Shuttle Driver Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Shuttle Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Shuttle Drivers should ensure their passengers get an enjoyable trip.

Shuttle Driver Job Description Example

What Does a Shuttle Driver Do?

The primary duty in a shuttle driver’s job description entails conveying people on a bus, van, or other light vehicle between locations; when it is a bus, the driver can be called a shuttle bus driver.

However, unlike other kinds of driving jobs, the operation of a shuttle driver is restricted to a particular route and sometimes particular distance.

A typical example is what we see in airports or some highly restricted residential areas.

The shuttle driver is saddled with the responsibility of conveying people from one point to another and back to that point.

The job could be lonesome as it involves repeating same duty hour after hour and day after day, but interesting conversation from friendly passengers makes some days different.

In discharging his duties, the driver is expected to greet customers, help them enter the bus or vehicle, and assist them in loading their luggage.

He/she also maintains communication with the passengers, answering their questions and giving them clear direction to their destination if they are going beyond the route he/she is driving.

He/she also maintains constant communication with the dispatcher or manager.

In addition, the shuttle driver’s role also involves keeping the bus neat and making sure it is always in perfect working condition.

His/her work description also entails checking the car before and after each day’s run and carrying out maintenance and minor repairs.

In a case of any major flaws, the driver reports to the dispatcher or takes the bus to an expert to fix.

He/she is expected to be an expert driver and must comply with all necessary instructions guiding the operation of shuttle within the area.

He/she must also pay all levies and tolls required of him/her as a shuttle driver plying that route.

The driver is also expected to possess exceptional customer service skills to be able to relate effectively with his/her passengers.

The very nature of the job requires meeting different kinds of people. So, the driver is expected to be friendly but professional in relating with passengers.

A warm smile accompanied by a quick greeting is necessary. The next action should be asking the passenger for his or her destination to determine the fare.

It is better not to raise any discussion or play any song unless otherwise suggested by the passenger.

If you must tune into any radio station, it is only professional that you request from the passenger to know his/her station of choice at that particular time.

Shuttle Driver Job Description Example

Shuttle drivers carry out various tasks, duties, and responsibilities, which are presented in the following job description example:

  • Convey passengers to and from predetermined locations
  • Assist passengers in loading and unloading their luggage into the vehicle
  • Negotiate and collect fares from the passengers if there is no predetermined fare for the route
  • Maintain decent conversation with customers and assist them with directions
  • Answer passengers’ questions in a polite and gentle manner
  • Maintain constant communication with the dispatcher or manager
  • Carry out regular check on the shuttle vehicle before and after each day’s run
  • Carry out repair of minor faults and report major problems, accidents, or damage to the vehicle to the dispatcher or technician
  • Pay tolls and other levies required of drivers operating in that area
  • Obey all traffic rules and regulations guiding the operation of shuttle services in his/her assigned area. This may include plying the predetermined routes, not going beyond stipulated boundaries, and collecting the agreed fare
  • Dress in a neat and professional manner. This may be in accordance with the shuttle service company’s dress code or in accordance with the stipulated dress code for drivers operating in that area.

Shuttle Driver Resume Preparation

A good resume for the job of a shuttle driver should have information about previous or current work experience related to the role being sought.

To prepare this part of the resume easily and quickly, the above sample job description provides the functions of the position that you can modify and use if you have worked before as a shuttle driver.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Shuttle Driver Role

The following skills and qualities will be beneficial to a shuttle driver in achieving success on the job; employers also give more consideration to applicants for the position that show they have them:

  • Excellent customer service and communication skill: A shuttle driver needs more than good communication skill. He/she must be able to sustain meaningful conversation with onboard passengers. He/she must be calm and willing to help passengers
  • He/she must be able to work in highly demanding environment. Also, he/she must be able to multitask and prioritize effectively while maintaining composure
  • A valid commercial driver’s license and clean driving history is necessary to be a shuttle bus driver
  • Hands-on experience driving shuttles or any kind of car – sedan, limo or bus is very much required by employers
  • A good knowledge of traffic rules and regulations guiding the operation of shuttle drivers in that area is also necessary
  • He/she must be willing to work flexible shifts. In addition, he/she must be comfortable staying away from his/her family and relations during weekends, festive periods, and early hours of the evening because these are the busiest times for shuttle drivers
  • Basic math skill is also required for proper documentation of work details.

Shuttle Driver Skills for Resume

When making a resume for the shuttle driver position, the skills section should be included because it clearly shows your competence for the job to the employer.

You can adopt the above shuttle driver skills and qualities to make a catching skills section for your resume and get the employer interested in hiring you.

Compensation and Prospects for Shuttle Drivers

This job comes with a lot of pros and cons. If you own the shuttle, then you are your own bus and will determine your work rate and time, but your earning will be a function of your effort.

In addition, there are minimum barriers to entry once you can drive and meet other necessary requirements.

However, there is little room for career progression. Also, the income is usually unstable if it is a privately owned shuttle. This is because the earning is affected by the number of passengers the driver gets in a day.