Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

By | September 2, 2023

To improve your chances of getting a new physical therapist assistant job, a good resume is required.

Below is a free sample of physical therapist assistant resume that can help you produce a good and effective resume, and get an interview appointment from a prospective employer.

The template has sections, including “Objective”, “Core Competence”, and “Experience”, which will help you to show the competence and benefits you will be bringing to your new employer.

Employers certainly like to see that potential employees can effectively perform the job description of a physical therapist assistant, so make sure your resume communicates this.

Writing a resume is easier when you find and study well written examples for the position and then adopt their format. Co feel free to use the one below:


Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 • mariastone@this-is-just-a-physical-therapist-assistant

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Physical Therapist Assistant position at a health organization where dedication and experience of over 5 years working as physical therapist assistant, care and good human relation skills will be put to use.

Key Accomplishment:

Has helped over 400 patients through the rehabilitation and recovery stage by working them through, assisting them and supervising their recovery and rehabilitation process

Has built great relationships with families and relations of patients through the creation of effective post rehabilitation exercises, management and counsel


  • More than 5 years experience as a physical therapist assistant
  • Excellence communication and human relation building with patients, families, physicians and other workers
  • Profound knowledge of how to conduct diagnosis and prognosis so as to evaluate the level of function
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks
  • Great knowledge and ability to use and maintain therapy equipment like whirlpool, ultraviolet and infrared lamps, ultrasound, moist packs, and contrast baths diathermy
  • Experience in performing rehabilitation exercises like gait, muscle re-education; , ADL, transfer, functional, and prosthetic training
  • Exceptional ability in assessing, planning and carrying out therapy programs
  • Profound knowledge and application of computer to keep patients’ files and information.

X & Y Rehabilitation Center, California
2008- Present

Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Support the Physical Therapist in carrying out patient treatment plan
  • Keep records of patient and pass it across to relevant unit for safe storage in the computer
  • Carry-out treatment plan as prescribed by the Physical Therapist after assessing the patient
  • Assist, supervise and guide Physical Therapy Assistant students during the period of their stay at the rehabilitation center for clinical affiliation
  • Ensure adherence of the rehabilitation center to the rules and laws regulating the Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Take part in the screening of patients
  • Teach, supervise and encourage the practice of therapeutic manual therapy
  • Apply several methods in treating patients
  • Offer assistance to the CNA Helping with patient correspondence when needed
  • Teach, supervise and practice an outpatient orthopedic setting
  • Offer home service and help rehabilitation process with outdoor walk and physical exercises
  • Maintain good relationship with patients and their families, as well as with colleagues
  • Offer counsel and advise to patients and their families
  • Offer training to fellow workers and students who are on clinical affiliation on how to relate to patients and their families.


  • Associate Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy, ABC University, California, 2007
  • Advanced High School Regents Diploma Received January 2007, XYZ Avenue High School, California
  • Computer Usage and Application, 2008
  • CPR / First Aid Certified
  • Accomplished 30 hours of Safety and Health Training
  • JCM / Human Relation Certified.

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