or maintenance
  • Keep proper record of work activities, including all procurement and maintenance costs
  • Submit reports on work activities and progress of work to the supervisor
  • May be required to assist in the movement of materials and labor for projects.

Preventive Maintenance Technician Resume Preparation

When searching for the job of a preventive maintenance technician, most employers will require you to send a resume.

To be effective, your resume should contain information about your experience working as a preventive maintenance technician. This part of the resume should state the activities of the role that you have carried out before, just like the ones shown in the sample job description above.

In fact, you can apply the stated duties and responsibilities of the position in writing your resume’s work experience as long as you have actually performed the functions.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Preventive Maintenance Technician Role

If you are aspiring to work as a preventive maintenance technician, here are the major qualities and skills employers usually require:

  • To be hired as a preventive maintenance technician, the first sets of requirements are expertise, experience, and education. Though much is not needed in terms of educational qualification as a high school diploma is enough, but having a degree makes you an outstanding applicant and may facilitate your career progression
  • The other requirements, which are obviously more important than academic qualifications are on the job experience and proven record of expertise in facility maintenance. To be hired for this role, companies prefer applicants who have experience in handling similar functions as an assistant or a supervisor in smaller projects. This also helps hirers in establishing your level of expertise
  • Another important consideration is the applicant’s level of safety awareness. A preventive maintenance technician ought to be a safety conscious individual. To establish the person’s level of safety consciousness, it is usually required that the technician be a trained safety officer and possess appropriate safety certifications such as HSE. Other necessary certifications are HVAC certification and facility maintenance certifications
  • A preventive maintenance technician is expected to be able to work flexible shifts. He/she may carry out minor checks and maintenance during work hours, but major maintenance and repairs are done during the weekends and at night so as not to disrupt productive activities
  • He/she must have the stamina to bend, kneel, squat or lie down while working.

Preventive Maintenance Technician Skills for Resume

The above preventive maintenance technician qualities, which employers usually ask for can also be used in making the skills section of your resume, which assures employers that you have the required skills to perform excellently on the job if hired.

Employers will certainly give attention to such resume because it highlights the skills and qualities they are looking for.

However, make sure you actually possess the qualities before stating them in your resume; otherwise, you will be providing false information to employers, which is not ethical.


Whether you are thinking of getting a job as a preventative maintenance technician and need to know the duties and responsibilities of the position, or you are an hr manager needing to create a work description for your new hire, this post provides exhaustive information on what preventive maintenance technician do, which you can use.

Did you find our preventive maintenance technician job description useful? Let’s know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. If you have experience of the job, please share it too.

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