Salesman Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Salesman resume
Needing a salesman job? A good resume can guarantee an interview with employers.

Salesman Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are looking for a job as a salesman, a good resume would enhance your chances of being invited for an interview.

The demand for sales personnel is continuously on the increase owing to the fact that the sales team is the engine that drives the success of any business organization.

If the sales team is unable to perform, chances are that the organization may go out of business.

So, a career in sales offers an individual dynamic and rewarding opportunity. However, getting a job as a salesman could be an uphill task because hiring managers are compelled to employ only individuals capable of generating revenue for the company through sales.

As difficult as it could be to convince a hiring manager of your potentials as a salesman, a great resume could be all you need to pass the first stage of the recruitment process.

Being a rewarding position, you can be sure that for any open salesman position advertised by an organization, more candidates than required will respond with applications.

So, to the hiring personnel, the resume is a means of trimming down the number of applicants to be invited for interview.

A well-written salesman resume should be able to highlight your expertise in sales and tell the hirer why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Writing salesman resume, what it should look like

A good salesman resume should be able to embody all the skills and qualities you possess as a salesman.

However, it is very important that you highlight only skills relevant to the salesman position that you seek to obtain.

A great resume for the salesman job should be written to be succinct so as to encourage the reader to go through the entire document.

Hiring managers usually have limited time to scan through a lot of resumes, so, a good way to ensure that your resume is read is to make it concise, well-formatted and highlighted.

In addition to making sure that your resume is well highlighted and concise, you should endeavor to create your salesman resume with keywords related to the job.

These keywords can be found in the salesman job description contained in the job advertisement.

Again, endeavor to proofread your resume at least twice before submission. If you are not good at proofreading and editing, you can employ the services of a friend, colleague, or a resume expert to assist you with it.

Finally, before writing your resume for the salesman position, it is very important that you read up tips on how to create a good salesman resume, and study the resume example in this post.

Choosing a format for your resume

There are several resume formats you can choose from to present your salesman resume. Whichever one you choose to adopt, make sure it embodies the four key sections discussed below:

Salesman Resume Objective Section

If you cannot make a good first impression on the hiring manager, then your application for a salesman position is as good as dead even before it started.

The survival and growth of companies rely a lot on the ability of their sales persons to convince customers.

So, a hiring manager will likely recruit only a salesman with a convincing resume and your objective statement is where it starts.

In fact, your objective statement must be short, impressive and targeted.

See examples below:

Examples of Salesman Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of salesman with Markaz Stores, utilizing exceptional relationship management, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as over 5 years professional experience working as a salesman.
  • Seeking the position of a salesman in a reputed company where outstanding ability to meet and exceed sales target, and proficiency in marketing and merchandizing will be properly utilized.

Core Competence Section

The content of the core competence section on your salesman resume is very important.

To make this section standout, you must highlight the subheading and use keywords related to the salesman position you are applying for.

Job Experience Section

Experience in any sales position will prove to be very important on your resume. So, if you have occupied a sales position, make sure you state the company name and location, the position occupied, and the period you worked with the company.

In addition, state the duties you performed while on the job.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

If there is a level of academic qualification stipulated by the hiring company for the salesman position, then, make sure that you are qualified before applying for the job.

Now, let’s see an example of a salesman resume to guide you in creating your own as quickly as possible:

Salesman Resume Example/Sample/Template

John Winners
108 Wickford Street, Warwick, Rhode Island
Home: (+2) 564-1234, Cell: (+2)456-8767

Objective: Seeking the position of salesman with Markaz Stores, utilizing exceptional relationship management, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as over 5 years professional experience working as a salesman.

Core Competence

  • 5+ years hands-on experience as a salesman
  • Exceptional relationship management, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proven track record of implementing sales strategies successfully
  • Exceptional marketing and merchandizing skills
  • Confident and friendly disposition
  • Positive and enthusiastic with new ideas.

Job Experience

Briston Stores, Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Successfully implemented new sales and marketing plans and strategies
  • Took part in training programs to learn new sales and marketing strategies
  • Organized trainings for new sales and marketing recruit
  • Sold cables, wires, and electrical extensions for the store
  • Provided after sales service to customers
  • Followed potential customers persuasively to seal deal
  • Maintained good relationship with customers and potential customers.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • University of Rhode Island, Associate Degree in Marketing, 2011.


A salesman’s job is usually competitive with many applicants showing up on a single job.

To get employers’ attention and an interview appointment, you need to have a compelling resume, which can show that you are the best person to hire for the job of a salesman.

And the good part of it is that you can learn to make such resume by using the ideas and examples in this post.

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