Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample – 2

By | September 2, 2023

Writing a good resume for a pharmacy technician job can be challenging. However, studying a professionally prepared sample can help you to understand how to put your resume together.

A good pharmacy technician resume should highlight adequate knowledge of pharmacological regiment and physio-pharmacological procedures, and other important knowledge that the employer wants.

It should also emphasize relevant experience and special abilities and skills required to be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job as contained in the pharmacy technician job description.

The pharmacy technician resume example below can be used as a template in creating an effective resume for the position. The format is quite simple to follow and model.

The core competence section is an important part of the resume as it highlights vital areas of the job where you have exceptional capability.

The professional experience section let the employer knows where you have worked and what exactly your job description was. You need to include here only related job experience and duties that the new employer is expecting you to do for them.

Having job positions that are not related to pharmacy technician position that you are vying for in the professional experience section of your resume will make it ineffective with little or no chance of getting you an interview appointment.

If you haven’t worked before as a pharmacy technician, your professional experience section can highlight your work as an intern, apprentice, or your project work as a student that relate to the job.


Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Desire the position of Pharmacy Technician with ABC Pharmacy where my vast knowledge of pharmacological regiment and physio-pharmacological procedures, in addition to exceptional human relation skills, will be employed in improving the operations of the pharmacy.


  • Remarkable knowledge of prescription or recommendation processing and the relevance of proper diagnosis
  • Vast knowledge of drug’s classification in terms of safety and toxicity and the legal implication of each of the classifications
  • Great knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology
  • Compliance with the procedure and rules of the FDA in prescription, sales, up to date check on the expiry date, carefulness of not selling drug not passed by the FDA and many other rules of the FDA
  • Incredible knowledge of pharmaceutical calculations, including number of dosage and the period the patient is expected to take the drugs
  • Experience in processing Medicare, Medicaid and insurance claims
  • Ability to manage medication inventory
  • Good knowledge of pharmacological regiment with basic knowledge of the photochemical analysis of the chemical components of drugs
  • Knowledge of the use of the computer and its relevance to a pharmacy technician for easy access to stored conventional drugs and the ailment they have been known to cure over the year
  • Great customer service or customer relations skills
  • Ingenious ability to work under pressure and still offer a good assistance to the patient.


XYZ PHARMACY, California 2003 – Present
Pharmacy Technician

  • Fast and accurate calculation of the dosage of drugs without mistakes or errors
  • Effectively dispensation of drugs without mistakes
  • Make necessary preparation of prescriptions and sometimes prepare and fill the prescriptions for the pharmacist’s approval
  • Conduct research and find solutions to conflict relating to dosage
  • Advice on the safety and toxicity of drug and their importance
  • Conduct medical research to foster the wellness of patient
  • Analyze and assess training and development needs for the department
  • Partner with pharmacist to ensure the provision of outstanding result
  • Worked on the transfer of information to the database where the pharmacological regiment can be listed with their application and the contra-indication
  • Conduct training of the list of drugs and their applications
  • Coordinated the recruitment of volunteers due to experience
  • Give advice to patient on relevant action to take in their search for sound health.


  • Diploma in Applied Science, J K Collynton College, California, 2003
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
  • Diploma in computer networking and database management, XTY Computer Institute, California, 2003.

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