Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description Example

Pizza Delivery Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Pizza Delivery Drivers ensure the comfort and convenience of having your favorite pizza at home. Image source:

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description Example

Nothing can ever be compared to the taste of pizza delivered to you at the comfort of your home or office.

Apart from its unique taste, the feeling of waiting for the arrival of the deliverer adds flavor to the already unique taste of the pizza.

This additional flavor can only be made possible by no other person than the pizza delivery driver.

What Does a Pizza Delivery Driver Do?

The primary duty in the job description of the pizza delivery driver is to convey pizza from restaurants to customers’ homes and offices.

The delivery driver is the last man in the supply chain of a pizza restaurant.

A pizza delivery driver’s role entails receiving orders from customers, driving the delivery van, handing over the pizza to customers, and collecting payments.

It is also the responsibility of the driver to maintain the delivery van and make sure it is always in perfect working condition. In addition, he/she must make sure the van is always neat.

He/she must ensure that all paper work with respect to each delivery is done – record the amount of pizza, the name of customer and address, and the delivery time.

To accomplish his/her tasks successfully, the delivery driver must possess exceptional customer service, communication and interpersonal skills.

He/she must be able greet customers in a friendly manner while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

He/she is the face of the company and should be able to represent the company or restaurant well. He/she should always wear a smile and friendly outlook.

The work description of the pizza delivery driver involves daily driving of vehicle, therefore, he/she must be an exceptional driver and be appropriately authorized to drive within the city or state in which he/she is to operate.

This involves obtaining a valid driver’s license and paying for all necessary levies.

Additionally, he/she must have in-depth knowledge of road sign, traffic regulations, and routes within the delivery area.

A good math skill is also imperative because the delivery driver will be involved in collecting payments, giving change, issuing invoices, and doing a lot of recording and documentation.

Apart from all these essential qualities, delivery drivers need to be good team players.

Their job descriptions do not start and end with pizza delivery. Occasionally, they may be asked to help other employees in the restaurant to do other duties like washing, restocking the pizza containers, cleaning the restaurant in the absence of the cleaner and answering calls from customers.

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description Example

If you are looking forward to work as a pizza delivery driver, here is an example of the kind of job description you may be asked to carry out.

It lists the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by people who function in that position.

  • Organize pizzas to be delivered to customers and restock empty pizza packs
  • Safely deliver pizza to customers
  • Collect payment from customers in cash or facilitate payment via electronic cards
  • Obtain customers’ signature after each delivery
  • Keep a record of all transactions – the name of the customer, delivery address, and amount paid and so on
  • Help the restaurant in distributing product’s promotional materials during delivery
  • Maintain constant communication with the office
  • Always dress neatly and maintain a good level of hygiene
  • Always greet each customer with a smile
  • Assist other employees in doing their tasks when not working
  • Obey all traffic and safety regulations
  • Ensure the delivery van is always maintained.

Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Preparation

You will need a resume prepared and sent to employers if you are seeking a job as a pizza delivery driver.

The resume should have a section to provide information on past work experience as a food delivery driver, which assures employers of your capability to do the job.

You can apply the duties and responsibilities in the sample job description above in making your resume’s work experience section, provided you have worked before as a pizza delivery driver and have carried out those functions.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Pizza Delivery Driver Role

To stand a better chance to be considered for the pizza delivery driver job by employers, as well as to be successful on the job, an individual aspiring to the position should strive to develop the following skills and qualities:

  • The first and most important quality expected of a pizza delivery driver is exceptional excellent driving skill. If he/she has been a driver, a careful examination of his/her driving record will be checked by prospective employers to ensure that he/she has clean driving history before he/she is hired
  • In addition to being an expert driver, he/she must be familiar with the routes within the state or city in which he/she is to operate. He/she must have expansive knowledge of road signs and traffic regulations in the city he/she operates
  • A pizza delivery driver is also expected to be an excellent communicator with good customer relationship skills. He/she must at all times communicate politely with customers and co-employees
  • He/she must have the stamina and endurance to sit and drive for a long period of time
  • He/she must be a team player as he/she is expected to help other employees whenever he/she is not carrying out delivery assignments
  • He/she must be honest and trust worthy because he/she is expected to handle finance after each delivery. A pizza delivery driver is not just a driver; he/she is also a sales person and cashier of sort
  • Strong numerical ability is also imperative as he/she would be handling money and recording deliveries
  • The job involves doing lots of thing simultaneously. So, the delivery driver is expected to be able to multitask. To do this effectively, he/she must be energetic.

Pizza Delivery Driver Skills for Resume

To make your resume attractive to employers, another kind of information you will need to include in it is the skills and qualities you have acquired that will enable you produce excellent performance on the job.

The above skills and qualities when acquired should be used in creating the skills part of your resume.

By doing so, you will be telling employers that you’ve got the right qualities and skills for the job, and they will certainly give your resume the needed attention.

Did you enjoy the pizza delivery driver job description information? Whatever your thoughts are, please share them in the comment box below. We would also appreciate you sharing your experience as a food delivery driver if you are one.

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