IT Service Delivery Manager Job Description Example

IT Service Delivery Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

IT Service Delivery Managers ensure effective delivering of information technology services to their company’s clients.

IT Service Delivery Manager Job Description Example

What Does an IT Service Delivery Manager Do?

The IT service delivery manager is responsible for coordinating his/her firm’s provision of information technology services to clients.

His/her job description entails coordinating the service delivery team or what is sometimes referred to as the managed service delivery department in some IT firms.

He/she assists the top management in the development of service plans and policies and ensures that such plans and policies are followed in delivering IT services to clients.

His/her role also entails ensuring the delivering of the highest level of operational service to clients by coordinating the activities of the service delivery team across all areas of services.

He/she performs numerous duties and responsibilities, such as service management, change control, and improvement in service, all to ensure continuous customer satisfaction, cost minimization, and profit maximization.

In fact, the IT service delivery manager is responsible for managing customers, resources (both material and human), and projects and programs related to service delivery in an IT firm.

It is part of his/her work description to ensure that the firm’s end-users receive the best of services.

He/she receives customers’ complaints and inquiries and work towards proffering solutions to each of them.

The service delivery manager may not have direct contact with clients, but he/she may reach them through his/her team members who then give him/her feedback.

Therefore, the manager is also responsible for assembling the best crop of talents for his/her team, either through internal selection process or through assisting the HR department in recruiting the right set of people for his/her team.

It is also the role of the IT service delivery manager to coordinate the activities of his/her team members to align with the overarching goal of the firm.

Also, these managers are expected to attend meetings on behalf of the IT service delivery team or appoint members of the team to represent them in board meetings.

In addition, the manager is also expected to file periodic reports to top management on the performance of the team, customers complain, and suggestions on how to improve on service delivery.

To be able to discharge his/her duties accordingly, IT service delivery managers are expected to be educated up to at least the degree level.

He/she must also have excellent knowledge in the IT field. Hands on experience in IT service delivery or similar role is often required to work in this position.

In addition to that, other skills such as leadership, communication and management skills are imperative.

IT Service Delivery Manager Job Description Example

Here is a job description example that shows the typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities that make up the daily activities of IT service delivery managers in most firms:

  • Ensure efficient and effective IT operations daily
  • Manage all IT related infrastructure and service delivery processes
  • Ensure proper implementation of management plans and policies in rendering services to clients
  • Assemble the IT service delivery team
  • Help the human resources department in recruiting the right candidates for the team
  • Oversee and direct the activities of the service delivery team
  • Receive complaints and inquiries from customers and promptly work towards providing a solution to the problems
  • Train team members on the most efficient and effective ways of carrying out their duties
  • Organize meetings with the members of the service delivery team
  • Attend board meetings on behalf of the IT service delivery team or appoint a member from the team to do so
  • File periodic reports to top management on the performance of the team, customers’ complaints, and suggestions
  • File report to top management on the progress of any project under his/her supervision
  • Assist top management in making decisions that will improve service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate useful customers’ suggestions into delivery plans and policies
  • Communicate with all parties involved in the service delivery process – team members, customers, and top management
  • Ensure efficient and effective management of resources
  • Develop and maintain relationship with customers and potential customers
  • Work together with team members to develop service agreements and supports that will assist in service delivery
  • Suggest appropriate technologies to be adopted so as to meet present and future demands of the business.

IT Service Delivery Manager Resume Preparation

To find a new job as a manager of IT service delivery, you will need to prepare a resume where you will provide information such as your work experience, which will help employers to correctly assess your ability to function effectively if hired for the role.

The work activities highlighted in the sample job description above provide suitable material you can use in making a strong professional experience section, showing employers you have a record of working as a manager in the IT service delivery unit.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Information Technology Service Delivery Manager Role

Here are skills and qualities you will likely be required to have to be considered by most employers for the IT service delivery manager job:

  • Firstly, you are expected to be educated to at least First degree level. A degree in management or IT related discipline is very important. In addition, you must be a computer literate and be digitally savvy
  • You must be an expert in the IT field. You must have honed your skills through years of training in managed service environments, either as a team member or as an assistant to an IT service delivery manger. Also imperative to have is in-depth knowledge of IT network, systems, security, storage, server and server visualization. In addition, you must have good knowledge of IT hardware and software maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting
  • Good planning, communication and leadership skills are also very important since you will be managing both your team members and customers as well
  • You must be approachable and should possess good customer service orientation
  • You must be innovative. The IT services industry is one of the most dynamic industries you can think of. So, to be able to stay in business and satisfy customers the IT service delivery manager must be an individual with eye for innovation.

IT Service Delivery Manager Skills for Resume

The above stated skills and qualities required of an IT service delivery manager can be utilized in making the skills section if you are making a resume for the role, which assures employers that you have the competence to perform the job excellently well.

How did you find our job description for the IT service delivery manager position? Please make you comment below. And if you are a manager in an IT service delivery unit, we will also love to know of your experience.