Production Line Worker Resume Writing Tips and Example

Production line worker resume

Looking for a production line worker job? A good resume will make it easier to get an interview appointment.

Production Line Worker Resume Writing Tips and Example

If what you are searching for is a good resume to help you accomplish your aim of getting that production line worker job that you desire, then you are in the right place.

The tips and examples in this post are designed to help write a convincing resume that is good enough to convince an employer to hire you for the position you seek.

Choosing a Format for your Resume

The first step in writing a compelling resume is choosing a good format. Though no format can be said to be superior to the others, but a good resume format is supposed to embody the important sections– objective section, core competence section, work experience section, and academic qualification section – that provide the right information to effectively “sell you” to the employer.

The job description of production line workers often vary depending on the company’s line of products and the particular duties the employee is to perform.

So, an applicant for this position is expected to read and understand the job description before writing a resume.

This would assist him or her in writing a resume consistent with the job specifications.

Now, let us look at how these tips apply in the various sections:

Production Line Worker Resume Objective Section

In this section, you are expected to create a short but compelling statement(s), highlighting what makes you a good candidate for the job, and the motivating factor behind your interest.

Ideally, a sentence or two is enough at this stage. But make sure you highlight some major skills you possess and why you think you are the best candidate for the job.

Production Line Worker Objective Statement Examples for Resume

Here are two objective statement examples for the production line worker resume that can help you write yours:

  • To obtain a production line worker position at Giant Manufacturing Company where my skills, education, and expertise will be fully utilized for the achievement of the firm’s long term goals.
  • Seeking a production line worker position in a reputable manufacturing firm where my technical skills and profound knowledge of standard production procedures and protocols will be best utilized for the growth of the firm.

The two examples above are designed to help you create an amazing production line worker resume objective of your own.

As it has been explained, the first is specifically written in response to a job advert by Giant Manufacturing Company. While the second one is generic, it can still be edited to suit the demands of any manufacturing firm.

Core competence Section

In this section, you are expected to sell yourself by listing all the relevant skills that you possess.

Mind you, the skills to be listed must be those demanded by the hirer as contained in the work description.

More so, ensure to arrange the skills in bullet form for easy reading.

Job Experience Section

In this section, you are expected to highlight your job history. This includes the names of the companies you have worked for, job titles, period worked, and duties performed.

This section is particularly important if you are applying for an experienced position. But for an entry production line worker position, including work history may just be a plus.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

In this section, you are expected to state your academic qualifications, professional membership and training programs that are relevant to the job.

While most degree holders prefer to state even their high school diploma, it is not always necessary. Once a hirer sees degree qualification, he/she is expected to know that you have attained diploma before proceeding to college.

Having seen how we can write the various sections of the production line worker resume, we will now put the knowledge into practice and prepare a sample resume for the position, which you can apply as a template to help you write great resumes whenever you need one.

See production line worker resume example below:

Production Line Worker Resume Example/Sample/Template

Michael Rex
267 Ocean Street, Hudson, New Jersey.
Home: (111) 599-9999, Cell: (111) 955-8899.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a production line worker position at Giant Manufacturing Company where my education, skills, and expertise will be fully utilized for the achievement of the firm’s long term goals.

Core Competence

  • Expert in handling different kinds of production machinery
  • Vast experience as a production line worker in different capacity
  • Proven knowledge of implementing complex set that engage data from PMS and PPS
  • Profound knowledge of the structure and functions of different production equipment
  • Exceptional problem solving skills and ability to work effectively in a team
  • Ability to handle pallet jack and forklift
  • Hardworking and physically dexterous
  • Safety conscious and attention to detail.

Job Experience

Plastic Manufacturing Company, NJ
Production Line Worker
2011 – 2015

  • Held various workshops and seminars to educate newly employed production line workers
  • Ensured that the machine and production environment are neat and tidy during each shift
  • Calibrated production machinery at the start of each shift to ensure proper production process
  • Carried out production work by measuring and mixing ingredients and monitoring the production process to ensure compliance with standards
  • Carried out minor/preventative maintenance on production equipment
  • Packed, labeled and stored finished products in designated storage areas
  • Maintained and handled tools and equipment used for production procedures
  • Reported any major fault on production equipment and ensured prompt repairs
  • Complied and ensured total compliance to safety practices
  • Implemented complex set up that engaged data from PMS and PPS to ensure orders are managed effectively.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Middlesex High School, NJ, High School Diploma, 2010
  • New Jersey State University, New Jersey, Associate Degree in Production Engineering, 2009.


When hunting for a new production line worker job, having a great resume is an advantage as it gives you an edge over other people vying for the same job.

Learn how to quick make a good production line worker resume by applying the tips and resume example provided in this post.

Did you find our production line worker resume useful? Please leave your thought in the box below. You may also share ideas that have helped you create effective resumes.

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