Mailroom Clerk Job Description Sample, Duties, and Responsibilities

Mailroom Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Mailroom Clerks also ensure that all mail needed to be sent out of the company are posted on scheduled.

Mailroom Clerk Job Description Sample, Duties, and Responsibilities

What Does a Mailroom Clerk Do?

The primary responsibilities of a mailroom clerk are receiving, sorting, and distribution of mails.

His/her job description also entails keeping accurate record of the mail that he/she receives and distributes.

In performing his/her role, the mailroom clerk will ensure timely dissemination of letters.

The first duty of the mailroom clerk after receiving or sending each mail would be to record the date of receipt and disbursement and name of the sender or receiver. This process helps in easy tracking of mails received and sent out.

After receiving mails and before disseminating them, the clerk is supposed to document mails in relevant files and sort them out according to locations or departments.

It is the responsibility of the mailroom clerk to deliver mails to individuals or departments within the organization.

In similar manner, he/she makes sure that the mails and packages belonging to various departments and individuals are delivered to their receivers.

In addition, mailroom clerks working in an organization are expected to move around departments to collect mails to be sent to other departments or outside the organization.

The clerk is responsible for appending postage stamps to mails to be sent out to ensure free movement of such mails.

Before this, he/she is supposed to have weighed the mail or package so as to attach the appropriate amount of postage stamp to the package.

To make sure that the mailroom never runs out of postage stamps, the clerk is expected to inform whoever is in charge of procuring stamps in the company.

In addition, the work description of the mailroom clerk also entails making sure that other materials such as envelopes, markers, tapes, and form stickers are always available.

He/she must be able to communicate with courier agents to facilitate the quick and easy movement of mails and packages when the need for their services arises.

He/she must adhere strictly to best practices in the discharge of his/her duties. From time to time, the mailroom clerk may be required to train new employees in that role.

He/she must make sure that his/her desk and work environment are always neat and cleanly arranged.

The mailroom clerk is in the best position to answer customers’ inquiries regarding postal rates, and posting duration.

To perform in this role effectively, the mailroom clerk is expected to possess good math skill to be able to count and record incoming and outgoing mails accurately.

He/she must also be able to listen attentively to understand instructions given to avoid mistakes while sending or disseminating mails.

Having a good computer skill is necessary if the organization receives or sends out large amount of mails daily, such skill will enable the clerk to be able to utilize computer applications for easy sorting, dissemination, and tracking of mails.

The mail room clerk must be able to work with time to meet deadlines. He/she should also be emotionally mature and have the capacity to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

Mailroom Clerk Job Description Sample

Mailroom clerks perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown in the following job description example:

  • Receive mails coming into the organization or from the post office
  • Record the date of receipt, name of the sender, and location of the receiver
  • Sort the mails or packages according to locations or departments
  • Weigh each mail or package and append the appropriate amount of postage stamp
  • Deliver mails to departments and to individuals within the organization; and collect mails to be sent out from them
  • Ensure that mailroom never run short of materials required for posting mails such as postage stamps, envelopes, and markers
  • Maintain a good relationship with courier agencies to ensure that they are readily available when the need for their services arises
  • Answer customers’ questions related to postage rates, safety, and duration of delivery
  • May be responsible for procuring materials used by the mailroom
  • Ensure that the mailroom and surroundings are always neat
  • Maintain high level of confidentiality in handling mails
  • Monitor the movement of mails sent outside the organizations
  • Assist in training newly employed mail clerks.

Mailroom Clerk Resume Preparation

If you are seeking the job of a mailroom clerk and need to prepare a resume for it, you will need to include the job experience section to make it more appealing to employers.

To make this section, you will have to state the activities of the role that you have carried out before, just as in the sample job description shown above.

You can actually use the mailroom clerk work description in creating the experience part of your resume.

Need help making a resume for the role? See sample mailroom clerk resume you can learn from.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Mailroom Clerk Job

Would you like to know what employers’ major requirements for the post of mailroom clerk are?

If yes, here are important skills and qualities most hirers would request applicants to have to be shortlisted for a mailroom clerk job:

  • Exceptional communication skill is of utmost importance. The mailroom clerk should be able to listen attentively to customers/senders to avoid unnecessary errors in posting of mails
  • A mailroom clerk is expected to be good at counting and recording. So, basic math skill is necessary. Much is not needed in terms of educational requirement but a high school diploma applicant is often preferred
  • He/she must be very fast at sorting mails. Good organizational skill is also very important. In large firms and post offices that receive or send large amount of mails and packages daily, a good knowledge of the computer is necessary to facilitate the sorting and dissemination of mails
  • He/she must be able to meet deadlines with regards to posting or dissemination of mails and packages.

Mailroom Clerk Skills for Resume

You can also use the above qualities when creating the skills section of your resume, which will certainly make the resume more appealing to employers because it contains the attributes employers already believe will make a more effective mailroom clerk.

Did you find the mailroom clerk job description useful? Please leave your comment in the box below. You can also share your mailroom clerk experience if you have worked as one before.

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