Party Planner Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 7, 2023
Party Planner Job Description
Party Planners provide effective planning and coordination for events to ensure success.

This post provides detailed information on the party planner job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they typically perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the party planner role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Party Planner Do?

A party planner is saddled with the task of coordinating all aspects concerning professional meetings and events contracted to him or her by a client.

The party planner job description entails organizing, executing, and conceiving ideas for the smooth running of events – wedding, birthday parties, award ceremonies, receptions, launching, etc.

He/she is responsible for sourcing venues required for inbound event as well as creating client-facing event proposals.

The party planner work description also involves carrying out event planning and pre-sales processes.

His/her role also involves collaborating with the account manager and event ops team to sell events, and to execute events and perform post-sale activities respectively.

A party planner should be in constant communication with his/her client in order to keep them abreast of plans concerning their event so as to ensure the event is successful.

Party Planner Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A party planner performs various functions in ensuring that an event runs smoothly.

Shown below is an example of a party planner job description, comprising of the major tasks, duties, obligations, and responsibilities that typically define their role:

  • Holds meetings with a client in order to discuss the scope of the event
  • Listens to a client’s idea, makes inputs and replicates the ideas on the day of the event
  • Picks a location for a client’s event
  • Works within the needs and budgets of a client
  • Ensures vendors are present on the day of the event
  • Coordinates an event from start to finish
  • Visits the location of the event to ensure that various vendors deliver on their services
  • Speaks and handles things in a professional manner
  • Looks calm even when under intense pressure
  • Keep an eye on detail
  • Accommodates a myriad of requests from a client in order to ensure client’s satisfaction
  • Finds out the number of guests for an event from a client
  • Secures the services of vendors – caterers, decorators, musicians, photographers, disk jockey, master of ceremony, rental services, etc.
  • Secures accommodation for guests coming for an event
  • Communicates with speakers in the case of a corporate event so as to know their flight arrangement for the event
  • Acquits vendors on the plans for the event so that they can familiarize themselves with the flow of the event
  • Keeps in touch with all vendors to be sure of their availability on the day of the event
  • Do a follow up after the event so as get the client’s feedback
  • Takes clients’ complaints into consideration in order to organize a better event next time
  • Ensures that an event run smoothly without hitches
  • Examines the bills of the vendors for accuracy and secure approval for payment from the client
  • Ensures the comfort of guests before and after an event.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For Party Planner Role

If you are seeking to work as a party planner with an organization, you should be aware that they will require you to have certain qualities, skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities that show that you will be able to effectively carry out the purpose, obligations, and objectives, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the role.

Shown below are major party planner requirements you may be expected to meet to qualify for an interview with most organizations that need the services of someone for the position:

  • Good communication skills are required in order to be a successful party planner. The communication of ideas to a client whether in written or spoken form has to be very clear
  • Problem-solving skills are an integral part of being a professional party planner. A lot will go wrong during an event; the ability to rise to the occasion will make a big difference
  • Organizational skills are needed throughout the duration of an event. Making sure all plans are executed in an organized manner will make a party planner win the heart of their clients. This will, in turn, make a satisfied client to refer people to the planner.
  • Negotiation skills are required in the business of party planning. This is to ensure that vendors or suppliers do not short-change the planner who will be working on a tight budget
  • Computer skills are required in the modern party planning business. The use of Microsoft Word for the preparation of estimates for a client will be helpful.
  • Calmness under pressure is a core requirement for a successful party planner career.


If you are in the process of recruiting for the job of a party planner in your organization and need to make a good job description for the role, you will find this post and the sample description provided above useful in making one for your organization.

You are sure to be able to create the perfect description that captures the purpose, objectives, and responsibilities of the position, which will enable you to attract the best persons for the job.

This article will also help individuals interested in the party planning career to learn about the duties and responsibilities of the role that they will be expected to perform after they have become a party planner in the future.